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Edited & Published by Abhishek Jain, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA, Rajasthan Circle, JAIPUR

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Abhishek Jain

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30-Jan-2023 11:23:09 PM


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BSNL CO released Transfer & Posting in the grade of AO <<Click here for order>>


BSNL CO released OM for the  Payment of IDA at revised rates regarding to increase in IDA rates from the existing 195.8% to 201.2% w.e.f.01.01.2023 << Click here for order>>


CS,Com. Abhishek Jain with CFS, Com. R.C.Yadav met Sr.GM(Fin.) Sh.R.D.Meena Ji for new year greetings. We request him to release the stay particulars of AO & JAO before opening the OTP window. He assured us to look into the matter.


Sh. Sanjay Kumar Ji,CGMT,Rajasthan inaugurated the AIBSNLEA, Rajasthan circle new year diary and calendar. On this event CP , Com. Amit Kumar Baid ,CS, Com. Abhishek Jain, CFS,Com. R.C Yadav, OS,Com. Brijraj Singh and DS Co,Com. Harish Kumar Saini are present.

After inauguration CGM Sir told us that Government has done his part now it is our turn to give our hundred precent dedication to the BSNL . He also told that our bad time has gone . Now times come to look forward & work hard for betterment of this organization.

At this moment we have given some suggestion for improvement in FTTH services through IVRS and renovation of community hall in C-Scheme, Jaipur. From association side we have assured him for hundred present dedication of our members.

CGM Sir appreciate our concern and assure us to look into these matter. We hope that Rajasthan circle will touch new heights in his leadership.

<< Click here for Glimpses >>

04.01.2023 Congratulations....

 AIBSNLEA CHQ have Promised , BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for SDE Civil to  AGM  Civil .<< Click here for order>>


AIBSNLEA Circle team comprising with CP, CS, CFS ,OS ,DS JPTD and DS CO met CGMT, Rajasthan Sh. Sanjay Kumar Ji and greets him for new year. CGM Sir told that new year brings new hope for BSNL after Goverment second revival package. We will work hard for growth of BSNL market share. We assured him full cooperation from association side in growth of BSNL. We have demand to release the transfer request register. He assure us to look into the matter.


BSNL CO issued the directions on IPMS for Q3 to be Entered from 01-01-2023 to the Cut Off date 15-01-2023 <<Click here for  IPMS Directions>>

30.12.2022  Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for SE Civil equivalent to  DGM in Civil stream <<Click here for  SE C Promotion Order>>

30.12.2022 Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for PPS in the grade of AGM in CSSS stream for Corporate Office<<Click here for PPS Promotion Order>>

30.12.2022 Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for AGM in Telecom Factory stream  << Click here for AGM TF Order>>

30.12.2022 Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for Sr-Architect  in the grade of DGM ( Architecture)<<Click here for order>>

29.12.2022  Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for DGM Finance) << Click here for Order>>

27.12.2022   Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for DGM ( Sr PPS) in CSSS Stream << Click here for Order>>


BSNL CO has desired to provide one time opportunity for submission of representation/appeal in respect of e-APARs (through ESS portal) for year 2020-21 due to COVID pandemic situation.<< Click here for order>>

26.12.2022      Congratulations....

BSNL CO issued Promotion Orders for DGM CSS and AGM CSS Cadres  << DGM CSS Promotion Order>>   <<AGM Promotion Order>>


BSNL lifts ban on deputation of BSNL Employees to other organizations partially.
The ban on deputation to other organisations but they have considered lifting the ban to only DoT and TRAI and that too within limits of 120 to DoT and 15 to TRAI. Does not allow executives for deputation to outside organizations including DOT and TRAI.
<<Click here for BSNL Order>>



BSNL CO directs Circles to furnish  the Vigilance Clearance status for considering  387 executives for promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T)/AGM(T) Grade-regarding << Click here for letter>>


BSNL CO directed Circles to convene CPC from PS to PPS for VY 2020 ,21 and 22 << Click here for letter>>


BSNL CO issued cessation of SDE(T) to AGM(T) promotions for those who have not joined till the 40 days period from 16-11-2022 and ending on 26-12-2022 , if specific approval is not taken from the competent authority . << Click here for letter>>


Stay particulars of SDE's and JTO's in telecom stream << Click here for letter>>


CS,Com. Abhishek Jain and CFS,Com.R.C Yadav-II met Sh. Akhilesh Agarwal Ji GM(HR & Admin) and discuss & submit the letter of EPS issue << Click here for letter>>

CP, Com. Amit Kumar Baid, CS, Com. Abhishek Jain & OS, Com. Brijraj met GM(HR& Admin) Sh. Akhilesh Agarwal Ji and congrats him for promotion. He thanks us for our wishes. After that we discuss HR issues:-
(1) Long stay particulars list of SDE(T)/JTO(T):- We demand for early publish the long stay particulars of SDE(T)/JTO(T) list because OTP window will open in January-2023.He told us that list has been prepaired and it will be publish shortly.
(2) Relieving for transferred of SDE’s(T):- We told him many executives had been transferred but their relieving is still pending. He assured us for early action.

Team also met with Sr. GM(Fin) Sh.R.D.Meena Ji and discuss finance wing matters.


The first CEC of Rajasthan Circle with an open session has been enthusiastically held in the Hotel  Relax Inn, Near Sub City Center, Hadi Rani Circle, Sector8, Udaipur.  The open session of the CEC meeting was attended by Com. Shaji V GS, Com. Satya Deo Arya Ji ChQ Advisor(General) from AIBSNLEA CHQ side. Sh. H.P. Meena Ji,GMTD, Udaipur was the chief guest.

Com.  Abhishek Jain Ji CS,AIBSNLEA Rajasthan  welcome the GMTD, Udaipur Sh. H.P. Meena ji  by giving him a bouquet and the Chief guest inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp.

All the distinguished guests were welcomed by the Uprna and by presenting Rajasthani Turbans.

Com. Kavita Dhaker, District Secretary of Udaipur branch delivered the welcome address and welcome delegates in Lake City  Udaipur.

Com. Satya Deo Arya, Advisor (General), CHQ first congrats the Udaipur branch to arrange the first CEC in grand manner. He told the pristine glory of AIBSNLEA, how this association efforts thousands of executives promotion done during the past and in present. Message from CHQ President is also conveyed in the meeting

Com. Abhishek Jain, CS, Rajasthan in his inaugural address welcomed all dignitaries in the first CEC of Rajasthan Circle. He thanked the Government of India to give two revival packages to BSNL and assured from association side that each and every member of our association will work hard to regain the pristine glory of BSNL. He praised the GMTD, Udaipur to sort out the grievances of executives es in an amicable manner.

Shri H.P. Meena Ji ,GMTD, Udaipur informed the at in the present situation all unions, associations, and employees’ prime agenda should be the survival of BSNL. The Government of India has shown faith in us. Now it is our duty to execute the projects in a timely manner and fulfill our commitments. When BSNL will prosper then individual prosperity will be done. He assured to resolve the problem of the employees , if any were pending. 

Com. Shaji V,GS, AIBSNLEA in his keynote address congratulated the Rajasthan circle to organize such a wonderful CEC. He elaborately explained the development of 4G project,  progress of Government project implementation. He briefed all the pending HR issues including Pending 3rd PRC , 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as per DPE guidelines, E2-E3 Standard pay scales to JTO/SDE Equivalent executives, Rs. 22820/- to be extended to all the LICE/DR JTOs of 2007 & 2008 Batches & DR JTO/JAO 2010 Batches, E1+5 increments to JTO (SRD) and all LICE /DR Post 2010 JAO/JTO Batches and PA cadre, reversion of 2007 LDCE SDE-JTO(2001 DR Batch), Scrapping of SDE Equivalent RRs for 7 Years as promotion period between JTO equivalent to SDE equivalent instead of 12 years and further 7 years for AGM equ Promotions, Release of pending regular promotions AO-CAO/AGM to DGM equivalent grades, etc  and the hurdles for issuing the promotion order of accounts/civil wings. GS assured us to resolve the hurdles to the maximum possible extent. He thanks the GMTD, Udaipur to spare valuable time for our open session to motivate the working force.

Shri Jayesh Sukla, District President of the Udaipur branch delivered the vote of thanks.

The election of new office bearers for Udaipur branch was also held. Shri Jayesh Sukhla, AO(TR) , Smt Kavita Dhaker, SDE(EB);  and Shri .Sourabh Sharma, AO were elected as District President, District Secretary, and District Financial Secretary respectively. CEC thanked and extended best wishes to the newly elected branch body.

<<Click here for Glimpses>>      

27.11.2022     The First CEC of Rajasthan Circle  with Open Session has been enthusiastically  carried out today at Hotel Relax Inn , in  Udaipur  . The Open Session was inaugurated by Sh. HP Meena ji , the GMTD Udaipur .  Key Note Address has been delivered by the GS AIBSNLEA . CS Com. Abhishek Jain lead an interactive session of the participants with the GMTD . The meeting was presided over by Com.SD Arya , Advisor CHQ . The Open session was welcomed by Com. Kavitha DS Udaipur and DP Udaipur Com . Jayesh Shukla proposed Vote of Thanks . Message from CHQ President is also conveyed in the meeting.



CS, Com. Abhishek Jain and CFS, Com. R.C Yadav-II met CGMT, Rajasthan Sh. Sandeep Govil Ji and invites him in first CEC meeting at Udaipur. He told us that he will not attend the meeting due to busy schedule but convey my greeting and best wishes to your members.


CS, Com. Abhishek Jain and DS CO, Com. Harish Saini met CGMT,Rajasthan Sh. Sandeep Govil Ji and request him for early posting of promoted SDE (T) to AGM(T)  at same station where they are currently working. He told us that he will discuss this matter with GM (HR&Admin) then the posting order will issue.

We told CGM Sir, when executive achieve excellent marks in IPMS then they should be financially benefitted. CGM Sir replied us that all these things are materialized when each executive performance will excellent but field executives are not working hard. We are not providing FTTH connection as per expectation, still market have potential. CS told CGM Sir that free ONT scheme was introduce in October. Now results will be shown in future, if this scheme had been introduced for two-three years before then customers had been added by field unit in drastic manner. For association side we assured him that each and every member is doing work hard in his field and your message will be convey to field unit for work hard to increase the FTTH customer.
Other grievances of executives has been discussed. He assured us for positive action.


CS, Com. Abhishek Jain met Sh. Akhilesh Agarwal Ji GM(HR&Admin) and discuss the posting order of promoted SDE(T) to AGM(T). CS requests GM Sir for posting of promoted AGM (T) at same station where they are currently working because many vacancies are vacant in SSA. He assured us for early posting.


Promotion and posting of executives as AGM/DE(Regular) in telecom stream. AIBSNLEA, Rajasthan circle congratulates all executives for their new assignment.<< Click here for order>>


Promotion of Executives to electrical stream to the grade of AGM/EE in E4 IDA pay scale on regular basis << Click here for order>>


CS, Com. Abhishek Jain along with CFS, Com. R.C Yadav-II met Sh. Akhilesh Agarwal Ji ,GM(HR&Admin) and discuss members issue

1. Long stay particulars of SDE(T)/JTO(T):- We have requested to publish the long stay particulars of SDE(T) and JTO(T) because it was not displayed after 2021.In present scenario OTP request is submitted twice in the year then why not long stay particulars are publish. GM Sir agreed with our point and he assured us for early action.

2. Relieving of transfer executives:- We told him that many executives were transferred after completing the hard tenure but they are not relieve due to without substitute. He assured us for their releiving.

3. DPC of time bound upgradation:-  Some time bound upgradation is pending due to clarification not given by Corporate office. In this regard he told us matter already inprocess and remainder letter
can be written to corporate office.

He told us the manpower shortage in all sections after VRS. AGM(T) promotion order is still pending due to court cases. To met out the shortage of AGM(T) look after list may be release.



On the request of Alwar district body and  exercising the Powers conferred upon by the AIBSNLEA Constitution. CS,Com. Abhishek Jain has granted the extention of present district body for three months or till election of new body, which ever is earlier. << Click here for letter>>


Corporate Office Opening the supplementary window for entering Q3 Online IPMS from 29.10.2022 to 05.11.2022.<< Letter Concerned>>


CP Amit Vaidya,CS Abhishek Jain,CFS R C Yadav-II and ACS Vikrant Yadav met CGM,Sh Sandeep Govil Ji for Diwali Greeting. Team also greet the festival of light with GM(Admin), Sh. Akhilesh Agarwal Ji.



BSNL devised a new GI Policy 2022 for Employees Joined after 31-07-2014  from LIC <<Details of Policy>>


On the request of Udaipur district body and  exercising the Powers conferred upon by the AIBSNLEA Constitution. CS, Com. Abhishek Jain has granted the extention of present district body for three months or till election of new body, which ever is earlier. << Click here for letter>>



Executives online IPMS time schedule and FAQ << Click here for letter>>


Online IPMS for the executives for the Aug-Sep period-calculation of weighted scores and integration with APAR << Click here for letter>>



Blood donation camp was orgainzed on the occasion of BSNL Day. CGMT, Rajasthan Sh Sandeep Govil Ji inaugurated the camp. 61 officer's and staff members donate the blood for this humanity work. DS,PGMTD along with ADS,PGMTD and  comrades donate the blood << Click here for photos>> <<1>> <<2>><<3>><<4>>


The Final Seniority List as on 01.02.2020 in the grade of AGM/ Executive Engineer (Elect) in BSNL is released by BSNL Corporate Office. << AGM(E) Seniority list>>


BSNL CO issued  IPMS cards of Circle Heads of Tenitorial and Core Network Circles for Q3 (Oct-Dec) 2022 for perusal and necessary action. << IPMS>>


PGMTD, Jaipur TD organized a general body meeting. In present scenario members are worried about IPMS, Field unit attendance etc. CS assured the members don't be panic about target. They are unrealistic but we will do our job. Our controlling officer will recognized our work and target.

District body vacant posts  were co-opted for smooth functioning. Smt Ritu Baghel  and Shri Madan Mohan Meena are coopted as district president & district finance secretary.