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(A) As assured by Shri Y S Bhave Spl. Secretary, DOT regarding submission of Executives Promotion Policy, Shri Bhave discussed and finalized the report with the Committee members on Friday and Saturday. After briefing the report to New Secretary, DOT, recommendations will be submitted to BSNL Board during this week.

(b) Grant of Perks to Executives in BSNL : BSNL Board meeting will be commencing at 1800 hrs today i.e. 31/07/2006.The perks for Executives is also there in the agenda for discussion.


We express our sorrow on sad demise of Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Rajasthan Circle  after a long illness.  Our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.


GS, FS met DDG (Pers.) BSNL and discussed :-

(a) DPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T) : DDG(Pers.) informed that the screening of CRs is completed but DPC could not be completed  due to uncertainty regarding vacant TES Group 'B' posts. Earlier as per the informations received from Telecom Circles about 1400 TES Group 'B' posts were estimated vacant but now on physical verification from BSNL corporate office in four telecom Circle lot of discrepancies are found i.e. about 450 posts are reduced. Now efforts are being to collect the actual vacant TES Group 'B' posts. All the Circle/ Organising Secretaries are requested to collect the actual vacant SDE(T) posts figure and sent immediately to CHQ. 

(b) Holding of LDCE to fill up the vacant TES Group 'B' posts against competitive quota :- DDG(Pers.) informed that the clarification has been asked from DoT regarding TES Group 'B' vacant posts against competitive quota. DOT is yet to reply.

(C) DPC from SDE(T) to DE(T) : The process for collecting ACRs  has been started to fill up about 2300 DEs posts.

(D) Regularization of SOs in BSNL Corporate office :- DDG (Pers.) informed that action is being initiated to regularize adhoc Section Officers as per the sanctioned strength of SOs in BSNL Corporate Office communicated from DoT.

(E) Conducting LDCE for Stenographers :- DDG(Pers.) informed that LDCE for Stenographers to fill up 50 % posts of PAs of field units is to be initiated just after finalization of the new syllabus. 

(E) Consideration of request transfers of SDE(T) :-DDG (Pers.) informed that some request transfers have already been issued and some are under consideration.


GS writes to Shri D.S. Mathur, Chairman Telecom Commission & Secretary (Telecom), Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi regarding Payment of pension to BSNL employees vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CORR/MISC/2006 dated : 27.07.2006 Click Here for Letter


GS writes to Shri G L Jogi, General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ, 7/55 Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110001 vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/83 Dated: 27-07-2006  Click Here for Letter            


GS writes to Shri A K Sinha, CMD, BSNL New Delhi regarding implementation of FR22 (I) (a)(1)and phase II training of JTO (officiating) vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/82 Dated: 25-07-2006 Click Here for Letter




BSNL has issued letter regarding review of existing Tenure Areas / Stations and facilities thereof available  vide letter no. 412-23/1997-Pers.I [Pt.] dated July 18th, 2006 Click Here for Letter


Nationwide Joint Agitation to save BSNL & MTNL

BSNL management has called meeting of the representatives of all unions/Associations following the notice served by Joint forum on 22/07/2006.Com K Satayanarayana ,CHQ President, of our association has represented in the meeting. Talks failed. Agitation continues as per the programme given below :-

(i) Joint Demonstrations at all State and District headquarters on 27th July 2006 and sending of telegram to the Prime Minister. On the day the following Telegram to be sent to Prime Minister, New Delhi with copy to respective CHQs “No disinvestment, unbundling of Local Loop of BSNL and MTNL.”

(ii) Massive March to Parliament on 3rd August, 2006 at New Delhi.

(iii) Strike in September, 2006.


It is highly appreciated that Sri M.K. Seth, TDM /Coochbehar under WB Telecom Circle and who is also an ITS Officer  has enrolled his membership in AIBSNLEA by the active persuasion of Coochbehar Branch WB Telecom Circle.


On our continuous persuasions & as per the decision of formal meeting with Secretary DoT on 16.06.2006, BSNL vide letter no. 412-26/2006-Pers.I dated July 21th, 2006 has called ACRs of eligible SDEs for adhoc promotion to STS of Telecom Services (Click Here for Letter). All Circle Secretaries are requested to contact concern CGMs for an early action.


GS & FS met CMD, BSNL & discussed 

(a) Implementation of Executives' Promotion Policy :-  CMD informed that Chairman Promotion Committee Shri Y.S. Bhave Special Secretary, DoT is holding Committee Meeting Tomorrow i.e. 22.07.2006 to finalize the recommendations.

(b) Grant of Perks to Executives in BSNL :- CMD informed that the matter was discussed in the BSNL Board Meeting on 18.07.2006 but Government nominee Shri Y.S. Bhave Special Secretary DoT raised some objections regarding nomenclature of food allowance & entertainment allowance & suggested to brief the report to new Secretary DoT before any decision.

(c) Protested against untimely & ill-aimed transfers of adhoc DEs to J&K Circle in mid academic session :- CMD assured to look into.

(d) We protested against the order issued by DoT on 15th June 2006  (Click Here for Letter) regarding the decision of the Government with reference to pension payment :- CMD assured to  take the matter with DoT.


GS writes to Shri A K Sinha, CMD BSNL,New Delhi-110001 regarding Untimely and ill-aimed transfer of Adhoc DEs in mid-academic session- Our protest against vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-07/72  dated: 20-07-2006 (Click Here for Letter)


Continuous efforts of the Association has yielded the result to getting diversion of 500 posts of JTOs vacancies from Direct Recruitment quota to Departmental quota (Click Here for letter). Further efforts are being made to get diverted the posts against the year 2006.


Meeting with Shri. Y. S. BHAVE Spl. Secretary DoT

GS, President, FS & AFS met Shri Y. S. Bhave SPl. Secretary, DoT on 19/07/2006 and fortunately Shri R N Prabhakar member of the promotion Committee happens to be present with him and discussed

(a) Implementation of Executives Promotion Policy : He informed that recommendations on executives Promotion Policy will be submitted to BSNL Board by this week end.

(b) Grant to Perks to Executives in BSNL : Issue was discussed in the Board meeting held on 18/07/2006.Report will be shown to New Chairman TC and Secretary ,DOT Shri. D. S. Mathur before clearing in the Board meeting scheduled to be held on 27/07/2006.

(c) Absorption of Group 'A' Officers in BSNL: He informed that Hon'ble SC heard the case in this regard on 18/07/2006 and directed Hon'ble HC Delhi to hear & decide the case on the merit basis. Confusion being created by ITSA in the name of the Court cases and other demands etc is now removed. Hon'ble HC Delhi heard the case today i.e. 19/07/2006 on merit basis and being continued tomorrow. Similar case came up for hearing before Hon'ble HC Hyderabad on 18/07/2006. In view of the above developments, Case will be heard on 31/07/2006.


Courtesy Call :- GS, President, FS, AFS paid courtesy call on New Chairman TC and Secretary, DOT Shri D S Mathur. We have requested him to kindly intervene for immediate submission of the recommendations on executives Promotion Policy to BSNL Board. He assures us that he will talk to Shri Y S Bhave Spl. Secretary in this regard.


Today BSNL has issued order for Payment of IDA at the revised rates 60.4% w.e.f. 1.7.2006 (increases from 58.9 to 60.4; Net increase of 1.5%) vide circular no. 14-1/2004-PAT (BSNL) dated 18.07.2006 Click Here for Letter



1)Grant to Perks to Executives in BSNL:- The matter discussed in the BSNL Board meeting held today remains inconclusive. Same will further be discussed in the next Board meeting scheduled to be held on 27/07/2006.

2) Sanction of posts in Group 'A' & 'B' grades against Man-Power plan 2006:- The issue did not come up in agenda for discussion.


Shri D.S. Mathur Secretary DoT resume his high office on 17.07.2006. We welcome & felicitate him.


GS discussed CMD, BSNL regarding

(a) Implementation of Executives Promotion Policy : He requested CMD, BSNL to use his good office to contact Special Secretary DoT, Chairman Promotion Policy for immediate submission of the recommendations on executives Promotion Policy to BSNL Board - CMD assured to talk on the issue with Special Secretary, DoT.

(b) Grant to Perks to Executives in BSNL :  GS requested to CMD BSNL to decide transport allowance to Group 'A' officers Rs. 1600/- instead of Rs. 1400/- as decided by the BSNL Management Committee. Also requested for its early implementation - CMD assured to look into.

(c) GS requested for approving the Man-Power Plan 2006  committee report in the BSNL Board Meeting. Also requested to with held the orders of abolition of SBP posts - CMD assured to look into.

(d) GS protested against the decision of CGM NCES New Delhi for closure of accounting units of RCES at Kolkatta & Chennai - CMD assured to look into.


GS, AGS (Finance) & Circle Secretary Tamilnadu Circle attended & addressed the General Body Meeting of Vellore, Tamilnadu. GS apprised in detail the present status of the issues & efforts are being made by CHQ for the settlement. GS also replied the queries made by the members to their satisfaction. A large number of members attended the meeting. Meeting continued for three hours.

GS, AFS (Finance), Circle Secretary Tamilnadu Circle alongwith the members attended & addressed the open session of 2nd All India Conference of National Union of BSNL Workers (FNTO) at Vellore (TN). Com. GS in his address explained in detail the issues affecting the  viability of BSNL & called upon all executives/non-executives of the government effecting the viability and very existence of the BSNL.


Trade Union action Programme decided under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations Click Here for Letter

Letter addressed to CMD, BSNL by Joint Forum Click Here for Letter


REVERSION OF 1966 SDEs- COURT CASE:-Case came up for hearing before Hon'ble High Court Delhi on 14/07/2006. Next date for hearing is fixed on 14/09/2006.


MEETING WITH DIRECTOR(FINANCE),BSNL GS along with representatives of Rajasthan Circle met Shri S D Saxena Dir(F), BSNL, today at Jaipur. Discussions were held for one hour on the Points mentioned in the Memorandum  Submitted (Click here) to him. He assures  to take up and discuss the issues in the BSNL Board Meeting.


GS writes to Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, Hon’ble Minister for Communications & IT,  Govt. of India, New Delhi regarding

(a) Grant of “Navratna” Status to BSNL vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/MOC/2006-07/04 Dated: 11th July 2006 Click Here for Letter

(b) No un-bundling of BSNL’s last line copper vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/MOC/2006-07/05 Dated : 11th July 2006 Click Here for Letter


GS & President met Sr. DDG (Estt.) BSNL & discussed :-

(1) Implementation of revised/upgraded pay scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 : - Sr. DDG informed that the matter is under process in EF Branch, BSNL Corporate Office for approval. On getting approval from Finance wing, the case will be sent to Management Committee BSNL & thereafter to BSNL Board.

(2)Sanction of posts in Group 'A' & 'B' grades against Man-Power plan 2006:-  Sr. DDG (Estt.) informed that the Committee report in this matter has been examined & now the Management Committee Memo is being prepared.

(3) Abolition of temporary posts created for Strategic Business Plan (SBP) :- We protested against abolition of SBP Posts without sanctioning further all justified Group 'A' & Group 'B' posts against Man-Power Plan 2006. Sr. DDG (Estt.) informed that the posts of SBP have been abolished due to P & T audit para. Now efforts are being made to sanction Man-power Plan 2006 posts to avoid reversion/transfers etc.

(4) Grant of Stagnation increment annually :-  Sr. DDG informed that the case is to be taken up with Director (Finance) again because earlier the same was rejected.

(5)Grant of Perks to Executives' in BSNL :- Sr. DDG informed that Management Committee meeting held on 30.06.2006 has already confirmed the minutes of earlier Management Committee Meeting. Now the issue will be discussed in the next BSNL Board Meeting.


GS contacted concerned officers of Civil Wings BSNL & discussed :

(a) Promotion from SDE (Civil) to EE (Civil) :- It was informed that the DPC from SDE (Civil) to EE (Civil) is over. About 98 vacant EE (Civil) posts will be filled up  [71 will be promoted on adhoc basis now plus 21 EE (Civil) already working on adhoc basis and about 6 cases are kept in sealed cover].

(b) Posting as EE (Civil) on adhoc Promotion :- we impressed upon posting of EE (Civil) on their adhoc promotions in the same Circles where the vacancies are available and in case the vacancies are not available officers may be posted to near by Circles. We also requested not to disturb the existing 21- EE (Civil) working on adhoc basis.

(C) We requested to further initiate the process of DPC from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) to fill up about 98 SDE (Civil) posts got vacant consequent upon adhoc promotion from SDE (Civil) to EE (Civil). Officers assured an early action.


Click Here for the Record of Discussions of the meeting held with AIBSNLEA in the Chamber of Director (HRD) on May 16th, 2006 at 1500 hrs.


Transfer & Posting in the grade of Sr. AO of Accounts & Finance Service, BSNL

(a) On our continuous efforts the re-allotment  in the grade of AO/Sr. AO  of Accounts & Finance Service, BSNL is issued Click Here for Letter

(b) Transfer & Posting in the Grade of Sr. AO of Accounts & Finance Service, BSNL is issued Click Here for Letter


Promotion in the grade to SDE(TF) :- With reference to our earlier letters & untiring efforts, BSNL Corporate Office has called for Forwarding of Screening Committee Report, Annual Assessment, ACRs, Vigilance clearance and year-wise vacancy in SDE (TF) to hold a DPC for promotion in the grade of SDE (TF) against 75% seniority quota in terms of recruitment rules, 2002 of SDE (TF) notified on 28.02.2002 Click Here for Letter


CS & President met CGMT, Rajasthan Circle & discussed :-

(i) Consideration of pending request transfers of SDEs at the time of regular promotion from JTO to SDE.

(ii) Consideration of pending request transfer of JTOs.

(iii) To provide GSM mobile connection to all the Group 'B' officers who are involved in GSM Mtce. & operation work.

CGMT Raj. Circle agreed to our views/suggestions & directed to GM (GSM) Circle Office to formulate & issue the policy to provide the GSM Mobile connections to the Gr. 'B' Officers involved in GSM Mobile service & to decentralized the power to all SSA Heads to sanction the GSM Mobile connection. GM (GSM) assured to issue the relevant order in the next week.

(iv) Filling up of the vacant ADs posts in Circle Office :- CGMT assured an early action.

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