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Saturday, April 19, 2014 01:05:59 PM

Edited & Published by M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA, Rajasthan


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19.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The Genl. Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Ghanshyam Lal, CAO, Chittorgarh-TD regarding posting in Rajasthan Circle/BSNL CO on promotion as DGM(Adhoc).

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

16.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Arvind Kumar, JTO, Transfer from Gujarat Circle, HR No.200700616 regarding change of posting SSA from Barmer SSA to Jaipur / Alwar / Sawaimadhopur / Tonk SSA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Tara Singh Meena, JTO, Transfer from Gujarat Circle, HR No.200700617 regarding change of posting SSA from Barmer SSA to Sawaimadhopur / Jaipur / Bharatpur / Ajmer / Tonk SSA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

13.04.2014: 3rd CEC of AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle concluded on 12.04.2014 at Ajmer: 

3rd CEC of Rajasthan Circle held on 12.04.2014 at Indoor Stadium, Patel Maidan, Ajmer. The Open Session of the CEC  was attended by Shri Prahlad Rai GS, Shri N.L.Sharma AGS(HQ), Shri Devesh Kumar Org.Secy.(North), Shri Alkendra Singh (AFS), Shri Karan Singh Advisor(S) & Shri Bhagwan Singh, Auditor from AIBSNLEA CHQ side and Shri A.K. Bhargava, CGMT, Rajasthan was the Chief Guest & Shri H.S.Sharma, GMTD, Ajmer attended the Open Session as Guest of Honour.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri A.K.Bhargava, CGMT Rajasthan Circle Inaugurated the function by lightning of lamp. All the distinguished guests were welcomed by the garlanding and welcomed by presenting Rajasthani Turbans & mementos.

Com. G.S.Chhabra, Branch Secretary, AIBSNLEA Ajmer branch delivered the welcome address.

Com. M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his key note address, emphasized  upon the reasons for the crisis of BSNL. He established that executives are not responsible for the looses of the BSNL but the policies are responsible. He appealed the executives that the should make their extreme efforts to delight the customers who approaches to them. Com.CS highlighted the problems of the shortage of materials in the field units and appealed the Management to ensure the proper supply of the material to the field units. Com.CS mentioned that the management should change the negative attitude while handling upon Grievances of executives. He assured that if Management provides full support then the Executives' of Rajasthan Circle are committed for making BSNL, a vibrant Organization.

Com. Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ, in his address thanked AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for inviting him in the session. He appealed all the members strengthening of the association by adding more and more members. He also appeal to all for work hard for forthcoming membership verification.

Com. Alkendra Singh, AFS(CHQ), in his address mentioned the untiring efforts of GS AIBSNLEA for the continuous resolvement of the problems of BSNL Executives'. he raised the issues related with Electrical/Civil wings. He also stressed out the points related to viability of BSNL.

Com. Karan Singh, Advisor(North) AIBSNLEA CHQ, in his address, appeal for early action the the information asked by the circle office.  He elaborated that how the faster ation on such issues can help in batterment of rajasthan circle.

Com. Devesh Sharma, Organizing Secretary (North) CHQ in his address explained. He explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives. He appealed the Circle Management to ensure the proper supply of the materials, GSM equipments, MLLN Modems, Telephone instruments etc for the viability of BSNL.

Com. N.L.Sharma, AGS(HQ), in his address thanked AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for inviting him in the session. He said that we can only survive is BSNL survives.

Com. H.L. Awasthi, Circle President AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his address emphasized upon best and quality service to the customers. He appealed that once a customer is reached to any executive of any stream of BSNL he must ensure the solution of the problem by contacting the appropriate person. He mentioned problems faced by BSNL Executives like Shortage of materials in the field units. He impressed to focus upon the best services to the customer satisfaction by the available resources.

Guest of Honour, H.S.Sharma, GMTD, Ajmer: welcomed all the participants. He elaborately described that how we can perform better with the available resources. he thanked the association for choosing the Ajmer for the such important meeting.

GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai, congratulated the comrades of Rajasthan Circle for the organizing successful CEC and thanked the comrades for their great affection. In his detailed address Com. GS mentioned the achievement of AIBSNLEA in resolving the issues like EPP, Transfer Policy, 2nd PRC with 30% fitment, GSM Telephone connections to Executives' with handset, Perks and allowance, BSNLMSRR and various DPCs. He informed that today the Quality of Service is a big challenge in front of BSNL and in view of this AIBSNLEA found the concept of Customer Delight Month in its CHQ Office Bearer's meeting. Com. GS further mentioned that due to un-helping and over-jealous  attitude of the Govt. i.e. unjustified payment of spectrum charges (3G & BWA) of Rs. 18,500, non-reimbursement of licenses fee, USO Charges, OPEX Charges, withdrawal of ADC, Payment of AGR, Huge expenditure on Telegraph services, payment of notional loan Rs. 7500 Crores to DoT has adversely affected the viability of BSNL. Non-procurement of GSM
equipment, cables, telephone instruments, MLLN Modem, Broadband Modem, Drop wires etc has affected the quality & growth of services. He stressed to strengthen the quality of our mobile services to enhance the MNP towards BSNL like on the same pattern in Karnataka, AP and Orissa. He explained that how the AIBSNLEA is continuously pursuing these viability related issue with the BSNL Management and DoT.

Com GS. Further explained the burning issues of the Headquarters level like ITS Repatriation process and its Cabinet note and 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit case. He explained the situation on the issues like VRS, 30% disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper. He apprised the status of HR issues related to various DPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE(Adhoc/Regular), DE to DGM, JAO to AO, AO to CAO & CAO to DGM(F), DPC in Civil/Electrical wing, Restructuring of AD(OL) case etc., VRS, Pay anomaly - Seniors are drawing less salary than their juniors, stopping of LTC, CPSU cadre hierarchy, regularisation of Officiating JTOs and the issues of Direct Recruits etc. Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. He mentioned the success of AIBSNLEA in creation of Retirement Leave encashment fund of Rs. 4825 Crores by the BSNL Management, by which BSNL is getting 400 Crores interest. At last he appealed the all Executives' and all the BSNL pensioners for make every effort with a team spirit for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the success of the open session. During interactive session, Com. GS replied all the queries raised by the members.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri A.K.Bhargava, CGMT Rajasthan Circle thanked all the delegates of Rajasthan Circle for inviting him in the conference. He suggested to ensure the best utilization of available manpower and valuable stores. He ensure that all the demand of stores/vehicles will be accommodated if the demand reaches to him with a proper justification indicating the anticipated business. He told that most of the  problems can be solved by positive thinking only. He suggested to ensure the proper management of the store material. CGMT Rajasthan further mentioned that our every effort should be justified on the profit basis. He suggested that we should implement aggressive marketing and we should think from customer point of view. He raised his dissatisfaction that the available marketing fund is not consumed. He appealed to do efforts from today itself for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Com. R.S.Hinuniya President, Ajmer Branch extended the vote of thanks.

In interactive session, Com.GS replied all the queries raised by the members.

The stage anchoring was done in a dignified manner by Mrs.Shraddha Mathur.

The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed.

After Open Session a General Body meeting of Ajmer Branch was held to elect new Office Bearer team. Com. R.S.Hinuniya, Com. G.S.Chhabra & Com. Sunil Jain were elected unanimously President, Branch Secretary & Financial Secretary respectively.

11.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued orders regarding:

10.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The Sr.GMF, CO, Regarding: Request of Shri M.I.Ajmeri, AO, Chittorgarh-TD regarding change of posting Station from Jhalawar to Kota/Bhilwara.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

08.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Entry of transfer request in request register at proper place case of Sh. J.S.Dhakar, JTO, Jaipur-CM.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Accommodation of insufficient own cost & requests for transfer, our resentment thereof.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

08.04.2014: Congratulations! Circle Office issued Request Transfer orders in Cadre of JTOs and SDEs: AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle Succeeded in getting release of long awaited Request Transfer orders in Cadre of JTOs and SDEs. requests of 56 JTOs and 8 SDEs has been considered. we will however try to accommodate more requests for transfer.

 >>> Click for Transfer orders in SDE cadre.

 >>> Click for Transfer orders in JTO cadre.

 >>> Click for Transfer List of JTOs in XLS format.

06.04.2014: District Conference of Chittorgarh Branch held on 05-04-2014: District Conference of Chittorgarh Branch held 5th April 2014 at Birla Cement Campus, Chittorgarh. The conference was attended by Com. Shri Prahalad Rai, Gen. Secy. AIBSNLEA, Shri H.L.Awasthi Circle President, Shri B.C.Logar Vice President, Shri M.K.Marodia Circle Secy. & Shri Devi Lal Org. Secy.(S). Shri R.N. Mathur, GMTD Udaipur; Shri Dharmendra Sharma GMTD Bhilwara & Shri M.C.Meena TDM Chittorgarh had also been invited for the Open Session on the occasion. Shri M.A. Beg Distt. Secy. Udaipur Branch and Shri J.S.Gaur, Distt. Secy. Bhilwara Branch were also present in the Open Session. The topic of open session was “Measures for revival of the organization”.

Shri Devi Lal, Org. Secy.(S) emphasized on needs of revival measures in the BSNL. he motivated that we should work together for viability of BSNL.

Shri B.C.Logar, Vice-President in his address elaborated the current scenario of BSNL and pointed out various fields where the BSNL seems to be helpless and legging behind which are the prime factor for the current situation of the organization.

Shri H.L. Awasthi, Circle President emphasized over improving the financial and accounting procedure in the BSNL and suggested procedure by which one can better use the available financial resources and motivated the executives for work hard in the present scenario.

Shri M.K. Morodia, Circle Secretary in his address counted down the reason which are preliminary responsible and asked about delay in decision making should be avoided at all levels. He appreciated the executives for their workmanship still he pressed upon the need of more hard work and customer satisfaction.

Shri M.C. Meena, TDM Chittorgarh In his address expressed that at very first level the BSNL infra and services maintenance should be given top most priority. The financial cuts should not be allowed to compromise with the Exchange and BTS performance of BSNL. So the available fund must use preliminary for the maintenance of existing services of BSNL. He also explained the need of induction of new line staff to strengthen the BSNL as these are our first line worriers & representative of services.     

Shri Dhamendra Sharma, GMTD Bhilwara had address the Session with a power point presentations and emphasized over the need of change in our attitude & approach towards the customers as well as towards the organization. He reveled and explained by his presentation that “Challenges should be treated as opportunities if someone wants to prove himself”. He categorized that now time come when we stand up united and put our forces in unidirectional to ensure the growth of the organization.  

Com. Prahalad Rai Genl. Secy. elaborately explained the various reasons for legging of the organization, He stated that BSNL not only need changes in approach and attitude in its employee but its time when it is in badly need of good & highly motivated  officers with better leadership qualities . Now it’s time when BSNL have to re define its vision and Goal, The BSNL needs a strategic long term planning to turn around its situation. Especially we need the adequate financial resources to maintain, upgrade and expand our services. He expressed concern how the Government and Ministry become reluctant to extend the financial resources to the BSNL. He promised that AIBSNL making his best efforts to get best financial support and return from the Government. He also told that AIBSNLEA is making the best efforts to get the more funds from the Government and to adopt suitable measures in BSNL to ensure the financial viability of the organization.

Shri R.N. Mathur, GMTD Udaipur concluded and summarized the session by quoting  that , “Yes its time when we have to adopt effective measures to set back the BSNL on the path of glory “ for that he appeal to all executive to be united, devoted and innovative, have to perform the best to get the best. He thanked to all AIBSNLEA for inviting as well as organizing the meaning full conference at the crucial time of the BSNL.

Vote of thanks was given by Com.Ghanshyam Branch President and Com.S.C.Pareek, Branch Secretary, had operated the Dias

Election of set of office bearers were also held on the occasion of Branch conference. Com.Ghanshyam  CAO, Com.K.C.Sharma SDE and Com.Miss Navjosh Kaur JAO were elected unopposed as Branch President, Branch Secretary and Branch Financial Secretary respectively.


04.04.2014: SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office writes of GS, AIBSNLEA regarding information/status note w.r.t. various issued raised  by Unions & Associations 

 >>> Click here for Note

04.04.2014: GS writes to

  • The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for cancellation of Transfer Orders in respect of SDE (T) 

     >>> Click here for letter

  • The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for cancellation/modification of Transfer Orders in respect of CAO 

     >>> Click here for letter

04.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The Genl. Secy., Regarding: Extension of immunity by cancellation/retantion of transfer order from Rajasthan Circle to J&K Circle of Br.Secy. Jodhpur Sh. Anil Kumar Tiwari, SDE, Jodhpur-TD.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

04.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Calling of VC's w.r.t. regular promotion to the SDE(C) grade under LDCE quota (33% quota)  

 >>> Click here for letter

03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding Pre - 2006 CDA pension cases pending as on 28.02.2014 

 >>> Click here for DO letter of CMD, BSNL  to CGMs Circles

03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees 

 >>> Click here for letter

03.04.2014: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding vacancy position in the grade of JAO/AAO as on 01.03.2014 

 >>> Click here for letter

03.04.2014: GS writes to

The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding request for decision on the representation for improving the below benchmark grading in the "APAR" for the period 23.07.2010 to 31.03.2011 and 01.04.2011 to 31.07.2011 - Case of Shri Mohan Lal Balai, HR No: 197907231, DE, Rajasthan Circle 

 >>> Click here for letter

03.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The Genl. Secy., Regarding: Revised request of Shri Meghraj Dangi, CAO, Jodhpur-TD, HR No.198216078 regarding change of posting station from Uttarakhand to Soft Tenure station at Barmer/Bikaner in Rajasthan Circle.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.

02.04.2014: BSNL Corporate Office issued 2nd Amendment in BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules

 >>> Click here for 2nd Amendment

 >>> BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules

02.04.2014: GS writes to

  • The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding pay fixation case of the AAOs promoted as AOs during 1995 and exercised option for the pay fixation from the DNI date of AAO Scale- 

     >>> Click here for letter

  • The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding requests for transfers / posting on promotion in the cadre of DGM (Finance) Adhoc- 

     >>> Click here for letter

02.04.2014: CS Writes to:

  • The Genl. Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri S.R.Chaliha, DGM(F), Jodhpur-TD regarding retention in Rajasthan Circle on promotion DGM(F) Adhoc to DGM(F) Regular.

     >>> Click Here for Letter.