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GS writes to Shri D S Mathur, Chairman Telecom Commission & Secretary DOT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 regarding Grant of meeting- Request for vide letter No: AIBSNLEA/CHQ/Meetings/2006-07 Date: 31-08-2006 Click Here for Letter


GS & AFS met Shri Satish Tandon, DDG (Estt.) DoT & discussed :-

(1)   Refund of CGEGIS payment :- DDG (Estt.) informed that the case is pending with MOF for clearance. Controller of Accounts General & Economic Affair has already given their positive views for refund of the same. Recently Secretary DoT has again sent DO to Secretary Finance, MOF for early refund. He also informed that MOF in principle has agreed to refund CGEGIS saving part (70%) with interest but has not agreed to refund the insurance part (30%). We requested to get clearance for refund of insurance part (30%) as the scheme is discontinued for employees on implementation of Government policy. Employees have not discontinued the scheme.

(2)    Payment of pension to BSNL Employees: - We protested against DoT letter dated 15.06.2006 issued in this regard because under rule 37A Government pension has been assured to all BSNL employees. Under FR – 116 is only liability is of BSNL. DDG (Estt.) informed that the decision of the cabinet in the matter has only been communicated to CMD, BSNL. Now further the case may be taken up with Secretary DoT.

(3)   Recasting of final seniority list of TES Group ‘B’ officers immediately. So as to DPCs from SDE(T) to adhoc DEs is conducted smoothly by BSNL :-  DDG (Estt.) assured to look into.


GS & AFS met Joint Secretary DoT  (Shri H.C. Jayal) & discussed :

(1)   Status of absorption of Group ‘A’ Officers in BSNL :- Jt. Secretary informed that the SLP filed by an ITS Officer (Shri Akhilesh Trivedi ) in Hon’ble Supreme Court against the judgment of Hon’ble Principal Bench CAT New Delhi is dismissed on 29.08.2006. The Group ‘A’ absorption case will be heard in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court from 1st Sept’2006 on day to day basis. The judgment is expected by 15th Sept’2006.

(2)   It is learnt so far no development has taken place to resolve the issue of Group ‘A’ Officers through negotiations. 

(3)   Refund of CGEGIS Payment :- Jt. Secretary informed that Secretary DoT has sent two DOs to Secretary Finance, Ministry of Finance (MOF) for refund of CGEGIS payment of BSNL employees taken absorption in BSNL. The clearance from MOF is expected soon.


Click here for Self Certificate required for drawl of Professional Upgradation Allowance in Perks





GS, President, Financial Secretary met CMD BSNL, thanked him for his kind intervention for the settlement of issues raised by the association and further requested for early implementation of Executives’ Promotion Policy as well as settlement of other issues of charter of demands. CMD BSNL informed that as per the earlier assurance given to our Association the recommendation of HLC on Promotion Policy will be discussed in the BSNL management committee meeting on 31-08-2006 and thereafter in the next Board meeting the same will be approved. Regarding other issues he assured to discuss with Director (HRD) BSNL for early settlement. We handed over the letter for postponement of ongoing programmes of organizational actions. He thanked the association for considering his appeal. (Click here for the letter)

In view of continuous progress made by BSNL management & DOT Administration in settlement of the issues raised by the association i.e. Grant of perks, Commitment for implementation of executives’ promotion policy by the end of sept' 2006, Holding of DPCs to fill up vacant STS Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ posts of SDEs/ AOs grade etc  by end of Oct 2006, assurances given for early settlement of other important pending items, considering CMD BSNL, Director (HRD) and DDG (SR) BSNL appeals for reconsideration on withdrawal of our proposed agitational programmes, and getting feedback from circles, we have decided postponement of ongoing programmes of organizational actions. We express our sincere thanks to all the comrades throughout country for their whole hearted and overwhelming support extended to CHQ during the course of agitation. All the Circle/ Branch Secretaries are requested to brief the Esteemed Members regarding latest developments on various issues.


Record of Discussions of the meeting held on 22th August' 2006 at 1600 hrs. with Director (HRD) BSNL, New Delhi Click Here for Record of Discussions

Record of Discussions of the meeting held on 24th August' 2006 at 1030 hrs. with Director (HRD) BSNL, New Delhi Click Here for Record of Discussions


The Central Working Committee meeting earlier notified to be held on 9th and 10th of Sept 2006 at BHUBANESHWAR (Orrisa) is postponed. The new dates for holding the CWC meeting are 14th and 15th Oct 2006 at the same venue. For more details (1)Shri S K Dalai, CS, Orissa Circle ,0671-2615800 (Off), 2348800 (Res.). 2)Shri.P K Kar - 9437043200(Mob) 3)Shri N Champati - 9437064200(Mob). 4)Shri  N Chand - 9437337754(Mob) may be contacted . (Click here for letter)


CMD, BSNL called AIBSNLEA today for discussions

GS & President met and held discussions. CMD informed that the recommendations of High Level committee on Executives' Promotion Policy have been received and processing of the same has already been initiated. He assured that the Executives' Promotion Policy will be implemented by end of September 2006. He also told that the perks to the executives have already been granted w.e.f. 1.1.2005 as per demand of the association and the other demands are also under consideration and continued progress has been made in settlement of the raised issues. He appealed to AIBSNLEA for reconsideration on withdrawal of agitation programme. CMD advised to further meet Director (HRD).

2. Director (HRD) and DDG(SR) again called AIBSNLEA at 17.00 hrs.
GS, President and Financial Secretary met and discussed in detail the demands. Director (HRD) informed that the demands raised by the association are under process for settlement. The perks to the executives in BSNL have been granted from 1.1.2005, the recommendations on executives' promotion policy have been received and the same has been processed for approval. The DPCs to fillup STS posts in all disciplines have already been initiated, to fill up vacant Group 'B' posts i.e. SDE(Telecom), SDE(Elect), SDE (Civil), SDE(TF) etc and other issues raised by the association are being discussed with Sr DDG(SPF), DDG(EF), Sr. DDG (BW), Sr.DDG (Elect), Sr. DDG (Arch) and Sr. DDG(CS). The minutes of the discussions with DDG (Pers) will be provided on Monday. The meeting continued up to 1930 hrs. Dir (HRD) once again appealed to withdraw the proposed agitational programme in the light of continued progress in settlement of the demands. We assured to consider the appeal  of the BSNL management after having internal discussions.

3. In view of the letter issued by DDG (SR), Circle Secretaries are requested to communicate their views regarding continuation of proposed organisational action programme by Monday
(28.8.2006) morning.( Click here for letter from DDG (SR) ).


Large number of Executives gathered at Circle Office, Jaipur premises and participated in the Lunch Hour Demonstration and given slogans. This was one of the largest gatherings in the recent past.

On this occasion Com. M.L. Pareek, Circle President; Com. K.G. Pareek, Branch Secretary, Jaipur District Branch; Com. A.K. Rawat, All India CEC Member; Com. S.D. Arya, CHQ Vice President; Com. R.C. Sharma, Branch, Secretary Transmission Branch & Com. R.N. Sharma, Branch Secretary, Circle Office Branch addressed the gathering.

Similar reports are being received from the other SSAs. Keep it up .


On continuous persuasions of AIBSNLEA CHQ Leaders Perks Order is issued Today.


Though the order is issued, this is not to our satisfaction. We are to fight out the discrimination made particularly in the item "Entertainment Allowance" and also for "Transport Allowance". Click Here for Orders


On our continuous persuasions the Officiating Promotion list of SDEs to DEs of Rajasthan Telecom Circle is issued today Click Here for list


On Commemoration of completion of 5 years of BSNL, BSNL has decided to Distribute Wrist Watches to its employees,  as souvenir Click Here for Letter

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/ Branch  Secretaries / CWC Members are requested to implement the Organizational Actions Programme i.e.


2)30/08/2006-MASS DHARNA (AT BSNL CO/CIRCLE OFFICE HQs/SSA HQs) in a successful manner.


Executives Promotion Policy :- Shri Y.S. Bhave Special Secretary Telecom, DoT & Chairman Promotion Policy submitted recommendations on Executives Promotion Policy to CMD, BSNL Today. Now the recommendations on Executives Promotion Policy are to be discussed in Management Committee BSNL & thereafter the same will be put up to BSNL Board for Approval.


GS, President, FS met Director (HRD) on his Invitation to discuss the charter of demands. Sr. DDG (Estt.) and DDG (SR) were also present in the meeting. All the issues were discussed in detail in the marathon meeting continued for 4 Hrs. (1030 Hrs. to 1430 Hrs.).

(a) Implementation of Executives Promotion Policy :- Director (HRD) informed that Shri Y.S. Bhave, SST DoT is holding Promotion Committee Members Meeting tomorrow forenoon and most probably it will be signed tomorrow itself and will be submitted to BSNL Board immediately.

(b) Grant of Perks to Executives in BSNL :- Sr. DDG (Estt.) informed that the order was finalized but some corrections were further required. The same exercise is going on an order will be issued shortly.

(c) Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives w.e.f. 1-10-2000:- Director (HRD) informed that the issue is a part of Executives Promotion Policy in all respect hence at the time of implementation of Executives Promotion Policy the same will be implemented.

(d) One time placement of the SDEs in the Sr. SDEs grade:-  Director (HRD) advised DDG(SR) to further interact with our association on the available instructions of DoT and recorded proceedings of the various meetings.

(e) Payment of pension to BSNL Employees:- Director (HRD) informed that the matter has already been taken up with the DoT Administration to reconsider the letter issued on 15.06.2006.

(F) REFUND OF CGEGIS: -  DDG (SR) informed that he has already spoken to DDG (Estt.) DoT in the matter and DDG (Estt.) informed that a D.O. letter is being sent to Secretary (Finance), Ministry of Finance from Secretary DoT for immediate refund of CGEGIS amount.

(G) Filling up STS Group 'A' Posts in all disciplines :- Director (HRD)  informed that to fill up about 2300 DE (T) posts screening report of eligible SDE (T) have been called from all CGMs by 31st Aug' 2006. On receipt of screening report the process of DPC will immediately start. Promotion from SDE (C) to EE (C) on Adhoc basis have already been issued yesterday. The vigilance clearance of eligible Sr. AOs to fill up about 400 CAOs Posts on adhoc basis have been called for the DPC process which has already been started.

(H) Promotion from JTO grades to SDE grades :-  Director (HRD) informed that the necessary informations regarding vacant SDE (T) Posts to be filled up on seniority cum fitness quota has been called for.

(I) Fixation of  AAOs pay scale under FR (22):-   DDG (SR) will discuss the matter with DDG (FP) in your presence for settlement.

(J) Implementation of upgraded pay scale for CSS staff in BSNL:-  DDG (SR) informed that as per Finance wing advised matter is to be taken up with DoT for further clarification with regards to AAO pay scale pay fixation issue. We protested against this move  and requested to implement DoT instructions regarding CSS staff immediately. Director (HRD) assured to look into.

(K) Enhancement of Free Call Limit:-  Director (HRD) advised  to discuss the issues with Sr. DDG (CS) at the earliest .

(L) Other issues of importance i.e.  Revision of pay scale for Official Language Officers, AD(OL), Lateral advancement of JTOs (TFs) after 12 years of service/ ACP scheme after completion of 12 to JTOs in telecom factories, Up-gradation of steno Gr. III to Personnel Assistant as one time measure and issues related to Personnel Cell :- Directory (HRD) advised DDG (SR) to interact immediately with DDG (Pers) in the presence of AIBSNLEA representatives.

DDG (SR) will be holding meeting with AIBSNLEA on 21st Aug' 2006 to discuss the remaining issues.

While discussion Director (HRD) made an appeal to withdraw the proposed Organisational Actions of AIBSNLEA looking into the positive approach of BSNL management. We assured Director (HRD) that on settlement of the issues Association may review its  decision regarding the same.

All the CHQ Office Bearers , CWC members, Circle / Branch Secretaries are requested to implement Organisational Actions  Programme in its full.


II-Circle conference of All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Executives' Association, Rajasthan Circle will be held in "Hansa Guest House at Bikaner on 12th & 13th Oct’2006.

Click Here for Notice  

Souvenir :-Click here to download for the Appeal and Order form




GS writes to Com. G.L. Jogi, General Secretary  SNEA (I), New Delhi soliciting active support  to Organizational Actions Programme of AIBSNLEA as a matter of solidarity in the larger interest of the entire BSNL Executives. Click Here for Letter 


All the Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries are requested to implement the Organizational Action Programme in a successful manner.


GS, President, FS and AFS met Secretary DoT as per the call given by him & discussed :-

(a) Impressed upon implementation of Executives'  Promotion Policy in BSNL :- Secretary DoT after hearing us in detail, assured an early action.

(b) Payment of pension to employees of BSNL; We protested against recent DoT letter dated 15.06.2006 regarding payment of pension to employees retired/retiring from DoT/BSNL. We requested for immediate withdrawal of said letter :- Secretary DoT assured to look into.

(c) Absorption of Group 'A' officers in BSNL :- Secretary DoT informed that matter is already known to him & after parliament session, he will be able to concentrate on this issue & other issues of importance. He assured after parliament session, we will be called for detail discussions.


GS, President, FS and AFS met Shri Y.S. Bhave Special Secretary, DoT & discussed :-

(a) Impressed upon implementation of Executives'  Promotion Policy in BSNL :- Shri Bhave informed that one member of the Promotion Committee Shri R.N. Prabhakar is out of station, on his return on 17.08.2006 Committee meeting will be held & immediately recommendations will be submitted to BSNL Board.

(b) We requested SST to provide the copy of minutes of the meeting held on 16th June 2006 with our association under the Chairmanship of Ex- Secretary DoT Dr. J. S. Sarma for the follow up action of the decisions taken in the meeting.


AIBSNLEA was invited by DDG(SR) to discuss the Notice of Organizational Action served on dated 08.08.2006

GS, President, FS met DDG(SR) & Jt. DDG (SR) and discussed all the issues of Charter of demands in details. While discussions DDG(SR) appealed to withdraw the agitation since the issues are being addressed. We told that let the issues be settled, Association will further review the decision. DDG(SR) informed that Director (HRD) will hold meeting with AIBSNLEA on 18.08.2006 to discuss the grievances of Executives in BSNL.  


CS, President, Org. Secy.(S) attended and addressed the Branch Conference Bhilwara TD Branch, Delegate Session & Open Session. Shri J.C. Manaria GMTD, Bhilwara TD was the Chief Guest, Shri Om Naraniwal Chairman Nagar Parishd Bhilwara Presided over the Function. Open session was arranged in a nice manner. Comrade R.R. Laddha & Comrade H.L. Swarnkar were elected as President & Branch Secretary respectively.


Notice issued by Circle Secretary regarding Joint General Body Meeting of the members of AIBSNLEA Jaipur TD Branch, Transmission Branch, Circle Office Branch & RTTC Branch stationed at Jaipur to be held on 19th August 2006 in Federation Hall, PGMTD Campus, M.I. Road, Jaipur at 1730 hrs Click Here for Notice


GS writes to Shri A K Sinha, Chairman Cum Managing Director BSNL, New Delhi-110001 regarding affairs of NE-I Telecom Circle Shilong, wherein circle management is harassing by issuing unilateral transfer orders and instructions to by-pass the SDEs/ DEs  and to directly to report to DEs/ DGMs vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/MISC/2006-07/91dated:10-08-2006 Click Here for Letter 


Circle Secretary contacted to CGMT Rajasthan Circle for issuing of reminder to all SSA Head for sending the Special Report of Eligible SDEs to be promoted as DEs on local officiating basis & requested to issue promotion orders earliest. CGMT instructed concern officers to issue reminder & assured early promotion order.


GS writes to A K Sinha, Chairman cum Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi-110001 regarding Arrangements of adhoc STS (Non-JTS) officers to JAG vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-07/81 dated 24.07.2006 Click Here for letter







GS writes to

(1) DDG (SPF), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, New Delhi-110001 regarding consideration of various requests for inter-circle transfers in the cadre of JAOs/ AOs/ CAOs vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/87 Dated: 01-08-2006 Click Here for Letter

(2) DDG (Pers), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited New Delhi-110001 regarding consideration of various requests for inter-circle transfers in the cadre of DEs vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/89 Dated: 01-08-2006 Click Here for Letter

(3) DDG (Pers), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited New Delhi-110001regarding consideration of various requests for inter-circle transfers in the cadre of SDEs vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/90 Dated: 07-08-2006 Click Here for Letter

(4) The Director (HRD), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited New Delhi-110001regarding Posting and transfer of STS of ITS Group’A’ officers vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/92 Dated: 07-08-2006 Click Here for Letter

 (4) Sr.DDG (BW), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited New Delhi-110001regarding consideration of various requests for inter-circle transfers in the cadre of JTOs/ SDEs (Civil) vide letter no.  AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/91 Dated: 07-08-2006 Click Here for Letter


BSNL Corporate Office informed to GS AIBSNLEA regarding Provision of Broadband facility on service telephone connection to BSNL Executives Letter enclosed


GS writes to Shri S. D. Saxena, Director (Finance) BSNL, New Delhi regarding Implementation of DoT decision to grant non-functional pay scale of Rs. 8000-275-13500 (CDA) with effect from 1.1.1996 to SO/PS of CSS/CSSS absorbed in BSNL vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2006-07/85  Dated: 7th August, 2006 Click Here for Letter


GS Writes to Shri D.S. Mathur, Chairman Telecom & Secy. DOT, Govt of India, Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi regarding Grant of Meeting - Request for vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/MISC/2006-2007/87 Dated at the 3rd Aug'2006 Click Here for Letter


GS, AFS(F) met Sr. DDG (Estt.) BSNL & discussed :-

(1) Date of effect of implementation of revised IDA pay scales for the Executives w.e.f. 01.10.2000; In this regard Sr. DDG (Estt.) informed that since the issue is related to Executives Promotion Policy, will be implemented at the time of implementation of the Executives Promotion policy :- We resisted & requested that since Secy. DoT has directed BSNL management to decide the issue at BSNL level only. Why the case is being linked up with Executives Promotion Policy ?

(2)Grant of stagnation increment on Annual Basis :- Sr. DDG (Estt.) informed that the case has taken up again with DoT to consider annual increment to stagnating executives in BSNL.

(3) Settlement of long pending stepping up of the Pay cases :- Sr. DDG (Estt.)  informed that the matter has been taken up with Sr. DDG (EF) for immediate posting of Sr. AO/AO in the PAT Section to deal the cases.

(4) Grant of ACP Benefit in Civil/Electrical/Architecture wings :- SR.DDG (Estt.) retreated that ACP benefit will be given at the time of  implementation of Executives Promotion policy in BSNL etc.


Approving of DPC Minutes of SDE(Civil) to EE(Civil) Promotion :- Sr. DDG (E) informed that the DPC has been approved by the Competent Authority & has been sent yesterday to Sr. DDG (BW) for issuing their Promotion Orders.


GS, AGS Shri P. Venugopal met CMD BSNL in the presence of Director (HRD) BSNL & discussed :-

(a) Implementation of Executives Promotion Policy; we requested CMD BSNL to use his good office to contact SST Shri Y.S. Bhave Chairman Promotion Committee for immediate submission of the recommendations of Promotion Policy :- CMD immediately enquired the status of the committee discussions with Director (HRD) present in the meeting. Director (HRD) informed that the discussions on the promotion policy are over. The recommendations are only to be sign. CMD  advised Director (HRD) to interact with SST Chairman Promotion Committee for early finalisation. Director (HRD) assured an early action.

(b) Merger of 50% IDA with BASIC :- CMD informed that the commitment was asked by DPE for payment of merger 50% IDA with BASIC in BSNL. Commitment has already been given from BSNL to DPE. He also informed that Cabinet note is under preparation in DPE & soon will be sent to Cabinet for approval.

(c) Grant of Perks to Executives in BSNL :- CMD confirmed that the perks have already been discussed & approved in the last BSNL Board meeting & now the minutes will be confirmed in the next Board Meeting & thereafter order will be issued.


DPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T) :- The uncertainty has been created due to non-availability of vacant TES Group 'B' posts. Earlier BSNL Corporate Office estimated about 1466 vacant TES Group 'B' posts against seniority Cum Fitness quota. But on recent review of six Telecom Circle  i.e. T.N., Chennai, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kolkotta and West Bangal, about 480 TES Group 'B' posts are reduced. BSNL Corporate Office now having a feeling on further review of remaining Circles. These posts will be reduced and it may be negative side also. In this manner the DPC process is stalled.

All the Organising Secretaries, CHQ are requested to collect the data regarding TES Group 'B' sanctioned, working and vacant posts status from concern Circle Secretaries and inform to CHQ upto 12.08.2006 to taken up the matted with BSNL Management immediately.


GS alongwith our representatives of AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle met CMD, BSNL during his visit at Jaipur on 05.08.2006. A memorandum was submitted & all the issues of importance were discussed in detail. CMD assured to look into. Click Here for Memorandum


Consequent on transfer of Sh. R.K. Gehlot, Org. Secy. (W) to BSNL Corporate office and his resignation from the post of Org. Secy. (W) w.e.f. 15.07.2006 the charge of Org. Secy. (W) AIBSNLEA Raj. Circle will be looked after by Shri K.K. Arora Org. Secy. (N) till next Circle Conference.


GS writes to DDG (SR) BSNL, Corporate Office, New Delhi regarding Amendment to the provisions of the Constitution of all India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Executives' Association vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/84/2006-07 dated 28.07.2006 Click here for Amendments


GS writes to Shri A K Sinha, Chairman & Mg. Director, BSNL, New Delhi regarding Long pending issues of the Stenographers working in the field units vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2006-2007/76 Dated: 25-07-2006 Click Here for Letter


ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS IN BSNL - DELHI HIGH COURT CASE:- Case was heard today in the Hon'ble High court ,Delhi. Next date of hearing is fixed on 01/09/2006.


March to Parliament started from Eastern Court to Parliament Street

Massive rally organised at New Delhi under the banner of  Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations. About 15000 employees very actively participated in the rally. A large number of AIBSNLEA members of nearby Circles i.e. Delhi, Corporate Office, UP(E), UP(W), rajasthan, Hariyana, ALTTC GZB, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & some other circles also participated.  Hon'ble members of Parliament Sh. Sita Ram Yechury and Shri Vasudev Bhattacharya and some other MPs & trade union leaders address the rally at Parliament street. All the GS of Associated Unions/Associations also address the rally.

The memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minister & Speaker Lok - Sabha will be submitted tomorrow alongwith some MPs. The available MPs in the meeting assured to raise the issues of Local Loop UNBUNDLING, Disinvestment of BSNL & Grant of Navratana Status to BSNL etc in this parliament session. The massive rally was grand success.

Extending Sincere thanks to all for making grand success by actively participation. 

The Economic Times Online

Printed from economictimes.indiatimes.com > Economy> Policy

Govt. plans new pay committee for public sector staff : GUNJAN PRADHAN SINHA


NEW DELHI: There is some good news for employees of public sector undertakings (PSUs). After considering the case of government employees, the central government is planning to set up a separate pay committee for employees of PSUs. The move is likely ...................

(Click Here for Complete News)


Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations are organizing massive Rally from Kurshidlal Bhavan to Parliament at New Delhi on TODAY. A large number of members  of AIBSNLEA are participating in this rally throughout the country.


GS met Director (HRD) & discussed

(a)  Implementation of Executives’ Promotion Policy :- Director (HRD) Member of Promotion Committee informed that the recommendations of Committee are in Final stage. Only one sitting is required to finalize it. He also informed that shortly the recommendations will be submitted to BSNL Board.

(b)  Grant of Perks to Executives’ in BSNL :- Director (HRD) confirmed that the matter has been discussed & approved by BSNL Board on 31.07.2006. The minutes of BSNL Board meeting will be confirmed in the next Board Meeting to be held in the next week thereafter the orders will be issued.

(c)   DPC form SDE(T) to DE(T) :- Director (HRD) informed that the process has already been started by calling the CRs of eligible SDEs to fill up the vacant Des posts (about 2300) on adhoc basis.

(d)  DPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T) :- Director (HRD) informed that due to non availability of TES Group ‘B’ posts the process is stalled. We requested that the informations earlier available with BSNL Corporate Office regarding vacant SDE(T) posts about 1400 should be taken into account for promotion.

(e)  Promotion order from SDE(C)  to EE(C) :- Director (HRD) informed that the DPC is over but the decision is to be taken by competent authority to decide the number of posts of EE(C) to be filled up. The decision in this regard will be taken by this week end only.

(f)    Protested against untimely transfers of Adhoc Des to Hard tenure Circles :- Director (HRD) informed that as per the instructions of DoT 100 % vacant posts of Hard tenure Circle are to be filled up. Similarly the CGMs concerned are also pressing hard to fill up vacant Group ‘B’ & Group ‘A’ posts. We requested that vacancies of hard tenure stations are to be filled up on pro-data basis. Finally Director (HRD) assured to look into.


Elections for the New Branch Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA of Jaipur Telecom District are held on 29-07-2006 at Jaipur. All the District Branch Office Bearers were elected unanimously. The following are the elected Office Bearers.

Post                     Name                            Present            Telephone Nos.                                                                  Posting             Office; Residence

President            Sh. K.S. Shekhawat          CAO (South)              2700977; 2296699

Vice President    Sh. M.K. Morodia               SDE (IT- I)                 2368181; 2500511

District Secretary Sh. K.G. Pareek                AGM (PR & Mktg)      2379194; 3641515

ADS- I                 Sh. Bhagwan Singh            SDE (Trunk)              2377444; 2343949

ADS II               Sh. M.S. Sharma                 AAO (TR South)        2710002; 2296820

ADS– III              Mrs. Neeru Bhargava           SDE(MSC)                 2362600; 2793794

ADS – IV             Sh. Kali Charan Meena       JTO (System –II) CMTS  2207816; 2753545

FS                      Sh. V.D. Gupta                      AAO (TR Central)     2372310; 2304950

AFS                    Sh. C.L. Verma                     SDE(PG – I)              2379798; 2500299

Org. Secy. – C   Sh. R.S. Bhartiya                   C.O. (Central)           2377202; 2751751

Org. Secy. – S    Sh. H.K. Pandey                   SDE (OCB BJN)        2700000; 2593838

Org. Secy. – E     Sh. B.L. Verma                     DE O/D (SG – I)        2600500; 2501010


Org. Secy. – W     Sh. G.P. Awasthi                  SDOP (VDN-I)          2337000; 2781177


CEC Member       Sh. M.L. Agrawal                  SDE (EWSD SG)       2568081; 2792255


Auditor                Sh. Ajay Tandon                   SDE (OFC – SG)       2570000; 2651333


On this occasion General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai, CHQ New Delhi and Circle President Rajasthan Telecom Circle Shri M.L. Pareek were also present.

The OPEN SESSION was presided by Shri B.K. Agrawal, GM (Operation) PGMTD, Jaipur and Shri P.C. Maharania, GM (F) PGMTD, Jaipur was the Guest of honor. In the OPEN SESSION Departmental Activities, Services are given by department to the Subscribers and progress of BSNL was discussed in details.




GRANTS OF PERKS TO EXECUTIVES:- GS, Pres. and FS met Director (Finance ) , Director (Operations) and other Sr. Officers and extended thanks for approving perks to Executives. Director (Operations) informed that the Report on Perks deliberated and approved by the BSNL Board in the meeting held on 31/07/2006.Minutes of the meeting will be conferred in the next BSNL Board meeting to be held within 7 to 10 days. There after necessary order will be issued.

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