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MEETING WITH MOS(C) :- GS, Pres, FS, AFS and Auditor met Hon'ble Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Minister of State for Communications and IT . Senior Officers of DOT were also present in the meeting. Discussed pending grievances of Executives in BSNL.

1) IMPLEMENTATION OF EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY IN BSNL, ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS AND PENSION :- MOS(C) informed that, he will instruct concerned officers to take necessary action so that BSNL can implement immediately.

2) REFUND OF CGEGIS :- Already approval of MOF has been communicated by DOT to BSNL vide letter no.5-18(3)/2006/PAT dated 25/10/2006 and also informed that DDG(A/Cs) will communicate the actual payment of accumulations under "savings fund" of scheme separately-Click here.

2) OTHER HR ISSUES AND VIABILITY OF BSNL :- He informed that issues will be examined and looked in to. Meeting continued for an hour.


MEETING WITH DDG(EST), DOT :- GS, Pres, FS, AFS and Auditor met DDG(EST), DOT and discussed :-

1) ALL INDIA SENIORITY OF TES GR 'B' OFFICERS :- Views and Suggestion of Association will be looked into. Provisional seniority list of TES Gr. 'B' officers circulated in Sept 2005 will be finalised after receipt of the Court judgment. Till such time same cannot be operated . Instructions in this regard have already been issued.

2)Withdrawal of benefit of pay fixation under FR 22(1)a(i) to JTOs and SDEs on their vertical promotion :- - Order will be only effective from prospective date but not retrospective date. Necessary instructions/clarification in this regard will be issued to all CCAs (Controller of communication Accounts), DOT in the next week.  


MEETING WITH MOS(C) :- Hon'ble Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Minister of State for Communications and IT granted meeting to AIBSNLEA at 1430 hrs on 27/10/2006 to discuss pending grievances of Executives in BSNL.


Key Note Address delivered by Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA  in the Open Session of First  CWC meeting of AIBSNLEA held at Bhubaneswar on 14th October, 2006 Click here for Key Note Address


BROAD BAND CONNECTIONS TO BSNL EMPLOYEES :- AIBSNLEA achieves another demand:  BSNL has issued policy guidelines for provision of Broadband Internet Connections to employees in BSNL Vide letter No.2-6/05-MHA dated 20/10/2006. The scheme may be permitted the concessional broadband connection of 256 kbps speed at discounted rate of Rs.100 per month under the start up plan of Rs.250/-. Click here for order copy  


ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS-COURT CASE :- The case filed by ITSA was not heard fully since 16.10.2006 in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Next date of hearing is fixed on 03/11/2006.


MEETING WITH DIR (HRD), BSNL :- GS and Pres.  met DIR (HRD), BSNL & discussed :-

1) EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY :-Dir (HRD), BSNL informed that he will speak to concerned authority in DOT for  early vetting from Secretary, DOT.


3) PROMOTION  OF SDEs TO DE(Adhoc) (TELECOM) :- Screening reports are not received from Bihar, Jharkhand and UP(West) Circles. efforts will be made to issue Order to fill up 2315 vacancies  by 30/11/2006.

4) PROMOTION  OF JTOs TO SDEs (TELECOM) :- Order will be issued by 15/11/2006 for around 1100 vacancies.

5) FILLING UP OF VACANCIES OF SDE (TELECOM) THROUGH COMPETITIVE QUOTA   :- Notification for holding Competitive Examination will be issued in first week of November 2006 and Examination will be conducted in the month of February 2007.

6) SANCTION OF MAN POWER PLAN :- He informed that this issue will be discussed in the BSNL Board as soon as possible. 

Glimpses of OPEN SESSION of Central Working Committee Meeting at BHUBANESWAR (Orrisa) on 14th Oct'2006 Click Here

GS writes to Shri A. K. Sinha, CMD, BSNL, New Delhi regarding

(1) Settlement of the pending grievances of the members of AIBSNLEA –Resolutions passed in the Central Working Committee meeting held at Bhubaneswar (Orissa) vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2006-07/143 Dated 17th October, 2006. Click Here for Letter

(2) Suggestions/ Views on transfer policy for the Executives in BSNL vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2006-07/144 Dated 17th October, 2006. Click Here for Letter


GRANTS OF PERKS TO EXECUTIVES :-BSNL has issued clarification regarding issue of self certification for the Executives for making payment of Professional Up-gradation Allowance and Entrainment Allowance may be taken on annual basis- Click here for order copy


Reversion of 1966 SDEs:-Court case:- Case was heard today in Hon'ble High Court Delhi. Next date for hearing fixed on 10/11/2006.


ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS-COURT CASE :- Hearing continues today also.


BSNL has issued an order regarding policy for provision of RSTC and Mobile Telephone Connection to executives and Non executives and Fixation of call limit thereupon on persistent efforts of AIBSNLEA Click Here for Letter


ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS-COURT CASE :- The case filed by ITSA was heard on 16.10.2006 in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Hearing continues today also.


BSNL has issued order of payment of IDA at the revised rates 65.2% (increase of 4.8%) w.e.f. 01.10.2006 [click here for order]



As per order, (a) The Executives will be given Post-Paid GSM Mobile connection under scheme of Rs. 225 plan limited to 1) Rs. 300 talk time for JTO/JAOs and equivalent cadres  and ) Rs. 500 talk time for SDEs/DETs and equivalent cadres .

(b) The Free calls limit on residence landline telephone connection of BSNL Executives  enhanced from 500 calls to 600 calls for JTOs/SDEs and equivalent cadres  from 550 calls to 800 calls for DETs and equivalent cadres  per month.


Silent features of Executives' Promotion Policy (click Here for complete report)

Earlier 25% Competitive quota in TES Group 'B' cadre is increased to 33% which will be available in all discipline in equivalent grades. 


GS & President met Director (Operations) BSNL & discussed :-

(1) GSM Telephone connection to all Executives in BSNL & Enhancement of free call limit on RSTC :- Director (Operations) informed that orders are being released Today.

(2) Broad-band connection to BSNL Employees :- Director (Operations) informed that BSNL Management Committee has already approved concessional Broad-band connection to all BSNL employees. Orders will be issued by end of this week.


REFUND OF CGEGIS :- GS spoken to DDG (E), DOT regarding refund of CGEGIS. DDG (E) informed that DOT has received clearance from Ministry of Finance regarding refund of CGEGIS savings. He also informed that soon after completion of some formalities, order is expected to be issued by the end of Oct,2006.


EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY :- GS met CMD,BSNL and requested him for early implementation of Executives Promotion Policy which has been agreed by Secretary ,DOT during presentation on 06/10/2006. CMD, BSNL informed that Executives Promotion Policy has been sent to DOT (Administrative ministry) for its approval. He also assured that efforts will be made to issue the order as early as possible immediately after receipt of approval.

06/10/2006Impoatant News !!!!

PRESENTATION ON EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY TO SECRETARY, DOT OVER:-After our meeting with Secretary, DOT yesterday. He spoke to CMD, BSNL regarding preparation of Presentation on Executives  Promotion Policy. CMD ,BSNL informed that he has prepared presentation. Today morning, time was fixed for presentation. Presentation started today as per earlier schedule at 1130 AM. CMD, BSNL along with Board Directors were present in Presentation to Secretary, DOT.Shri A K Saxena Member(S) and Shri Y S Bhave SPl. ST, DOT were also present during Presentation. Secretary, DOT  discussed various issues on Promotion Policy and approved the Executives Promotion Policy. Immediately after Presentation GS met CMD, BSNL and requested for early implementation of Executives Promotion Policy. CMD, BSNL confirmed that presentation to Secretary ,DOT is over. He informed that now minutes  are being prepared and same will be sent to Secretary, DOT for administrative approval. There after order for implementation of Executives Promotion Policy will be issued. He also assured that efforts will be made to issue the order in the next week if DOT approves it.


EXECUTIVE PROMOTION POLICY :- Presentation on Executives Promotion Policy will not be held today Friday i.e. 06/10/2006 at 1130 hrs. to Secretary, DOT . It will be held only after his return from Abroad.


ABSORPTION OF GROUP 'A' OFFICERS-COURT CASE :- The Group ‘A’ absorption case was heard today i.e.  04/10/2006  in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court .Date of disposal off the case is fixed on 16/10/2006.


GS writes to Shri A.K. Sinha, Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL, New Delhi-110001 regarding Grant of proper relief and interest free loan to the BSNL employees suffered from recent floods in Surat City vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/2006-07/140  Dated: 4th October, 2006 Click Here for Letter

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