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Edited & Published by M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA, Rajasthan

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Pending Court Cases

31.12.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions for Extension of online submission date only for DR-DGM <<<Click Here for letter>>>

31.12.2012: Rajasthan Circle and Kerala Circle  donated Rs.51,000/- &  Rs. 10,000/- (First Installment) respectively  for purchase of Car for CHQ. All other Circles are also requested to donate as promised in CWC Ahemadabad, which will also be uploaded on receipt of the money.

BSNL Executive Diary-2013: BSNL Management with an indifferent  attitude has issued instructions vide no. 4-5/2012-Admn.II dated 14.12.2012 under economy of expenditure austerity measures that no diaries will be issued to the executives for the calendar year 2013. However, BSNL Corporate Office vide no. 4-5/2012-Admn.II dated 28.12.2012 has further issued order that the Circles/Units who have already placed firm P.O. on or before 14.12.2012, may go ahead with purchase of diaries as ordered. On the other hand, the BSNL Management has purchased Maruti SX-4, Swift Dezire cars to PGMs / GMs level officers, foreign trips are continuing in BSNL to Senior officers, frequent tours of seniors officers, club fees, Blackberry instruments, frequent purchase of latest design of laptops, unlimited Broadband service connection and IPTV connections have been provided to all the JAG and above level officers. It is beyond imagination that how curtailment of a meager amount of Rs. 140/- per executive for one year can save the BSNL from financial crises.   

This association strongly feels that an executive cannot perform his day to day duty properly without keeping day to day account in his diary. We therefore request all the members of AIBSNLEA to purchase Executive Diary-2013 at their own cost from their respective Branch/Circle Secretaries at the earliest.

All the Branch Secretaries are requested to place Purchase Order to CHQ via Circle at the earliest so that Diaries can be dispatched in the first week of Jan'2013. Limited Stock is available at CHQ for sell.

29.12.2012: CS Writes to:

  • CGMT Raj. Regarding: Shri M.L.Vijay, AGM, Under Transfer from BSNL CO. regarding request for
    change of posting station from nagaur to Jaipur.
    >>> Click Here for Letter

27.12.2012: AIBSNLEA Rajasthan CEC Meeting at Udaipur: AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle notified it's Central Executive Committee meeting to be held at "Conference hall, Rajasthan College of Agriculture (RCA), Surajpole, Udaipur on 27th [Sunday] January?2013".

All the Circle Office Bearers, Branch Secretaries, Branch Presidents, CEC Members are requested to immediately book their to and fro journey tickets and inform to host Branch regarding the number of members and their arrival / departure schedule. >>> Click here for Notice

22.12.2012: Meeting with Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai, Director (Finance): Com. M.K. Morodia, Circle Secy. along with Com. Karan Singh, CHQ Adv-II;  Com. N.L. Sharma, Vice President; Com. N.L. Sharma, Fin.Secy; Com. Neeru Bhargava, AFS(T); Com. A.K. Rawat, AFS(F); Com. Purshotam Meena, AFS(C/E/Arch); Com. K.K. Barsar, OS(C); Com. R.K. Sharma, Auditor and Com. S.P. Gupta, CWC-I met Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai, Director (Finance) camp at Jaipur. Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai was on visit to Ajmer. Today (22-12-2012) while he was returning to Delhi, he had tiny halt at Jaipur on the request of AIBSNLEA Rajasthan.

CS Com. M.K. Morodia, presented a buckeye to him and all other Circle Office Bearers welcomed him by presenting Rose bunch, after that Com. M.K. Morodia, submitted a memorandum to him. Following issues were also discussed with Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai:

  • Early settlement of 78.2 fitment: Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai intimated that he had sent favorable reply to dot and do the best for it?s early settlement.

  • All the regular CAO should be considered for promotion to DGM to avoid creation of seniority related anomaly. (Some senior CAOs who got their adhoc promotion later on due to one & another reason. These CAOs are not covering the prescribed period of service in CAO for promotion to DGM. due to delay in adhoc promotion to CAO): Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai assured to look into the matter.

  • SDE to STS promotion against MT Posts: he intimated that he has favorable attitude on the issue.  

  • Provision of Diaries to Executives: he assured to look into the matter.

  • Scarcity of Telephone Instrument/BB Modems/MLLN Modems/NTUs/Drop Wire/Cable etc Materials for further development and smooth maintaining of services.: he intimated the crisis will be resolved shortly

Click for Submitted Memorandum, Additional Memorandum

21.12.2012: GS writes to Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL regarding two weeks of training to executives whose pay is upgraded on every promotion under EPP- request for review. <<<Click Here for letter>>>

21.12.2012: GS met GM(Estt.) BSNL Corporate Office and discussed

  • Allowing option to Deptt. JAOs joined after NEPP implementation: We extended thanks for giving 5- Advance increments to Deptt. JAOs joined after NEPP implementation to provide parity with DR JTOs/JAOs. Also requested to consider for allowing option to exercise to Deptt. JAOs. GM(Estt.) mentioned that Committee has examined the case for allowing option but did not found justified. However, some more feedback may be provided, if any, to further examine.

  • Regularization of Offg. JTOs: We requested to take immediate necessary steps to regularize offg. JTOs by one time upgradation before holding JTO LICE. GM(Estt.) mentioned that due to legal cases it has become difficult to take any action in this regard. However, any action for regularization/upgradation may be taken after the settlement of Court case.

  • Antedating of DNI: We requested for the settlement of antedating of DNI case wherein senior is drawing less pay than their junior which can be settled through antedating of DNI of senior w.r.t. their junior executive. GM(Estt.) further advised to discuss the matter with concern AGM(PAT) and thereafter the case can further be discussed. We will further discussed the matter with concern officers with some more feedback on this issue shortly.

21.12.2012: GS discussed with PGM(EW) and requested to initiate CPC from SDE(E) to EE(E). PGM(EW) mentioned that against the SEDs(E) seniority list (issued by DOT) some SDEs(E) have represented for corrections and the same have been sent to Sr. DDG(BW) DOT for consideration. As soon as the clarification is given by DOT, the CPC will be initiated. However, we have already requested Sr. DDG(BW) DOT for an early clarification.

21.12.2012: GS discussed with PGM(BW) regarding early holding of CPC from JTO(C) to SDE(C). PGM(BW) mentioned that the undisputed seniority list of JTOs  has been sent to Director(HR) for approval and after the approval of the competent authority the CPC will be initiated to fill up the vacant SDEs(C) posts.

21.12.2012: Restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre: GS met and discussed with Addl. GM(Estt.) Chairman Committee for restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre in BSNL. We expressed our serious concern against delay in submitting the Committee report. Addl. GM(Estt.) assured that he will discuss the matter with other Committee Members for an early finalizing the report and its submission.

20.12.2012: Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded the result in getting released order regarding Grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of revised E1 IDA pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500/- to JAO (Dept.) at par with directly recruited JTOs/JAOs <<<Click here for order>>>

20.12.2012: GS writes to:-

  • The GM (FP), BSNL CO regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of Accounts personnel-<<<Click here for letter>>>

  • Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director (Finance), BSNL regarding non- issue of Seniority list of JAO's 2006 batch-<<<Click here for letter>>>

  • The GM (Estt.), BSNL CO regarding request for extension of deputation for a period of One year in Raj. Telecom Circle- Reg. case of Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, JTO, Raj. Telecom Circle- <<<Click here for letter>>> 

20.12.2012: Status of 78.2% IDA fitment case in DoT: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met Director (TPF) DoT and requested to clear the case of BSNL employees 78.2% IDA fitment proposal to the Competent Authority. It is understood that the case has been seen by Jt. Secy(Admn.), Member(S), AST, DDG(TPF) on BSNL pensioners fitment issue. Director(TPF) mentioned that the case is being examined and assured to clear at the earliest.

20.12.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met Sr. DDG(BW), DoT and requested for necessary corrections in the SDEs(E) seniority list as represented by many SDEs(E) through PGM(BW), BSNL Corporate Office. Sr. DDG(BW) assured to look into the matter.

19.12.2012: GS, FS met GM(Trg.) and discussed regarding

(a) Online mandatory training to executives under EPP: We further expressed our serious concern against continuation of Online mandatory training examination which has been imposed on Group-'B' level executives only under EPP whereas, such mandatory training provisions have not been made in Non-Executives promotion policy as well as in BSNL MSRRs for Group-'A' level executives. Group-'B' level executives on their each time bound upgradation are compulsorily should undergo the mandatory Online training examination even in the age of 55 to 60 years. Some executives, who are not computer friendly are not getting passed online training examination whereas, they have completed 30 to 35 years of service successfully. It is causing lot of humiliation, harassment and social demoralization to these senior executives. We requested that the online mandatory training examination should immediately be stopped till the decision is taken in this regard and the executives who have completed mandatory training once and having 55 years should be exempted from further mandatory training examinations and those who are not computer friendly and could not qualify online training in one attempt should be sent to in-house training course to BSNL's training centers. GM(Trg.) assured to look into the matter.   

(b) Re-imbursement of course fee for higher studies under BSNL Management Scheme: The stipulations of BSNL Distance Learning Scheme shall be applicable from 1st October-2010 & would be available up to 30.09.2013. Re-imbursement of course fee for higher studies under BSNL Management Scheme, is NOT Eligible if the course (Programme) is not completed before 30-09-2013. Many officers and employees have taken admission paying heavy fee to upgrade their skill hoping that fees paid will be reimbursed. We requested GM(Trg.) to arrange to issue the order at least to the persons who have enrolled and enrolling for higher studies before 30-9-2013.  GM(Trg.) assured to look into the matter.

19.12.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed about holding of CPC from SDE(T) to DE to fill up about 2200 vacant DEs posts. Sr. GM(Pers.) further mentioned that the proposal for utilization of 1100 MT quota posts out of 2700 MT posts has not been accepted by BSNL Management Committee. However, the proposal to fill up about 700 DEs vacant posts of seniority-cum-fitness quota is being processed to initiate the CPC to the Competent Authority. We pleaded that as per BSNL MSRRs provisions, BSNL Management on the actual requirement basis may recruit MTs and remaining MT quota posts may be filled up on adhoc basis by SDEs(T). Accordingly, earlier  BSNL decided to recruit 600 MTs and issued notification for recruitment but the same was stayed by Hon'ble Court and the process got stalled. It is a fact that MTs may be recruited as per the requirement of BSNL to fill up the higher level posts in future and to ensure proper career prospectus to them. Bulk recruitment of MTs may stagnate the MTs upto DGM level only.

In view of this, such provisions have been made in the BSNL MSRRs. Hence, keeping such large number of DEs posts vacant is not only stagnating the career prospectus of executives but also adversely affecting the viability of BSNL.

It seems that by not allowing to fill up vacant DEs posts by BSNL Management, non settling the issues i.e. Seniors drawing less pay then their Junior executives, Ante-dating of pay of Seniors w.r.t. their Juniors, CPSU Cadre hierarchy, E-1A, E-2A pay scales and  stopping Diary supply to executives are the outcome of revengeful attitude of the BSNL Management against Group-'B' level executives who are struggling for committed leadership in BSNL by ending deputation.

18.12.2012: Click Here for the Glimpses of Dharna Call given by Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions / Associations at:
17.12.2012: Click Here for the Glimpses of Dharna Call given by Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions / Associations at:

15.12.2012: AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle organised an Special Get-Together meeting of Branch/Circle Bearers stationed Jaipur on 15-12-2012 on the auspicious occasion of the benign presence of Com.Prahlad Rai Genl. Secy, Com.Amit Kumar Gupta, OS(East), CHQ  & Com.Bhagwan Singh, AGS(HQ). Com.Karan Sing, Advisor CHQ was also present as basic member. Com.Amit Kumar Gupta, OS(East) was on a personal tour to Rajasthan he accepted the request of Rajasthan Circle to attend the meeting. All the CHQ office bearers were welcomed by garlanding.

Com. M.K.Morodia Circle Secretary welcomed the CHQ Leaders and praised the role of each leader in the trade union movement & welfare of the membership.

Com. Prahlad Rai, in his speech elaborately described the present agitational scenario. He explained the importance of present agitational calls given by the CHQ in detail. Speech of Genl. Secy. Was mainly focused on Viability of BSNL. He also replied the queries raised by the members.

Com. Amit Kumar Gupta educated the office bearers regarding their role in safeguarding the members as office bearers. He shared his experience as a trade union leader in past and present scenario. He also guided the participants how they should discharge the duties as an Office Bearer.

There was a pin drop silent during the speech of above leaders. Com. H.L.Awasthi, Circle President delivered the vote of thanks.

GLIMPSES of The Meeting

14.12.2012: SDE to DE(Adhoc) Promotion (1966 Seniority Case at Jabalpur): Court Case no. OA-1164/11 G.P. Patel and others V/s UOI & BSNL is dismissed on 11.12.2012 by Hon'ble CAT Jabalpur. <<<Click Here for the Hon'ble CAT judgment >>>

13.12.2012: CS, Vice President Com. N.L. Sharma, ACS Com. Neeru Bhargava & Auditor Com.R.K.Sharma met Sr.GM(HRD&A) and discussed all the common pending issues:

  • Local Officiating from SDE to DE/AGM: Sr.GM(HRD&A) informed that the DPC work is already complete but the case is pending in wait of clarification by BSNL CO regarding guidelines issued by DOP&T in October 2010 regarding implementation of SC/ST quota. Circle office is expecting an early guidelines from BSNL CO.

  • All pending IDA Up gradation in various streams: Sr.GM(HRD&A) intimated that almost cases are cleared some disputed/left cases are also on fast track.

  • Immunity in Transfer to the Branch Secretaries: The matter will be looked into.

  • Request Transfer on completion of tenure period of 2 years: Circle Office is very serious for consideration of such transfers. Sr.GM(HRD&A) also asked our suggestions so that such type of transfers can be implemented successfully.

13.12.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA

13.12.2012: GS writes to:-

  • The GM(Estt.), BSNL CO regarding inter Circle one way transfer under Rule-8 from Sangrur, Punjab Telecom Circle to Jaipur, Rajasthan Telecom Circle- <<<Click Here for letter>>>

  • The Sr.GM (Pers), BSNL CO regarding requests for transfer in the cadre of SDE (T)<<<Click Here for letter>>>>

11.12.2012:  Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions / Associations served notices to (i) Shri R. Chandrasekhar, Secy(T), DoT (ii) Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL and (iii) Shri A.K. Garg, CMD MTNL regarding holding of two days Dharna on 17th & 18th December, 2012 at Corporate Office, Circle/SSA levels <<<Click here for Notice>>>

All the Branch Secretaries are requested to co-ordinate immediately with the other concern Circle/Branch Secretaries of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations to hold the meetings to decide the strategies for successful implementation of  two days Dharna Programmes. Ensure 100% participation of employees.

11.12.2012: SDE to DE(Adhoc) Promotion (1966 Seniority Case at Jabalpur):  Court Case no. OA-1164/11 G.P. Patel and others V/s UOI & BSNL is dismissed today by Hon'ble CAT Jabalpur. It will pave the way to expedite DPC from SDE(T) to DE.

10.12.2012: It is reliably learnt that BSNL Board on its meeting dated 07.12.2012 has approved five increments benefit to departmental JTOs /JAOs.

08.12.2012: Meeting of Officiating JTOs at Jaipur:- A delegation of officiating JTOs from various SSAs of Rajasthan, met Circle Secretary regarding their grievances on 08-12-2012. Viewing to importance of the meeting Com. Prahlad Rai Gen. Secy. AIBSNLEA (Camp at Jaipur), also attended the meeting on request of the delegates. Some of delegates expressed their common & burning grievances before Com. Prahlad Rai. Com.Gen.Secy. intimated that he is completely aware with all the burning issues of officiating JTOs and assured for strongly raising of their issues with the Management. All the delegates were very much satisfied after detailed discussion & reply of Com.Gen.Secretary on the queries raised by them. Com. Circle Secretary Also assured them for taking up their Circle level grievances with the management.

Following delegates participated in meeting Com. Tom P.G. Sirohi, Com.Ummed Singh Rao, falna(Pali), Com.Balkishan Bikaner, Com.V.K.Chhabra Jaipur, Com.J.S.Rajpurohit NTP Jodhpur, Com.M.D.Tilayacha NTP Jodhpur, Com.Gulab Dass VashnavaNTP Jodhpur, Chand Khan Pathan Pali, Com.Jeevan ram Danta Ramgarh, Com.Mahendra Singh Bais NTP Jodhpur, Com.Jagaram Mt. Abu(Sirohi), Com.M.C.Jangid Jaipur, Com.Mahendra Kumar Sharma Sikar,  Com.Rakesh Chouhan Bilara(Jodhpur), Com.Mahindra Pal Singh Pal singh Jaipur & Com.K.Mahajan Jaipur.

07.12.2012: GS, FS met Director(HR) and discussed

  • Filling up of vacant DGM/DE posts: We expressed our serious concern against non filling up of vacant DGMs & DEs posts Director (HR) mentioned that in today's BSNL Board meeting Govt. Directors (DOT) wanted to know the status of Court Case in Hon'ble Kerala High Court and the way out to fill up to vacant DGMs posts by promotions . We explained that there is no stay order against DE to DGM promotion but BSNL Management should  consider promotion in the true spirit of the Court judgments and should immediately fill up the vacant DGM posts since a large number of DEs are retiring every month without getting DGM promotions. Director (HR) assured an early solution on this issue.

    He also mentioned that in yesterday's Management Committee meeting utilization of 1100 MT quota/(STS) posts was further  discussed but MC asked the clarification about the existing MT posts and STS posts status which will be explained shortly.

    BSNL Management has recently constituted a Committee to review MTRRs whereas the committee constituted to submit report on CPSU Cadre hierarchy and E1A and E2A pay scales 10 months before is not at all meeting to discuss the issues.

    It is understood that BSNL Management is not at all interested to allow promotions from SDE to DE and DE to DGM with an indifferent attitude. Against this we are strongly protest orgainisationally at the earliest.

  • Regularisation of Officiating JTOs: We requested to take immediate steps for regularization of 2300 Oftg. JTOs as one time measure and to exempt them from LICE. Director (HR) mentioned that he has discussed the matter with GM(Estt.) and will take legal opinion on this issue.

  • Settlement of Telecom Factory executives grievances: We further requested for the settlement of long pending grievances of TF executives. Director (HR) as agreed earlier assured to hold a meeting of Sr. GM(Pers) and GM(TF) on the issues shortly.

  • Consideration of transfer orders of DEs from AP, KT, MH, GUJ and JKD Circles to KTK, TN, CHTD, STR and  STP Circles: We requested that about 100 DEs on promotion in june- july 2010 were posted  from KTK, TN,  CHTD, STR and  STP Circles to AP, MH, KT, GUJ and  JKD Circles due to non availability of DEs Post and now they have completed more than 2-1/2 years service and have requested for transfer to their Parent Circles.  Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

07.12.2012: GS writes to:-

  • Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL regarding undue delay in the disposal of WPCs filed by and against BSNL before the High Court of Kerala in the matter of seniority- Stalemate condition  blocking all sort of promotions and postings in Engineering Wing - request to approach Apex Court seeking direction to the  High court for a time-bound action in the interest of service  and interest of public <<<Click Here for letter>>>

  • Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR), BSNL regarding transfer of AGMs/DEs from different Circles to parent circles- Earlier transferred on promotion to different Circles due to non availability of posts on DE(Adhoc) promotion.  <<<Click Here for letter>>>

06.12.2012: GS writes to

06.12.2012: CAO Regular DPC delayed due to non receipt of 93 ACRs from different Circles. All the concerned Circle Secretaries / Presidents are requested to expedite <<CLICK HERE FOR LIST>>

06.12.2012: Status of Hon'ble Chandigarh CAT case on DPC from JAO to AO: The case came for hearing yesterday. Argument started and now posted for hearing on 05th Jan'2013.

06.12.2012: Decisions of the meeting held on 04th December, 2012: A meeting of the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations was held on 4th December, 2012 at Kidwai Bhawan. Com. M.K. Bagchi, Chairman, presided. GS, FS and AGS(F) attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed about the present situation of the ITS repatriation issue. Detailed discussion took place. During the period the MoS for Communications and many MPs were met by the JF at CHQ and other places and memorandum given. The need for enlarging the Joint Forum and bringing all the Unions/Associations was pointed out by many comrades. After discussions the following decisions were taken:

1) Efforts on the legal front should continue and necessary consultations with Advocate in the Delhi High Court case to be made.

2) We shall continue meeting the MPs and political leaders on the ITS issue. Secretaries of concerned Departments also to be met.

3) It was also decided to include the following issues in the demands of our agitational programmes which are mainly connected with financial viability of BSNL & MTNL.

(a) Ensure financial viability of BSNL by

(i) Immediate refund of BWA spectrum charges to BSNL & MTNL.

(ii) BSNL and MTNL should not be charged for the extra spectrum holding by them in excess of 4.4 Mhrtz.

(iii) Adequate compensation for BSNL Landline operations.

(iv) Immediate release of funds from USOF.

(v) Exempt BSNL/MTNL from spectrum liberalization and refarming..

(vi) Justified sanction of funds from USO Fund to BSNL and MTNL.

(vii) Immediate procurement of equipments and materials by BSNL and MTNL.

(b) Pension of MTNL retirees to be paid by government as in the case of BSNL retirees.

(c) Immediate issue of Presidential Directive from DoT for 78..2% IDA fixation for BSNL employees.

4) The next programme of action on ITS repatriation and the above mentioned demands will be organising 2 days dharna on 17th & 18th December, 2012. The notice will be served by 7th December, 2012.

05.12.2012: CS Writes to:

  • CGMT Raj. Regarding: Request for Cancellation of transfer order of Branch Secretaries of AIBSNLEA-Case of Shri B.L.Gupta, SDE Alwar & Shri H.L.Swarnkar, SDE, Bhilwara. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • CGMT Raj. Regarding: All pending IDA Upgradation in every cadre of Executives, Issue raised by Various Executives, Raj.Circle. >>> Click Here for Letter

04.12.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Release of welfare amount for the family of Late Com. Sita Ram, A.O.(NTR) Jaipur. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Case of Shri Narain Das, JTO, Sikar-TD, regarding own cost & request transfer from Sikar-TD to Jaipur. >>> Click Here for Letter

03.12.2012: GS writes to Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL regarding non filling  up of the vacant DGMs/DEs/SDEs(T) posts- our serious concern thereof <<<Click Here for the letter>>>

03.12.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met GM(FP) and discussed about some modifications / request transfer cases of AOs/CAOs. GM(FP) after detail discussions on genuine cases assured to examine the cases for settlement.

03.12.2012: GS along with some Offg. JTOs met GM(Estt.) and discussed [Addl. GM(Estt.) was present]. We requested to regularize about 2300 Offg. JTOs as one time measure before holding JTO LICE. GM(Estt.)  mentioned that regularization of Offg. JTOs at present is not possible in view of the pending Contempt of Court Case in Hon'ble High Court, Chandigarh. We further pleaded that required number of JTOs posts can be reserved for the Offg. JTOs and they are exempted to appear in JTO LICE. GM(Estt.) advised to seek the legal opinion on this issue. The contempt of Court case has been posted for hearing on 23rd Jan'2012. We expressed our serious concern against the inert presence of BSNL's lawyer in the Hon'ble High Court when a contempt is pending against CMD, BSNL which is continuing for the last more than three years.

The lack of concern of BSNL Management on this issue has caused threat of reversion of 3500 JTOs as well as non-regularization of 2300 Offg. JTOs.  As employer, BSNL Management should have seriously fought the case to safeguard the interest of BSNL as well as its employees. The 3500 JTOs working on regular basis for the last 6-10 years are facing threat of reversion and 2300 TTAs working as Offg. JTOs for the last 6-7 years are not being regularized.

03.12.2012: BSNL Corporate Office called option for Volunteers for posting in BSNL C.O. in the grade of SDEs (T) - <<<Click Here for letter>>>

03.12.2012: GS writes to:-

30.11.2012: BSNL Corporate Office Pers. Cell called ACRs and Screening Committee report regarding preparatory work for the promotion of Executives SDEs to AGM/DE grade on Ad-hoc basis -<<<Click Here for letter>>>   <<<Click Here for list>>>

30.11.2012: GS writes to Shri V.A.N. Namboodiri, President BSNLEU & Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, New Delhi regarding regularization of officiating JTOs before conducting ensuing JTO LICE - An open letter/ request to all General Secretaries / Presidents of Unions and   Associations in BSNL. <<<Click Here for letter>>> 

29.11.2012: GS writes to Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL regarding regularization of officiating JTOs before conducting ensuing JTO LICE-<<<<Click Here for letter>>>

29.11.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed:-

  • CPC from SDE to DE: They requested to expedite the CPC from  SDE to DE Adhoc/Regular. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that BSNL's Management Committee is not considering to fill up vacant DEs posts on adhoc basis and has advised Pers. Cell to fill up the DEs Posts on regular basis only. Hence, no utilization of MT quota posts on adhoc basis is accepted and now only 600-700 vacant DEs posts of seniority-cum-fitness quota can be filled up. They protested against such indifferent attitude of BSNL Management towards BSNL executives whereas provisions exists in BSNL MSRRs  that 50% vacant DEs posts of MT quota can be filled up on adhoc basis.

  • CPC from DE to DGM: Sr. GM(Pers.) further mentioned that 147 SDEs seniority case judgement is awaited from Hon'ble High Court Kerala. However, he assured to discuss the matter and to take solution with the competent authority to fill up the vacant DGM posts immediately.

29.11.2012: GS, FS and GS, President, SNEA(I) met Member (Finance), DOT Smt. Sadhna Dixit and requested for early clearance of 78.2% IDA fitment order as approved and sent by BSNL Board long before. Also the queries raised by DOT have already been clarified by BSNL. They explained that DPE issued supplementary order of 2nd PRC on 2nd April'2009 on the basis of Committee of Ministers recommendations wherein they found that "The benefit of merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2007 effectively amounting to 78.2%, would be allowed for the purpose of fitment and pay fixation in the revised pay scales (para 2(i) of DPE O.M. dated 26.11.2008)".

They also explained that on the day of issuance of Presidential Directive in Feb'2009 by DOT on 2nd PRC report, BSNL's profit was Rs. 574 Crores but the BSNL Management dragged the issue for three years one or the other pretext. However, now BSNL Board has approved the said proposal for 78.2% IDA fitment  benefit. Member (Finance) assured to look into the matter.

23.11.2012: Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations meeting held today and expressed full satisfaction towards successful implementation of Parliament March at New Delhi and Massive Demonstration throughout the Country. Joint Forum congratulated & thanked to all BSNL/MTNL employees for making Parliament March a grand success.

Joint Forum after detail discussions expressed serious resentment against the negligent & indifferent attitude of DOT Administration and BSNL / MTNL Managements even after a series of agitation programmes organized demanding immediate relieving of non-optee ITS Officers or to revert back all BSNL/MTNL Employees to DOT.

Joint Forum unanimously decided to intensify the agitation Programme shortly. Harder Trade Union Action Programmes will be decided in the next meeting, which is being scheduled to be held on 4th Dec'2012.

All the Circle Office Bearers, Branch Secretaries are requested to intensify indefinite Non-Cooperation movement & keep ready for Harder Trade Union Action Programmes.

23.11.2012: GS, FS met Director(PSU), DOT & discussed regarding status of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit proposal for issuance of Presidential directives. Director(PSU) confirmed that the clarifications sought from on this issue have been received from BSNL. DoT is examining to consider fitment benefit for pensioners also. However, the proposal is being send today to Internal Finance of DoT for clearance, thereafter, it will sent to Competent Authority for approval.

23.11.2012: GS & GS, President SNEA(I), GS AIGETOA met CMD, BSNL & discussed

  • Non holding of Committee Meeting on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy : They requested CMD, BSNL for his kind intervention to direct the official side Committee Members to hold the Committee Meetings at the earliest & to submit the report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy,Finalization of E-2 & E-3 standard IDA pay scales for JTO and SDE equivalent executives andRecruitment of Sr. DGM etc. They also apprised him about the proposal submitted to the members of Committee from Executives Associations after brief discussions, CMD assured to look into the matter.

  • Filling up of vacant DEs posts : They requested to give clearance for utilizing 1100 MT quota  STS posts as proposed by Pers. Cell in accordance with BSNL MSRRs provisions. CMD desired that there should be only regular promotions & he is against the adhoc promotions. They apprised him that adhoc promotions are being made on the basis of BSNL MSRRs provisions, however, he assured to look into the matter.

23.11.2012:  Promotion of CAOs on regular basis:- List of missing ACRs/APARs as on 23.11.2012 for consideration of promotion of STS (CAOs (adhoc)) on regular basis - Click here for Letter, List of missing ACRs etc.

22.11.2012: HISTORICAL PARLIAMENT MARCH ON 22nd NOVEMBER'2012: Thousands of BSNL & MTNL employees march to Parliament today at 12:00 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi demanding immediate repatriation of non-optee Indian Telecom Service (ITS) officers who are working on deputation in BSNL & MTNL since its formation. The ITS officers numbering about 1,600, including both in BSNL & MTNL, were granted four chances to get absorbed in the PSUs, which they rejected and opted to continue in government service. While 4 lakh executives and non-executives got absorbed in BSNL & MTNL, the ITS, the top management officers were allowed to continue on deputation, getting both the benefit  of government service and financial benefit of the PSUs.

The Parliament March converted into a big meeting which was addressed by Hon'ble MPs Parliament, Com. Basudev Acharya and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal. All the General Secretaries also addressed the meeting.

Rajasthan, AIBSNLEA congratulates & thanks to all the members, who attended the Parliament March in huge number for their active participation. Thus parliament March has become Historical with its successful conduction.

<<<Click here for Glimpses>>>

22.11.2012: GS writes to Shri R.K. Upadhyay, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, BSNL regarding  JTO LICE exam and one time regularization of officiating JTOs [Ref:- BSNL CO No.5-11/2009-Pers-IV dated Nov'20th,2012<<<Click Here for letter>>>


JOINT Forum of BSNL/MTNL Unions/Associations is organizing Parliament march at New Delhi and Massive Demonstration at  all Circles/SSAs level on 22.11.2012  to protest against the discriminatory attitude of the  DOT administration, BSNL/MTNL managements towards BSNL/MTNL employees wherein they are absorbed after restructuring  of DOT/DTS/DTO to BSNL/MTNL  But about 1100 ITS  are allowed to continue on deemed deputation in BSNL/MTNL till date. DOT submitted an affidavit to Hon'ble Delhi High Court to relieve non optee ITS 10% progressively in the next 10 years. It is nothing but allowing deemed deputation of non optee  ITS in BSNL/MTNL till their retirement. Joint Forum strongly oppose this.



20.11.2012: <<< CHQ News >>> Meeting of Forum of  BSNL Unions/Associations:

Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations representatives  met on 19.11.2012 and discussed the actions are to be taken for successful implementation of Parliament March on 22-11-2012 and Massive Demonstration at all Circles /SSAs level on 22.11.2012. Forum decided to have maximum gathering in Parliament March by active participation of BSNL/MTNL employees. The Comrades of BSNL/MTNL stationed at Delhi and nearby  Circles i.e. Haryana , UP(West), Rajasthan and Punjab circles will assemble at BSNL Corporate Office at 11:00 hrs and will start for  Parliament march from BSNL Corporate Office ,Janpath  by 12:00 hrs.

All Circle Secretaries of Delhi and nearby Circles are to ensure that their maximum members reaches  in BSNL C.O. Janpath, New Delhi by 11:00 hrs  along with their Circle Banners to make the Parliament March a great success.

20.11.2012: GS writes to:

19.11.2012: GS met GM(FP) and discussed:

  • CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO (regular) and CAO to DGM(F): He requested to expedite  CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO (regular) and  CAO to DGM (F). GM(FP) mentioned that JAO to AO CPC is held up due to stay order grated by Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh and  the CPCs from AO to CAO and CAO to DGM (F) is under process.

  • Consideration of requests for modification/Cancellation of transfer order of AOs/CAOs: He requested for consideration of request for modification/Cancellation of AOs/CAO's transfer cases. GM(FP) assured that all pending cases of AOs/CAOs for modification/Cancellation will be examined and considered within  this week.

19.11.2012: GS Met GM(Estt) and discussed:

  • Status of 78.2% IDA merger  case: GM(Establishment) informed that all the quarries made by DOT has been replied to DOT. Now the case is pending with  DoT for approval and issuance of Presidential Directive. However, we are to now pursue in DOT for early issuance  of Presidential Directive.

  • Regularization of offg. JTOs: He requested to take necessary steps for regularisation of Offg. JTOs before notification of LICE to fill up about 10000 JTOs vacant Posts. GM(Estt.) mentioned that regularisation of offg. JTOs is stalled due to Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh contempt Case. The case is posted for hearing on 3rdFeb, 2012. He mentioned that efforts are being made to notify LICE from TTAs to JTOs within on or two days after the approval of competent authority.

  • Five increment benefit  to  departmental JTOs/JAOs: He requested to put up the case of 5 increment benefits to departmental JTOs /JAOs for the approval of BSNL Board. GM (Estt) informed that BSNL Management committee's approval is being sent to BSNL Board meeting shortly.

19.11.2012: Hon'ble High  Court Delhi   order on  ITS repatriation  issue: Hon'ble High Court Delhi has given direction on ITS repatriation issue i.e. "Court have extended the period of implementation from 30.09.2012  till 15.12.2012. Further, Court  have directed  the Union of India to take a clear decision and come out with a concrete plan as to how the persons, who opted for repatriation, are to be repatriated and in what manner. This in case the repatriation is not completed by 15.12.2012. Court have given one month time because ASG informed the court that the committee of Secretaries has been deliberating  on this issue and the same is also to be placed before cabinet. Therefore Court directed UOI to take decision in this period and same are placed before the court". <<Click here for Hon'ble High Court's  order>>

17.11.2012: Curtsey meeting with Shri A.K.Bhargava, Newly Joined CGMT Rajsthan: In the auspicious presence of Com.Prahlad Rai, Gen.Secy. Com.M.K.Morodia, CS, Com.H.L.Awasthi, president; Com.Karan Singh, CHQ Adv.; Com.N.L.Sharma, VP; Com.N.L.Sharma, FS; Com.A.K.Rawat, ACS(F); Com.Pursottam Meena, ACS(C\E\A); Com.K.K.Barsar, OS(C); Com.R.K.Sharma, Auditor; Com.H.O.Gupta, BS-CO & Com.C.L.Verma, AFS-JPTD met Shri A.K.Bhargava, Newly Joined CGMT Rajsthan.

Com. H.L.Awasthi presented a buckeye & Com. M.K.Morodia introduced available office bearers to Shri A.K.Bhargava.

Com.Prahlad Rai elaborately apprised the factors affecting the growth of Telecom Services in Rajasthan. he also intimated to Shri A.K.Bhargava that a great potential of Executives is available in Rajasthan. Com.Prahlad Rai apprised the members about the important role played by Shri A.K.Bhargava for viability of BSNL, by finalising the process of procurement of equipment.

Shri A.K.Bhargava was of the opinion that a goal can be achieved by slow but steady process. he advised that firstly we should prepare list of un usable items surrounding us. He promised to eliminate the non essential time wasting processes.

CS submitted a list of important and un resolved issues, we are hopeful that every grievances of the Association will be settled favorably by the new CGMT.

17.11.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri D.N.Singh, CAO, Jaipur-TD regarding Promotion from STS to JAG level of Telecom Finance on adhoc basis. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri N.K.Sharma, AO, Jaipur-TD, HR No.197805782, regarding cancellation of
    transfer orders from Rajasthan Circle to Telecom Project Circle
    . >>> Click Here for Letter

15.11.2012: Attention of Circle Office Bearers, Branch Secretaries: Reg. Submission of Memorandum to Hon'ble MPs: The memorandum addressed to Hon'ble Prime Minister with copy to Hon'ble MOC&IT, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary, DOT and CMD, BSNL is to be submitted to all the Members of parliament immediately with the signature of Joint Forum leaders at respective level. The Parliament session will be starting on 22nd Nov. So all the MPs will be available in the respective constituency during this week.

Copies of the memorandum may be submitted to the Hon'ble MPs with a covering letter, requesting them to forward the same to the Hon'ble PM and to others. Kindly ensure that Hon'ble MP's are writing to the Hon'ble PM and all others also. <<<Click Here for the copy of memorandum to be submitted to Hon'ble MPs>>>

09.11.2012: CS Writes to:

  • CGMT Raj. Regarding: Refusal of sanction of Leave by TDM Barmer on the name of STRIKE, depriving the executives in celebration of the Diwali festival at their natives places. >>> Click Here for Letter

09.11.2012: Meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations at New Delhi: Representatives of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations meeting held on 08.11.2012 and discussed about successful implementation of Parliament March at New Delhi and Rally at Mumbai on 22.11.2012. Joint Forum decided to hold MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION at all Circles/SSAs level on 22.11.2012 on the day of Parliament March.

Parliament March will start at 11.30 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath New Delhi on 22.11.2012 and a Memorandum will be submitted to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

All the nearby Circles to NCR and willing Circles employees have be requested to reach New Delhi on 22.11.2012 to participate in Parliament March. They should inform their arrival & departure schedule to their concern Unions/Associations. Joint Forum is preparing for a big Parliament March having about 10,000 employees. Live streaming of the Parliament March will also be available on Union/Association website.

To further intensify the agitation programme, Joint Forum leaders will hold meeting on 22.11.2012 itself.

Comrades, it is a Do or Die situation for BSNL employees wherein they have been betrayed by Govt. of India by getting absorbed them in BSNL/MTNL and now allowing deputation of the ITS who disobeyed the Govt. of India's absorption instructions and enjoying the status of Govt. servants on deputation to BSNL/MTNL without owning the responsibilities of both the PSUs. DoT has now taken U-turn and sent a Cabinet Note for allowing ITS deputation in BSNL/MTNL for the next 10-years ignoring the Govt. instructions and Viability of BSNL/MTNL.

Against this blatant  discrimination, all BSNL/MTNL employees are on the path of agitation and they will continue to fight till the time justice is given to them. 

All the members of AIBSNLEA are requested to ensure their fullest active participation in the ongoing agitation.

08.11.2012: MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION ON 8th Nov'2012:

Glimpses & Media coverage:

07.11.2012: MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION ON 8th Nov'2012: As per the agitation call given by the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations, the Massive Demonstration is to be held at BSNL Corporate Office, all Circles/SSAs HQs. The Parliament March/Rally on 22nd Nov'2012 will be organised at Delhi and Mumbai.

All the Circle Office Bearers, Branch Secretaries are to mobilize our members for active participation in Massive Demonstration on 8th Nov'2012 throughout the country.

07.11.2012: Status of ITS repatriation Court case: Hon'ble High Court Delhi heard the ITS repatriation case today morning. Addl. Solicitor General submitted reply and presented case on behalf of the Union of India. ASG in his reply  sought 10 years time for relieving 945 non-optee ITS from BSNL and 83 ITS from MTNL i.e. 10% every year in progressive manner. Hon'ble Bench told that the 10 years time demanded  is "absurd" and asked that why these ITS are not opting BSNL / MTNL. BSNL's advocate mentioned that these ITS want to continue as Govt. Officer and only 62 ITS have been absorbed in BSNL. On query by Hon'ble Judge regarding number of ITS to be repatriated from BSNL and MTNL. It was informed that 945 ITS from BSNL and 83 from MTNL are to be repatriated. Hon'ble Judge immediately mentioned that 83 ITS in MTNL is meager number and they can be relieved immediately.

The Advocate from MTNL absorbed Group-'A' officers side pleaded that these non-optee ITS are given promotions against their posts illegally and depriving their promotions. Hon'ble court mentioned that their interest is being look after.

Repatriated ITS advocate requested for repatriation of all non-optee ITS and further putting them on deputation to BSNL / MTNL. Against this our advocate pleaded that this will be against the DOP&T orders. Hon'ble court mentioned that there is no difference between deemed deputation or deputation. Hence rejected the submission.

Against 10 years demand of DoT to allow deputation, our advocate strongly objected and mentioned that earlier BSNL / MTNL sought 2 years (25 months) time to relieve non-optee ITS and it was rejected by Hon'ble Court and now again asking 10 years time for relieving is not at all justified, Hon'ble court mentioned that even now it will not be given.

ASG informed about the Cabinet Note sent to Nodal Ministries and being discussed by the Committee of Secretaries and after the clearance, it will be sent to cabinet for approval.

Hon'ble Court mentioned that sending Cabinet Note will not affect the Court proceedings. However, court agreed  to mention the development in the judgment.

Hon'ble Court finally directed Govt. to repatriate non-optee ITS from BSNL/MTNL upto 15th Dec'2012. In case, they are not relieved, Govt. should submit a concrete proposal/plan upto 15.12.2012 explaining that in what reasonable time they can be relieved. The case is re-notified on 18th Dec'2012. Our impleadment application is also allowed to be re-notified on 18.12.2012.

Comrades, we are to orginisationally fight against the discriminatory attitude of DoT administration and BSNL/MTNL Managements towards BSNL/MTNL employees. Joint Forum agitation programmes are to be ensured for successful implementation.

07.11.2012: CS Writes to:

  • CGMT Raj. Regarding: Extreme delay in issuing orders for officiating promotions from SDE to DE/AGM. >>> Click Here for Letter

06.11.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met GM(FP) and discussed:-

  • CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F): They requested to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F). GM(FP) mentioned that JAO to AO CPC has been stayed by Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh wherein rejoinder has been filed by BSNL and case is posted for hearing on 08.12.2012.

CPCs from AO to CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F) are in progress but getting delay due to missing ACRs, which are being collected. However, he assured an early action on these issues.

  • Consideration of request transfer cases of AOs/CAOs: They requested for consideration of modification and request transfer cases of some AOs/CAOs on genuine grounds. GM(FP) assured that after Diwali all the pending cases will be examined.

06.11.2012: GS, FS met Director(Finance) and discussed:-

  • Implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit: They requested to give early clarification of the queries raised by DoT on 78.2% IDA fitment implementation. Director(Finance) mentioned that CA Section and Budget Section of BSNL Corporate Office has already clarified the queries and shortly the EF Cell will also clarify and will be given to Establishment Section. It is understood that after the clarification of EF Cell, BSNL CO Estt. Section will send reply to DoT, in case the Establishment Section further doesn't delay the reply.

  • CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F): They requested Director(Finance) kind intervention to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F). Director(Finance) assured to expedite CPCs of CAO regular and CAO to DGM(F) before 31.12.2012.

06.11.2012: GS, FS met PGM(EW) and discussed:-

  • CPCs from JTO to SDE(E) and SDE to EE(E): They requested to initiate CPCs to fill up vacant SDEs(E) and EEs(E) posts. PGM(EW) mentioned that the proposal  to initiate CPC to fill up about 17 SDEs(E) posts has been sent to the Competent Authority for approval and after the approval, CPC will be expedited. To initiate CPC from SDE(E) to EE(E) the provisional seniority list of SDEs of BSNL on the basis of DoT Seniority list was published and against that some representations have been received for correction and now these are sent to DOT for clarification. As soon as the DoT gives reply after making required corrections the CPC will be held to fill up about 35 EEs(E) posts.

  • Consideration of request transfer cases of SDEs(E): PGM(EW) assured to look into the matter.

  • Holding of LDCE from JTO to SDE(E): They requested for holding of LDCE to fill up vacant SDEs of LDCE quota posts. PGM(EW) mentioned that the case was processed for holding the LDCE immediately but the Competent Authority has suggested to hold LDCE from JTO(E) to SDE(E) along with JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE in the year 2013 in view of the financial constraints.

05.11.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri Keshav Dev, AO, Jaipur-TD, HR No.198212646, regarding change in the posting Circle from Punjab Circle to BSNL CO. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri Kana Ram Mali, AO, Electrical-Wing, HR No.198504523, regarding change in the posting Circle from Gujarat Circle to BSNL CO. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Sr.GM(Fin.),CO Regarding: Shri Madan Lal Saini, AO, Under transfer from Punjab circle, HR No.198407064, regarding posting at Jaipur station. >>> Click Here for Letter

04.11.2012: Com. CS along with Com. Prahlad Ral, GS attended and addressed the OPEN SESSION of 5th All India Conference of Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistants (SNATTA) at Jaipur on 3rd Nov'2012. Com. GS in his address while discussing the issues related to Viability of BSNL and its growth assured full support to SNATTA for the settlement of their legitimate HR issues and appealed them to actively participate in the ongoing struggle of Joint Forum.

03.11.2012: GS, AGS(HQ) met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed:-

  • CPC from SDE(T) to DE and DE to DGM: They extended our sincere thanks for issuing 287 DEs regular promotion and requested to complete CPC to fill up about 2000 vacant DEs posts on adhoc basis. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that 287 DEs regular promotion have been issued and still a good number of DEs regular posts are lying vacant but due to dispute on seniority lists of SDEs, all the vacant DEs posts could  not be filled up on regular basis. Similarly, CPC from SDE to DE adhoc could not be held due to pending court judgement in Hon'ble CAT Jabalpur and for want of approval of the BSNL Management Committee for allowing utilization of 1100 MTs posts. However, he assured that as soon as the court stay order on promotions from SDE to DE is vacated and the BSNL M/C approves to allow for utilization of 1100 MTs posts, CPC will be completed. He also mentioned that DE to DGM promotion order could not be released for want of Hon'ble Kerala High Court final judgement. Hon'ble High Court, Kerala may hear the arguments after 16th Nov'2012 only.

  • CPC from SDE(TF) to AGM(TF): They expressed our serious concern against  non-issue of promotion order of SDE(TF) to AGM(TF). Sr. GM(Pers.) further mentioned that CLO has not agreed to fill up vacant AGM(TF) posts as per the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh direction. However, clarification on this issue has been sought from DOP&T but the reply is still awaited.

03.11.2012: Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations has served notice to hold Massive Demonstration on 08.11.2012 throughout the country i.e. at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle/SSA levels along with MTNL employees at Delhi and Mumbai. Also decided to organize Parliament March at New Delhi and Mumbai on 22nd Nov'2012. All the nearby Circles to Delhi have been requested to bring maximum number of employees in the Parliament March at New Delhi to make the March a grand success.

The meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations has been decided to be held on 7th Nov'2012 at 16.00 Hrs at Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi for successful implementation of agitation programmes and to further decide the harder Trade Union Action programmes to protest against the Govt's proposal to allow continuation of deputation in BSNL/MTNL.

All the Circle Office bearers, Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of Joint Forum agitation Programmes.

03.11.2012: 6th DAY, HUNGER STRIKE:

Glimpses & Media coverage:

02.11.2012: 5th DAY, HUNGER STRIKE:

Glimpses & Media coverage:

01.11.2012: DAY LONG HUNGER STRIKE: Day Long Hunger Strike was organised successfully on 01.11.2012 at various SSA HQs all over Rajasthan, on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Memories & Media coverage:

31.10.2012: DAY LONG HUNGER STRIKE: Day Long Hunger Strike was organised successfully on 31.10.2012 at various SSA HQs all over Rajasthan, on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Memories & Media coverage:

30.10.2012: DAY LONG HUNGER STRIKE RALLY: Day Long Hunger Strike & Rallies was organised successfully on 30.10.2012 at various SSA HQs all over Rajasthan, on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Memories & Media coverage:

30.10.2012: Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations met Hon'ble MOC&IT on ITS repatriation issue: The representatives of various Unions & Associations of BSNL & MTNL met Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble MOC&IT today i.e. 30.10.2012 under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations.

The present situation of the issue of the repatriation of ITS Officers from BSNL/MTNL was thoroughly discussed with a focus on our serious objection against the reported proposal of allowing the non-optee and non-absorbed ITS officers to work in BSNL/MTNL on perpetual deputation basis. We have demanded that if such proposal is allowed, the absorbed/recruited employees should also be allowed to be taken back to DoT and then work in BSNL/MTNL on perpetual deputation basis.

Hon'ble MOC&IT gave patient hearing and assured that he will try to do whatever best out of it.

It is decided by Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations to continue and intensify agitation as notified earlier.

29.10.2012: DAY LONG HUNGER STRIKE: Day Long Hunger Strike was organised successfully on 29.10.2012 at various SSA HQs all over Rajasthan, on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Memories & Media coverage:

29.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding regular Promotion (287 Nos.) to the Executives in AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream - <<<Click here for order>>>

29.10.2012: Memorandum to be submitted during Rajbhavan / Collectorate March on 30th  Oct'2012. <<<<Click here for Memorandum>>>

Dear Comrades, It is the time for do and die, result making stage of agitation will now start from 29-10-2012 in the form of Day Long Hunger Strike up to 03-11-2012. we have once again prove our self. our CHQ leadership has done their duty, now it is in our hand whether we make it successful or not. we have no way left with us, the only way with us is to make the struggle 100% successful. pl take initiative and make a history. one sixth of our strength have to participate in hunger strike every day hence 100% members have to participate in the Hunger Strike.

All the Circle Office Bearers/Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilise it at the highest peak of their capacity.

28.10.2012: Decisions of the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions / Associations held at New Delhi on 26.10.2012. A meeting of the BSNL&MTNL Unions/Associations was held at 1700 hours on 26th October 2012 at Room No. 756, Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi. Com. M. K. Bagchi, Convener of the United Forum of MTNL Unions/Associations presided. Com. GS, AGS(F) and CS Delhi Circle attended the meeting.

Com. M.K. Bagchi reported about the discussion held in the meeting of the MTNL Unions/Associations with regard to proposal of having joint agitation with BSNL Unions/Associations on the ITS repatriation issue. While some of the non-executive unions explained their difficulties, the Executive Associations and some unions in MTNL have agreed to join the programmes.

After detailed discussion, the following decisions were taken by the meeting:

  • In order to organise the joint movement, a joint committee by the name "Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations" is formed with Com. M. K. Bagchi as Chairman and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri as  Convener. All the General Secretaries of the participant unions along with the Chairman and Convener will form the core committee for negotiation etc.

  • Joint Demonstrations will be held on 8th November 2012 at Delhi and Mumbai and all centres in the country.

  • The Parliament March decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 30thOctober 2012 at New Delhi will be postponed to enable the MTNL Unions/Associations to participate and the same will be organised by the Joint Forum of BSNL- MTNL Unions/Associations on 22nd November 2012, the day on which the Winter Session of the Parliament starts.

  • A joint notice to Secretary DOT, CMD BSNL and CMD MTNL will be issued on the above programmes with the signatures of the Unions/Associations in BSNL and MTNL.

  • The Hunger Strike for one week from 29th October and Non-cooperation from the same date as decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will be organised by them.

  • In the same way, the  Raj Bhawan March and Collectorate March on 30th September 2012 will be organised as decided earlier.

  • All efforts will be made to contact with the remaining Non-Executive unions in MTNL for a common programme.

  • Mode of Non co-operation agitation during the initial stage:

    �    Non-cooperation with BSNL management in all respect.

        Complete non-cooperation with the unabsorbed ITS continuing in BSNL on deputation.

        Human chain to protect BSNL from the deputationists.

  • Agitation programmes and non-cooperation will be further intensified after more MTNL unions join the agitation.

26.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri N.K.Kumawat, SDE, Under Transfer from BSNL CO., HR No.198504268, regarding posting at Jaipur station. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri A.K.Tiwari, SDE, Jodhpur-TD, HR No.198406765, regarding own cost transfer from Rajasthan Circle to BSNL Corp.Office. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri M.C.Khandelwal, AO, Alwar-TD, HR No.198304519, regarding change of posting Circle from J&K Circle to BSNL CO / ALTTC Gaziabad / Nere by SSAs of Haryana. >>> Click Here for Letter

25.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri S.S.Rawat, SDE, CMTS-JP regarding retainsion at the same place till 30-06-2013. >>> Click Here for Letter

23.10.2012: Circle Secretaries and other office Bearers of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Rajasthan met today and deeply discussed the various aspects for successful implementation of  day long Hunger Strike going to be organised wef 29-10-2012 to 03-11-2012.

it was a common opinion that the call should be implemented with a full sprit at every branch level. leaders of forum at branch level should also meet together and make strategy to ensure 100% implementation of the call.

Photographs / copy of media coverage should be mailed to aibsnlearaj@gmail.com immediately for early publication on web.

19.10.2012: MT case at Hon'ble Pr. CAT, New Delhi: The said case came for hearing on today in the Hon'ble Pr. CAT, New Delhi and posted for next hearing on 08th Nov'2012 due to shortage of time.

19.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

19.10.2012: GS writes to:

18.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • CE(Civil) Regarding: Shri M.K.Sharma, SDE(C), Under Transfer, HR No.198505849, regarding request for posting at Jaipur station. >>> Click Here for Letter

18.10.2012: <<<Click Here for the Editorial TELEWAVE-October'2012 - JOINT STRUGGLE OF BSNL EMPLOYEES FOR JUSTICE>>>

18.10.2012:  Postponement of Parliament March Programme from 26th October to 30th October, 2012 due to Eid Festival during Day long Hunger Strike: A  meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations was held today the 18.10.2012. Com. GS & Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle attended the meeting.  The following decisions were taken:

  • The Parliament March programme fixed for 26th October has been postponed to  30th October, 2012 in view of Eid festival during Day long Hunger strike. 

  • A memorandum will be prepared for submission to Hon'ble Prime Minister at Delhi and to Collector/Governor at SSA/Circle levels. 

  • Hold Special Joint General Body meetings to apprise the agitation programmes and demand prior to 29.10.2012.

  • The Forum will approach MTNL organizations for joint struggle. In this respect GS AIBSNLEA & GS SNEA(I) interacted with GSs TEAM & MEA (MTNL) to decide common agitation programmes. Now it is decided that BSNL and MTNL Unions/Associations representatives will meet on 25.10.2012 at 15.00 Hrs to discuss and decide the common agitation programmes on ITS absorption issue.

All the Circle Office bearers, Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure for successful agitation programmes.

18.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding Volunteers for posting in BSNL Corporate Office from AGM/DET Grade Officers - <<<Click here for letter>>>

18.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions regarding Transfer / Posting, Deletion / Retention / Re-allotment in AO/Sr AO - <<<Click here for letter>>>

18.10.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) met GM(CA) and discussed about 78.2% IDA fitment benefit queries  raised by DOT and the status of reply. GM(CA) mentioned that the queries related to CA Section has been replied & sent to ED(Fin.). Queries  w.r.t.  banking for availability of funds to meet the expenditure will be replied by Banking Section. However, it is understood that DOT has asked some queries which are being replied shortly but for final approval we have to pursue with DOT only.

18.10.2012: GS writes to Shri A.K. Jain, Sr. General Manager (Pers.), BSNL regardingprotection of revised restructured replacement IDA pay scale granted to the 59 PAs of Kerala Circle on implementation of 1st time bound upgradation under EPP by way of Option or otherwise - <<<Click Here fro letter>>>

17.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri Bansidhar, Sr.AO, Jaipur-TD regarding retainsion in Rajasthan Circle. >>> Click Here for Letter

17.10.2012: FR-35 fixation of officiating JTOs stayed by Hon. CAT Ernakulam: CGMT Kerala has recently withdrawn FR-22 (1)(A)(1) and ordered FR-35 fixation for a group of officiating JTOs who were not parties in the TA Nos. 84/2008 and connected cases decided by CAT Ernakulam.

Hon. CAT Ernakulam, by a common interim order on an OA filed by Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA, Kerala and two similar OAs filed by others, stayed the implementation of the FR-35 fixation ordered by CGMT, Kerala. Now all officiating JTOs in Kerala Circle should get FR- 22 (1)(A)(1) fixation irrespective of the fact whether they were parties in the TAs of 2008 or not, subject to the outcome of pending court case.

17.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued following instructions regarding

17.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

16.10.2012: DHARNA: Dharna was organised successfully at various SSA HQs all over Rajasthan, on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Memories & Media coverage:

16.10.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ) and CS UP(East) met Director(EB/HR) and discussed :-

  • CPC to fill up vacant DEs Posts : We requested to get the approval of Management Committee to fill up about 2000 DEs vacant posts (instead of 1300 posts). Director(HR) assured for an early approval of BSNL MC to fill up vacant DEs posts.

  • DE to DGM CPC: Director(EB/HR) mentioned that management is interested to fill up 400 DGM posts immediately but CPC is held up due to delay in settlement of court case on 147 SDEs(LDCE quota) seniority case in the Hon'ble High Court Kerala. We apprised him that arguments has already started and expected to be completed in this week - end.

  • Antedating of DNI wherein seniors are drawing less pay than their juniors: We requested to advice Committee to re-look into the matter on the basis of feed back provided by the Association. He advised us to further discuss the matter with Committee members.

  • Removal of pay anomaly wherein seniors are drawing less pay than their juniors on implementation of EPP: We apprised him in brief the pay anomaly of seniors and about the Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT and Hon'ble Kerala High Court judgments for allowing stepping of the pay of senior executives w.r.t their juniors. Also requested not to drag the issue further in the Hon'ble APEX court. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

  • Amendment in the BSNL MSRRs of C/E/Arch. Engineers: We requested for amendment in the BSNL MSRRs of C/E/Arch. Engineers by allowing diploma qualification JTOs/SDEs and having more than 10 years experience and as per the CPWD RRs. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter.

16.10.2012: GS, FS alongwith some AD(O/L) Comrades of Karnataka and MH Circle met Sr.GM(Pers.) & Addl. GM(Estt.) and discussed for early finalization of Committee Report on restructuring of AD(O/L) cadre. Sr. GM(Pers.) and Addl. GM(Estt.) assured an early action on this issue.

16.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding Final Seniority list in the grade of JTO (Arch) <<<Click Here for letter>>>     <<<Click here for list1>>>   <<<Click Here for list2>>>   <<<Click here for list3>>>

16.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding Regular Promotion in the grade of Superintending Engineer(C) <<<Click Here for order>>>

16.10.2012: GS Writes to:

15.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

15.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued Draft Post Based Roster in SDE (Civil) cadre as on 01-10-2012 under Seniority Cum fitness and LDCE Quota. Representations are requested, if any, regarding omission, wrong inclusion of name in the list etc. is to be forwarded to BW Section within 15 days.

All Circle Office Bearers / Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in the Mass Dharna on 15th Oct'2012. Hold combined General Body meetings at all levels.

12.10.2012: Status of LDCE case at Hon'ble PCAT New Delhi & Hon'ble  Hyderabad CAT: The case at Hon'ble PCAT, New Delhi postponed to 07th Nov'2012 and  Hon'ble Hyderabad CAT has vacated the stay on LDCE Postings.

12.10.2012: United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations [AIBSNLEA, SNEA(I) and AIGETOA]  submitted its joint proposal to Committee Members on Switchover from Two Tier promotion to Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre Hierarchy. The joint committee meeting will be held on 17.10.2012 <<<Click Here for the Proposal>>>

12.10.2012: BSNL endorsed order regarding payment of IDA at the revised rates for employees drawing their pay in revised IDa scales w.e.f. 01.10.2012 for Board level posts and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in CPSEs - <<<Click Here for letter>>>

12.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

12.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

  • 2G spectrum fee: Telcos will have to pay at least Rs 27,000 crore if EGoM's recommendation is accepted- According to industry executives, state-owned telcos BSNL and MTNL will be the worst impacted as they will have to pay about Rs 6,250 crore and Rs 4,640 crore, respectively. <<<Click Here for News>>>

11.10.2012: Lunch hours Demonstration: Savingram campaign to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary,  Hon'ble MOC & IT, Secretary (T), DoT and CMD, BSNL was done successfully. Lunch Hours Demonstration was also organised all over Rajasthan. A grand demonstration was organised by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations at PGMTD campus Jaipur. the meeting was the addressed by senior leaders.

Memories & Media coverage:

11.10.2012: Maharashtra Telecom Circle,  Kolkata Telecom District Circle and Himachal Pradesh Telecom Circle donated Rs.1,00,000/-, Rs 50,000/- and Rs.12,000/-respectively for purchase of Car for CHQ. All other Circles are also requested to donate as promised in CWC Ahemadabad, which will also be uploaded on receipt of the money.

11.10.2012: ACP issue of PA/PS: A personal hearing was held with the CMD BSNL along with GS, K.P. Nair, AGS, Shri M T Sasidhara Menon and Shri K M Damodaran regarding the ACP issue of PA/PS in Kerala Circle.   We pleaded that the situation of senior drawing less pay than the junior including pensioners is aroused out of the decision and the same has to be looked into favourably.

CMD assured that if some more feed back is given on this issue the same will be examined in accordance with the provision of EPP.

11.10.2012: Hon'ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulam  interim order on 147 SDEs (LDCE Quota) case: The case could not be heard today due to shortage of time and it is expected for hearing on Monday.

11.10.2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding Replacement of Annexure-1 to letter dated 09.10.2012 w.r.t. the discrepancies in seniority  of TES- Group-'B' officer equivalent to SDEs(T) in regard to (a) Competitive quota officers of  year 2000-01 vacancy  year in Seniority list -7 <<<Click Here for letter>>>

Agitational Programmes for the settlement of ITS Repatriation issue - <<<Click here for Poster1>>>     <<<Click here for Poster2>>>

10.10.2012: Status of Hon'ble Chandigarh CAT case on DPC from JAO to AO: The case came for hearing today and now posted for hearing on 05.12.2012 as para wise comments was not filed by BSNL to the Hon'ble CAT.

10.10.2012: Revision of IDA w.e.f. 1.10.2012:  DPE issued revision order for payment of IDA at revised rates for Board level posts and below Board level posts including non-unionized supervisors in CPSEs w.e.f 01.01.2007 [IDA increase by 5.8% from 61.5% to 67.3%] <<<Click here for DPE order>>>

10.10.2012: Hon'ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulam  interim order on 147 SDEs (LDCE Quota) case: Final hearing on the said case started in Hon'ble Ernakulam High Court to-day and will be continuing tomorrow also.

10.10.2012: Restructuring Cell, BSNL CO issued letter for Committee Meeting on 17.10.2012 regarding introduction of CPSU Cadre hierarchy vis-a-vis present setup in BSNL <<<Click Here for letter>>>

09.10.2012: Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations, CHQ, New Delhi served Notice to CMD, BSNL regarding agitational Programmes for the settlement of ITS Repatriation issue <<<Click here for Notice>>>

09.10.2012: Savingram Campaign to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Hon'ble MOC& IT, Secretary(T), DoT and CMD, BSNL : All Branch Secretaries are requested to send the SAVINGRAM on the first day of Savingram Campaign itself ( i.e. on 11.10.2012 ) as per the Attached format. This is as per the decision of the meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations on 04.10.2012.  

SAVINGRAM to be send seperately by all Branch Secretaries of different Unions /Associations.  <<Click Here for the Savingram Format>>>

09.10.2012: BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding volunteers for posting in ITPC Circle in the grade of AGM/DE (T) Officers - <<<Click here for letter>>>

09.10.2012: PSEB conducted interview for the post of Director(CM), BSNL Board on 08.10.2012: It is understood that the PSEB has recommended the name of Shri Anupam Srivastava, Sr. GMTD, Ajmer for the post of Director(CM), BSNL Board. We congratulate Sh. Anupam Srivastava, Sr. GMTD for the recommendation of his name for Director(CM), BSNL Board.

It is a happy news that Shri Anupam Srivastava, Sr. GMTD is a BSNL absorbed Group-'A' ITS Officer.

08.10.2012: GS, FS met  GM (Estt.) and discussed:

  • The issue of Anti-dating of DNI of seniors with respect to their juniors:  They requested for re-consideration of committee report on anti-dating issue.   GM (Estt.) mentioned that the suggestions given by the association on this issue has been examined by the Committee Members but could not agree because of the reparations to other Sr. Executives. However, association may further give some more suggestions to resolve the issue.

  • Seniors are drawing less salary than their juniors  on implementation of EPP:  They requested for allowing stepping up of pay of seniors with respect to their juniors as per FR-SR and the judgment delivered by Hon. CAT Eranakulam and Hon'ble High Court Kerala.  GM (Estt.) mentioned that the matter is being looked into.

  • Pay anomaly cases of departmental JTOs/JAOs: They expressed our concern against delay in finalization of Committee the report of departmental JTOs/JAOs pay anomaly cases wherein they are drawing less pay than direct recruit JTOs/JAOs. GM(Estt.) mentioned that BSNL Management Committee has already approved the Committee report to provide the five additional increments benefit to Deptt. JTOs/JAOs to bring them minimum to the E1A pay scale. Now, it is being send to BSNL Board for approval & implementation. Regarding allowing option to JAOs w.e.f. their promotion, GM(Estt.) assured to look into.

  • Allowing deferred option to the SDEs promoted before 01.10.2000 & opted  DNI after 01.10.2000: They requested to allow deferred option to the SDEs promoted before 01.10.2000 & opted DNI after 01.10.2000. GM(Estt.) mentioned that as per DoT clarification, it is not permitted & matter may be further taken up with DoT.

  • (e) Drawl of HRA-clarification of rate at Port BlairA&N Circle: They requested to GM(Estt.) to issue Drawl of HRA-clarification of rate at Port Blair, A&N Circle based on the payment at Shillong-NE-I Circle and Panaji-Goa Maharashtra Circle. GM(Estt.) mentioned that, the case will be referred to DPE for clarifications.

08.10.2012: GS,FS, AGS(HQ)  met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed:

  • DPC from DE to DGM: They requested for early filling up the posts of DGMs. Sr. GM (Pers.) mentioned that the court case pending  on 147 Seniority is coming for hearing in Hon'ble HC Kerla and after the court judgment only the promotion will be effected.

  • DPC from SDE (T) to DE adhoc: They requested to expedite DPC from to fill up 2000 DE adhoc posts instead of 1300. Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that the proposal is being examined to fill up 2000 posts of DEs but to fill up ST quota posts seniority list no. 7 has to be operated. However, he assured an early decision on this issue.

  • Consideration of requested transfer cases of SDEs/DEs: They requested for consider the  transfers order of SDEs/DEs on Govt. Cost instead of Own Cost wherein executives have completed more than three years of service at the Station/Circle as per executive transfer policy. Sr. GM(Pers.) assured to looked into the matter.

08.10.2012: SDE to DE(Adhoc) Promotion (1966 Seniority Case at Jabalpur):  The arguments on rejoinder in the Hon'ble CAT Jabalpur are completed today. The judgment is reserved. Next week we may expect the judgment.

08.10.2012: GS writes to Shri A.K. Jain, Sr. GM (Pers.), BSNL regarding change of nature of AAO Cadre from Post based to Time bound through clarifications issued vide No: 400-175 / 2007- Pers.I  Dated 19th FEB 2010 resulting postponement of First Time Bound Promotion under EPP for one year and loss of one increment thereof - <<<Click here for letter>>>

07.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri J.M.L.Sharma, AGM, Under Transfer from BSNL CO., HR No.198212690, regarding request for posting at Jaipur station. >>> Click Here for Letter

06.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(F), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri M.S.Sharma, AO, Bundi-TD regarding request transfer from Bundi-TD to Jaipur. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri R.K.Somani, AGM, Under Transfer, HR No.198111750, regarding request for posting at Jaipur station. >>> Click Here for Letter

05.10.2012: Lunch hours Demonstration: Organisational programme was successfully organised all over Rajasthan. A grand demonstration was organised by the United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations at PGMTD campus Jaipur. the meeting was the addressed by senior leaders.

Memories & Media coverage:

05.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(F), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri Jayesh Shukla, JAO, Banswara-TD regarding own cost & request transfer from Banswara-TD to Udaipur. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Gen. Secy. Regarding: Shri Sita Ram, AO, NTR-Jaipur, HR No.198111478, regarding own cost transfer from NTR Circle to BSNL CO. >>> Click Here for Letter

05-10-2012: GS writes to Shri. A.N. Rai, Director (HR), BSNL regarding DPC for promotion to Adhoc STS in Engineering wing <<<Click Here for letter>>>

05-10-2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding Rule-8 transfer request in the grade of JAO -   <<<Click Here for the order>>>

05-10-2012: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding Transfer and posting in the grade of JAO - <<<Click Here for the order>>>

05.10.2012: Due to consistent efforts of our Association, BSNL Corporate office issued transfer and posting order of Sr.AOs/AOs. - <<<Click Here for letter>>>

05.10.2012: BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding eligibility criteria for giving JAG (Ad-hoc) Promotion to STS regular officers. - <<<Click Here for letter>>>

04.10.2012: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting at CHQ, New Delhi: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations leaders met today to discuss & review the status of pending issues and the burning issue of ITS absorption in BSNL. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convener apprised in detail the status of pending issues and burning issue of ITS absorption. Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA presided over the meeting. Com. B.Ravindranath FS and Com. G.R.Sharma, AGS(F) also attended the meeting. After detail discussions and analyzing the ongoing situation in BSNL on ITS absorption issue, the Forum representatives expressed their serious resentment against the efforts of DoT Administration & BSNL Management allowing continuous ITS deputation in BSNL violating Govt. orders and decided to strongly oppose this legally and organisationally. The following organisational action programmes are unanimously decided:


End deputation and relieve all the non-optee ITS or

Revert back all the BSNL employees (Absorbed & BSNL recruited) to DoT as Govt. servants like ITS.

Organisational Action Programmes:

  • 11-10-2012: Lunch/Closing hour demonstration at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs &  Savingram campaign to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary,  Hon'ble MOC & IT, Secretary (T), DoT and CMD, BSNL 

  • 15-10-2012: One Day MASS DHARANA at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs.

  • 26-10-2012: Parliament March at New Delhi, Raj Bhavan  March at State Capitals and Collectorate March at District HQs.

  • 29-10-2012 to 03-11-2012: Day long Hunger strike for 6 days (10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs.) at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs involving 100% employees and Indefinite Non Cooperation movement will start w.e.f. 25-10-2012 morning itself.

In case the deputationist ITS are not relieved from BSNL by that time, the Forum has decided to go on Indefinite Strike immediately. The agitation programmes will continue till the time deputationist ITSs are relieved from BSNL. MTNL Unions/Associations will also be contacted shortly to organize Joint struggle.

Forum representatives expressed their serious anguish against BSNL Management's comment that on relieving of 1000 ITS, BSNL will collapse/locked out denouncing the very existence of 2.7 lakhs BSNL employees. Hence, Forum decided that now CMD BSNL has to decide that whether he will run BSNL with the presence of 1000 deputationist ITS or 2.7 lakhs BSNL employees. More details will be given shortly.

All the Circle Office bearers / Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of agitation programmes.

04.10.2012: Com. M.K.Morodia CS, Com. N.L.Sharma, VP-I & Com. Neeru Bhargava, ACS(T) met CGMT and discussed:

  • Early completion of the process of Officiating promotion from SDE(T) to DE/AGM. CGMT apprised the reasons for the delay of the process and assured for early completion of the process.

  • Early Reliving of the Transferred Executives of Barmer SSA: CGMT apprised about his deep concern with the case.

  • We also requested him for sending his recommendations to BSNL CO for declaring Chittorgarh, Nagaur & Churu as Soft Tenure Stations. he assured to look into the matter.

  • We requested him for early reliving of the executives who are under the transfer to their desired Circle. CGMT assured for early action.

  • Several pending individual cases were also been discussed.

04.10.2012: GS, FS met GM(FP) and discussed

  • CPC to fill up AO vacant Posts: we expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the AO CPC on the pretext of pending court case. GM(FP) mentioned that CPC is delayed due stay order granted by Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh on proper implantation of SC/ST roaster. However, on 10th October BSNL is filling para wise comments to the Hon'ble CAT praying to vacate stay order from CPC and assuring that simultaneous action will be taken in CPC to ensure proper   implantation of Sc/ST roaster. He expected that stay order will be vacated & CPC will be expedited.

  • Pay anomaly case wherein seniors are drawing less pay than their juniors and Antedating of pay case: We requested for the settlement of both the issues of pay anomaly where in seniors are drawing less pay than their juniors and Antedating of seniors pay to their juniors,  as GM(FP) is the member of the Committees. GM(FP) assured to look into.

  • Consideration of left out cases of AO to CAO promotion: We requested for early issuance of promotion order from AO to CAO(adhoc) of left out cases. GM(FP) mentioned that already 11 AOs left out promotion order has been released and remaining few cases are under consideration.

03.10.2012: BSNL NEWS IN MEDIA:

03.10.2012: GS, FS, AGS(HQ), CS Delhi Circle met Sr. GM(Pers.) and discussed:

  • Restructuring of AD(O/L) Cadre: We expressed our serious concern against non-finalization of Committee report on AD(O/L) restructuring in BSNL. Chairman Committee Addl. GM(Estt.) was present in the meeting. He informed that Committee has already discussed the matter and all the members have been requested to submit their comments, thereafter, the Committee report will be finalized. Sr. GM(Pers.) advise to Addl. GM(Estt.) for early submission of the report. Our efforts will continue till the time issue is resolved.

  • Personal hearing to the applicants in PA/PS ACP fixation case as per Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT judgement: Sr. GM(Pers.) mentioned that CMD BSNL has fixed up the Personal hearing date on 11.10.2012 to the applicants as well as Association representatives. He also accepted the request to accept the name of Sh. K.P. Nair for personal hearing instead of Shri Rajan, who has gone to abroad on his personal tour.

  • Consideration of request/tenure transfer cases of SDEs/DEs: We requested for early consideration of request/tenure transfer cases of SDEs/DEs. Sr. GM(Pers.) assured to examine the pending cases at the earliest.

03.10.2012: Lunch hours Demonstration: Organisational programme was successfully organised all over Rajasthan. A grand demonstration was organised by the United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations at PGMTD campus Jaipur. the meeting was the addressed by senior leaders.

Memories & Media coverage:

01.10.2012: News related to lunch hours Demonstration: Organisational programme was successfully organised all over Rajasthan. A grand demonstration was organised by the United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations at PGMTD campus Jaipur. The benign presence of Com. Prahlad Rai, Gen.Secy AIBSNLEA, and his Intellectual speech boosted up the moral of executives of Rajasthan. the meeting was also the addressed by Circle Secretaries and senior leaders.

Memories & Media coverage:


01.10.2012: CS Writes to:

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri B.R.Karamchandani, SDE, Pali-TD, HR No.198809866, regarding own cost & request transfer from Pali-TD to Jodhpur. >>> Click Here for Letter

  • Sr.GM(HRD&A), CO Raj. Regarding: Shri D.C.Lasod, SDE, Udaipur-TD regarding posting at Udaipur on Officiating promotion to DE/AGM. >>> Click Here for Letter