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05-Sep-2020 03:26:02 PM


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05.09.2020: It is extremely shocking, disappointing and un believable news that our beloved Amit Dada (Amit Gupta) the veteran leader, one of the prominent Founders of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA had a sad demise on 04-09-2020 due to a brutal heart attack. AIBSNLEA / AIRBSNLEWA activities cannot be imagined without Amit Dada……

AIBSNLEA Rajasthan deeply condole this unfortunate and untimely demise of Shri Amit Gupta and pray the almighty God to give enough strength to the bereaved family to bear this untimely loss and may his soul rest in peace.

Click below for video message of GS AIBSNLEA on various issues...Pl.Vote & Support AIBSNLEA at Sl.No. 1

GS AIBSNLEA Message to executives of BSNL reg. 2nd MVP....


GS AIBSNLEA -Message on SAB @30% to DRs. VOTE & SUPPORT AIBSNLEA at Sl. No. 1

GS AIBSNLEA message on promotions in BSNL.

GS AIBSNLEA- Message on Scrapping of MT RRs.

GS AIBSNLEA - Mesage regarding MT recruitment in BSNL.

GS AIBSNLEA - Message on grant of E1+5 increments issue of DRs in BSNL

GS AIBSNLEA - Message on the issue of 22820 about DRs in BSNL

14.08.2020: BSNL CO SR Section has extended the date of Postal Ballot Paper up to 5.00 pm on 19.08.2020. 

 >>> Click here for letter

14.08.2020: It is evident from the electronic media of the different states that they have declared after identification of containment zones of COVID-19. Those executives who are residing in the containment zones may constrains to cast their vote on 18.08.2020(Tuesday) , they may apply e-pass to their respective containment zone authority well in advance.
If containment zone authority is not responding or not issuing e-pass, such cases may please be presented to respective CGMs with a copy to CS AIBSNLEA for onward communication to GS AIBSNLEA CHQ on email gsaibsnlea@gmail.com. Pl. treat is urgent.

We the AIBSNLEA………….……

Being a Support Association, if AIBSNLEA could achieve bulk Promotions of more than 14000 in June, 2018 (despite the negative forces running to derail the issue/ Gherao the BSNL Board…) means, AIBSNLEA can do wonders if it gets its Status from a “Support Association” to the “Majority Recognized Association” during this MVP- 2020.

AIBSNLEA has the Great Leadership with deep Trade Union Experience, Hard Bargainer & Bold Team at CHQ along with great experienced Chairman & Advisers etc.

AIBSNLEA is actively Participated in all the Agitation calls given by AUAB and regularly attending the meetings to discuss the issues related to the Revival Plan, Financial viability of BSNL, allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL, Monetization of non-core Land, the issues of revision of Pay, Pension and Payment of pension contribution on actual basis instead of maximum of the pay scale, BSNL MRS etc. To get settled the demands, AUAB launched series of agitation calls including 3 days strike and March to Sanchar Bhawan etc., in all the Agitation Calls AIBSNLEA was in fore-front and actively participated and succeeded by getting Revival Plan Approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 with a) 4G spectrum and 18% GST free of cost, b) No financial implication for BSNL on VRS, c) Land monetization for loan repayment and development, d) Rs 8,500 Crore Sovereign Guarantee Bond for Restructuring of loan, e) Contentious issues likeE2 & E3 Pay Scale will be settled before BSNL & MTNL Merger.

AIBSNLEA deeply involved at all levels in finding out ways and means for all out growth and maximization of Revenue of BSNL which gives us our daily bread and butter. 

AIBSNLEA‘s magnificent struggle and its achievements has paved the way for the settlement of the long pending HR issues of BSNL Executives and has proved its strength and importance of AIBSNLEA  before the Management.


Dear Friends!

AIBSNLEA has always proved itself as an actuator in all drives of the legitimate demands of BSNL Executives.

AIBSNLEA believes in the ground work and not in the mere pump and show on bandwagons. Fight can’t be win by standing on bandwagons, we believes that it is only the ground work with full of sweat and blood flow which brings outcomes.

Fights can’t be won by mischievous/malicious/fake propaganda on WhatsApp etc., without doing any ground work. AIBSNLEA always believes that actions speak louder than the words.

AIBSNLEA believes that there is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone, feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time and AIBSNLEA success is known to everyone.

Despite the several negative forces running every nuke and corner to derail the resolution of issues and doing all sort of propaganda to just achieve their sinister motives, AIBSNLEA strongly believes that the “Actual fighting/action at Ground level” is the only solution to this leg pulling approach by some overzealous/vested interest mongers/groups.

The roots of AIBSNLEA are nourished by the water of different rivers like Associations of all the Streams. This is the real strength of AIBSNLEA and it has no need to be proved before anyone.

Nobody can steal its sunshine glory because nobody can steal the aroma of flower. Now, this is the time to make the glory of AIBSNLEA more shining, make the power of

AIBSNLEA more intensified and time to say a big ‘NO’ to further Machiavellian moves of our opponents.

So finally we fervently appeal one and all to Vote, Support & Elect the AIBSNLEA as No.-1 Association in the ensuing 2nd Membership Verification of Executives’ Association in BSNL by giving your valuable vote at Sl No-  1 to AIBSNLEA.

 Join Hands With AIBSNLEA!

 Your vote your right. Your vote you might. VOTE FOR AIBSNLEA!

 Drop the remote, go ahead and vote! VOTE FOR AIBSNLEA!

 Vote and support AIBSNLEA to save BSNL and its Executives!

 Scream it out! Say it out loud, Vote for AIBSNLEA that makes you proud!

 Have a vision? Make the right decision! Vote for AIBSNLEA!

 Voting for AIBSNLEA is the right thing to do, so in the future we don’t feel blue!

 Every Executive should come forward to join Hands with AIBSNLEA for safe future of BSNL & its Executives as well.

 East & West- AIBSNLEA is the Best! North & South- AIBSNLEA is the Mouth! (For BSNL & its Executives)


Pl. Vote at Sl. No. 1



12.08.2020: The All UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS OF BSNL calls upon the BSNL Executives and Non-Executives to organise Lunch hour protest demonstration tomorrow the 13-08-2020, to condemn Shri Anant Kumar Hedge, MP, for his maligning and derogatory statement against BSNL employees.

The AUAB also calls upon the employees to organise a Twitter Campaign, between 11:00 hrs and 13 :00 hrs tomorrow, on this matter.

All the Circle Office bearers, DSs are requested to participate and organise this programme successfully.

 >>> Click here for AUAB letter

11.08.2020: Nomination of  Adhoc Distt. Body of AIBSNLEA CO-Jaipur Branch for smooth functioning: 

In exercising the Powers conferred upon by the AIBSNLEA Constitution, an Adhoc Distt. Body of AIBSNLEA, CO Branch Jaipur has been formed on consequent upon the inability in discharging of duties as DS by Shri Sanjay Kumar Sharma due to his personal exigencies.

Shri Rohit Jain, JTOShri Harish Saini, AD and Shri R C Yadav, JAO have been  nominated as District President, District Secretary and District Financial Secretary respectively.

 >>> Click here for letter

08.08.2020: District Conference of Jaipur TD Branch Held on 08.08.2020: 

District Conference of Jaipur-TD Branch held on 8th August, 2020, at Federation Hall, PGMTD Office Campus, M.I.Road, Jaipur in descent manner. the Conference was attended and addressed by Shri M.K.Morodia, Circle Secy.; Shri Anil Rawat, Circle president and other leaders of AIBSNLEA. Shri S.S.Agarwal, GM(Admin.) Jaipur TD was the chief guest.

Election of set of office bearers were also held on the occasion of Branch conference. Shri Udit Sareen, CAOShri Abhishek Jain, SDE and Shri Kana Ram Sharma, AO were elected as District President, District Secretary and District Financial Secretary respectively.

06.08.2020: Poster/Banner/pamphlet have been prepared for wide publicity through out the country. Down load links are as under.

06.08.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding disbursement of monthly salary forJuly'2020 and timely remittance of deductions made from the salary  every month...

 >>> Click here for letter

06.08.2020: Today AIBSNLEA CHQ released manifesto for 2nd MVP in BSNL.....

 >>> Click here for manifesto

 >>> Click here for Banners/Posters CDR Zip Files

Circle Office bearers, District Secretaries are requested to download the manifesto and circulate among all the voters.

06.08.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding Request for immediate issuance of the Regular Promotion order from AO to CAO.......

 >>> Click here for letter

06.08.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding Request for immediate issuance of the Regular Promotion of SDE (T) for the vacancy year 2011-12 onwards through DPC for SCF 67% quota.......

 >>> Click here for letter

05.08.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding Request for immediate issuance of Promotion orders from JTO (TF) to SDE (TF) and SDE (TF) to AGM (TF) on regular basis.......

 >>> Click here for letter

05.08.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar Ji, CMD BSNL regarding Request for immediate Promotion from JTO(E) to SDE(E) and SDE(E) to EE(E) instead of any 'Look-After arrangement'.......

 >>> Click here for letter

Wearing Black Badge and Black flag demonstrations on 16.07.2020. 

Demanding immediate rolling out of 4G network by BSNL (through upgradation, Add on and new tender), implementation of the assurances given in the Revival Package and immediate measures for improving BSNL services.

10.07.2020: AUAB today issued notice to Secy(T), DoT and CMD BSNL regarding Agitational Programme

 >>> Click here for notice

Details are as under:-


  1. BSNL should immediately be allowed to roll out it’s 4G Services.

    1. BSNL should take immediate actions to upgrade the 4G compatible BTSs.

    2. Add on order for 4G equipments as per Phase VIII.4 tender should be issued immediately.

    3. In the matter of procuring new equipments and upgradation, there should not be any discrimination, between BSNL and other private telecom service providers.

  2. The Government should immediately implement the decisions contained in BSNL’s Revival Package.

  3. Urgent measures should be undertaken by the BSNL Management for immediately improving the quality of service.

  4. The Management should ensure that the salary payment of the employees is made on the last working of every month. Deductions made from employees’ salary, on account of society dues, should immediately be remitted.

  5. The Management should immediately take steps to ensure that the employees get cashless treatment from empanelled hospitals during Covid 19 pandemic. The Management should pay Rs.10 lakh to the family of the employees who die due to COVID-19, based on the instructions issued by the DoT in such cases.

  6. Make payment of the wage arrears of the contract workers, which is remaining pending for more than one year, without any further delay.

  7. Immediately clear the payment of pending electricity bills, rental, vehicle, temporary advance, housekeeping etc.

:Agitational Programme:

(1) All employees will wear black badge on 16.07.2020. Black flag demonstrations will be organised with social distancing, during lunch hour on 16.07.2020.

(2) Twitter campaign will be organised on 05.08.2020, demanding immediate rolling out of 4G network by BSNL and implementation of the assurances given in the Revival Package for improving BSNL’s service.

All Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries and members are requested to make the Agitational Programme Success.

09.07.2020: Congratulations !!! Ministry of Finance has given approval of Sovereign Guarantee of Rs. 15,000 Crs. (8500 Crs to BSNL and 6500 Crs to MTNL) for restructuring of their existing debts/loans and meeting some CAPEX requirements for launch of 4G services.This is one of the proposals approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 as part of Revival Plan.

AIBSNLEA under the banner of AUAB struggled for last more than two years for the Revival Plan is getting approved. ...

 >>> Click here for order

09.07.2020: GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL, regarding immediate issuance of Promotions to the Grade of SDE (T) for the Vacancy year 2011-12 onwards through DPC for SCF 67% quota and through LDCE 33% quota as per SDE RR....

 >>> Click here for letter

06.07.2020: GS, AIBSNLEA writes to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL and requested for immediate issuance of Regular Promotions in all the Streams/Grades in order to fill up the huge vacuum created due to VRS-2019 and to maintain the vast BSNL Telecom Network fault free and the Administrative Offices efficiently. AIBSNLEA strongly oppose any look-after arrangement in higher grade

Thousands of Executives in Higher Scales are working in the entry level of

JTO equivalent grades for 5 to 30 years and waiting for their 1st promotion

  1. JTOs recruited from 1988 in Arch wing,

  2. JTOs recruited from 1997 in Electrical and Telecom Factory wings,

  3. Thousands of JTOs in Telecom wing from 1999, 2001 to 2008, 2010,2013 etc.,

  4. JTOs recruited in 1998 in Civil Wing are waiting.

Like that:

SDE(C)s are waiting for EE(C) promotion from 1998

SDE(E)s are waiting for EE(E) promotion from 2000

SDE(TF)s are waiting for AGM(TF) promotion from 2001

SDE(T)s are waiting for AGM(T) promotion from 2004

AOs are waiting for CAO promotion from 2008.

Like that promotion from PA to PS, PS to PPS and CSS Cadres are also held up.

It is observed that, BSNL Management was deliberately dragging the Promotion and putting the career of the Young Executives at great risk. At the early stage of their career itself, they are getting de-motivated and demoralized. But to our surprise, there are no hurdles in the Promotion at the Top level. It is pertinent to mention that Un-interrupted promotions orders were issued in the grade of GM and CGM level, in some cases excess promotions were also given at GM and CGM level for which BSNL Management is not having any reluctance at all. Even on their last working day, some ITS Officers were given promotion, we welcome that. But thousands of Absorbed BSNL Executives were retired without getting due promotion when there was no hindrance for giving them promotion.

When a Group A Officer in BSNL gets Time bound Promotion along with designation change from E4 to E9 Scale with the designations of Asst General Manager ->Dy General Manger ->Jt GM ->Addl GM in 17 years and then GM to Sr GM also, but a JTO(T) joined in 1999 ,2001 to 2008, 2010 and 2013 is still continuing as JTO, JTO(Arch) joined in 1988 still continuing as JTO, JTOs recruited from 1997 in Electrical and Telecom Factory wings are continuing as JTOs and JTOs recruited in 1998 in Civil Wing are continuing as JTOs.

All the Executives are expected that the due promotion will be given during the implementation of VRS. But even 5 months after the VRS, nothing is moving in BSNL CO and making the situation very worst. There is a huge stagnation in promotion among different wings.

Most of the Executives are drawing Two to Four Stages in the higher Scales than their Substantive Scale/Grade viz., a JTO of E-1 Scale is drawing E-4/ E-5 (AGM/DGM) scale and a SDE or AO equivalent of E-2 scale is drawing E-5/E-6 (DGM/SG-DGM) Scales and waiting for their Regular Promotions from years together. Since the Executives are already working/drawing the higher scales, promotion is not going to make any financial implication either to BSNL or DoT. The regular promotion orders can be issued from among the Executives working in higher scales.

AIBSNLEA strongly oppose any look-after arrangement in higher grade but we demand immediate promotions on ‘Regular Basis’, considering the post VRS vacuum. If immediate steps are not taken, Services will be severely affected since the Executives are reluctant to take higher responsibilities on short-term/temporary basis.

 >>> Click here for Letter

04.07.2020: GS, AIBSNLEA writes to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL requesting grant 5 (five) advance increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 to the SRD JTOs 2010 batch, LDCE JAOs 2013 batch directly recruited JAOs of 2015, 2018 batch, LDCE JAOs of 2016 batches and LDCE JTOs of 2016 & 2017 batches....


03.07.2020: GS Writes to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD, BSNL regarding the Pay parity of Rs 22820/- for the directly recruited Executives especially the directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches and directly recruited JAOs of 2010 batch.


27.06.2020: Formation of adhoc Distt. Body at Jaipur District Branch: Exercising the powers conferred upon in the constitution of AIBSNLEA, an adhoc Distt. Body of AIBSNLEA has been formed for smooth functioning of Jaipur Telecom District Branch on consequent upon the lapse of term of the existing Body.

 >>> Click here for letter

27.06.2020: PAT Section of BSNL CO, New Delhi issued instructions regarding payment for 2nd instalment of Ex-gratia in respect of employees retired under BSNL VRS-2019....

 >>> Click here for instructions

2nd Membership Verification of Executives Association on 18.08.2020

Vote & Support AIBSNLEA

to save BSNL and its Executives

Dear Comrades!

August 18th is the most crucial day for BSNL Executives’ career because this day decides who will represent the Executives of BSNL before Management, this day decides who will negotiate with the Management on behalf all Executives, this day will decide who can take care of BSNL future/ Survival in view of the present Financial crunch of BSNL/Covid-19...etc., etc.... So friends, time/ opportunity to take crucial decisions will not come again and again....... So everybody must vote on 18th August 2020 without fail as the Vote is the most powerful weapon in Democracy...... So now you are going to vote ... To whom you have to vote? You have to vote AIBSNLEA to make BSNL number one. 

For the last three and half years, you had given us an opportunity to serve you as the Supporting Association. In the BSNL History, last two years was the most crucial and challenging period for the Association as well BSNL. After becoming the Support Association, Vision and Positive approach of AIBSNLEA benefited thousands of Executives by Promotion through CPCs, which is a Major breakthrough and Achievement of AIBSNLEA About 14,000 Executives have been promoted in June-July, 2018 and Nov, 2018 which has given a great relief and Morale booster to the Executives who were waiting for their promotions years together. It is a Mile Stone in the History of DOT as well as BSNL. AIBSNLEA able to settle certain issues and made headway in some other issues. We all know that these are happened when BSNL is facing severe financial crunch and try to regain its Original Pristine Glory. During this period, under the banner of AUAB, we have conducted many struggles demanding Pay Revision, Allocation of 4G Spectrum, Financial Support from Government, Pension Contribution as per FR 116 on actual Basic Pay etc.,

Friends! AIBSNLEA always works with utmost sincerity on the issues. We never have heart burn if our youngsters are getting any benefit. It is a natural process that those coming late in Department always benefit and if anybody is having heart burn for that then it is a serious question mark on working of the Association...

We request all the Executives not to be misguided by such Malice/ Mischievous Propaganda/ Campaigns. We request all to analyze the facts, quick action of AIBSNLEA , approach of AIBSNLEA on the issues and then decide….

Friends...We, (AIBSNLEA) always believe on doing work on ground level. We always believe that actions speak louder than the words...We work for the whole Fraternity. It is our utmost priority that none of the Executive is at loss.

For those who are singing the tunes of themselves being the saviours of Youngsters and spreading the mischievous campaign.. ….

We request the whole BSNL Executive Fraternity to think, introspect and decide….

AIBSNLEA is putting Maximum efforts for the protection of the entire Executive Community. As the results are not in the hands of Leaders, it is in the hands of every Executive who are the soldiers and how they support their Leaders. Hence cast your vote in favour of AIBSNLEA so that the future of Executives is secured and BSNL is saved…

In order to protect the interests of Executives in the years to come, it is the need of the hour to cast Your Votes in favour the AIBSNLEA and make it a No.1 Association.

Friends! Finally I can tell 100 reasons why you must vote for AIBSNLEA ....


If You want full 30% SAB i.e. 12 Percent Superannuation Contribution as realistic contribution… Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… No MT recruitment in BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA..


If You want… No DGM recruitment in BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA..


If You want… Your Career Progression up to the level of GM/ CGM/ Director, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… implementation of left out issues of 2nd PRC, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… 3rd PRC, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… Vibrant future for BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… BSNL Executives future for coming 3 years in safer hands, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If you want Regular Promotions in all Streams/ Cadres- Vote for AIBSNLEA.


If You want… Strong and Vibrant Skills of Negotiation with Management, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


MAKE AIBSNLEA No. 1 Association!

22.06.2020: SR Cell of BSNL CO issued corrigendum regarding non-transfer of executive staff till completion of 2nd Membership verification process of Executives' associations in BSNL...

 >>> Click here for letter

22.06.2020: Admin Cell of BSNL CO issued clarifications regarding Outdoor medical claim for BSNL retired employees....

 >>> Click here for letter

18.06.2020: SR Cell of BSNL CO issued instructions regarding Preparation of Electoral Rolls w.r.t. conduct of 2nd MV to elect majority representative Association of Executive employees in BSNL-

 >>> Click here for letter

18.06.2020: Pers. Cell of BSNL CO issued order regarding extension of timelines for processing of e-APAR for year 2019-20- 

 >>> Click here for letter

17.06.2020: Reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007: It is learnt that the Committee meeting held today under the chairmanship of CGM(Legal) and discussions are positive. We are continuously interacting with the Committee members i.e. CGM(Legal)-Chairman Committee and Sr GM(Estt) and submitting our feedback on the issue to them.

16.06.2020: SR Cell of BSNL CO notified 2nd Membership verification for recognition of Majority representative Associations of serving executives employees in BSNL

 >>> Click here for notification

  • Membership Verification will be through : Secret ballot.

  • Last date for submission of application03.07.2020

  • Date of Membership Verification 18.08.2020 (Tuesday)

  • Date of polling : 18.08.2020 (Tuesday)

 >>> Click here for the facilities extended to all associations

 >>> Click here for instructions to CGMs reg. non transfer of executives staff till 2nd membership verification

16.06.2020: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Ashok Kumawat, JTO, Udaipur-TD, HR No. 200205314; regarding extension of Immunity in transfer as District Secretary Udaipur Branch of AIBSNLEA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Mahesh Kumar, JTO, Jodhpur-TD; regarding extension of Immunity in transfer as Assistant District Secretary Jodhpur Branch of AIBSNLEA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

23.03.2020: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Ensuring Preventive measures in all serving Units of BSNL along with Suitable Vehicle arrangements for field Units in view of spread of Covid19.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

20.02.2020: Hearty Congratulations! BSNL CO issued Promotion and Posting orders of the Executives in the Grade of DGM(T) of Telecom Operation Stream on Purely Adhoc basis for 195 number of AGM Level Executives.

 >>> Click here for order

07.01.2020: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Disrespect of all the VRS optees by not organising official Retirement function.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

02.01.2020: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Representation of Shri Lokendra Gupta, SDE, Alwar-TD, HR No. 200204903; regarding change of posting station to Alwar instead of Bharatpur vide order for LA to AGM/DE dated 02-01-2020.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

23.11.2019: Open letter by Director (HR), BSNL Board on VRS:

Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR), BSNL Board clarifies DoT/BSNL stand on some of the doubts raised by AIBSNLEA and others on the issue of present ongoing VRS in BSNL.

 >>> Click here for the letter from Director (HR) 

 >>> Click here for the letter from AIBSNLEA

09.11.2019: District Conference of Alwar Branch Held on 09.11.2019: 

District Conference of Alwar Branch held on 9th November, 2019, at Hotel Mayur, Sonava Dungri, Aravali Vihar, Alwar, in descent manner. the Conference was attended and addressed by Shri M.K.Morodia, Circle Secy. Rajasthan. Shri Shyam Singh, GMTD Alwar was the chief guest.

Election of set of office bearers were also held on the occasion of Branch conference. Shri Babli Singh Meena, JAOShri Mahendra Kumar Meena, SDE and Shri Kamal Kant Jatav, JTO were elected as District President, District Secretary and District Financial Secretary respectively.


04.11.2019: BSNL notifies VRS-2019 and circulates the guidelines:

 >>> Click here for the Notification 

 >>> Click here for the Annexure-I & II

04.11.2019: < CHQ News > Meeting of AUAB with Hon'ble MOC & IT today on BSNL Revival Plan - VRS to Employees:

Representatives of All Associations and Unions of BSNL met Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji today in Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Hon'ble MOC & IT apprised about the Revival Plan of BSNL approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. Secretary (T), Jt. Secretary (Admin), DDG (PM), Director (HR) BSNL Board and GM (SR) BSNL CO were present in the meeting. On behalf of AIBSNLEA, Com. S.Sivakumar, GS and Com. Rajpal Sharma, AGS attended the meeting.

At the outset, Com. GS and AGS presented a Bouquet to Hon'ble MOC & IT on behalf of AIBSNLEA and greeted him, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Home Minister, Secretary (T), CMD BSNL and DoT & BSNL Team for the herculean efforts taken for getting approval of the Revival Package by the Union Cabinet.

Hon'ble MOC & IT explained in detail about the revival package of BSNL. He mentioned that earlier, when I was MOC, the BSNL was making profit/ operating profit, but after that it is surprising for me that BSNL getting continuous losses for which I felt much bad and I want to turn around the BSNL that's why I have tried my best. He further mentioned that-

  • I am able to get convinced the Hon'ble Prime Minister and the Home Minister that BSNL is the Strategic Sector and the presence of one Govt. PSU is very much necessary for fair competition in the Market.

  • It is the first time in the History to offer such a huge package for revival to any incipient sick/ sick/ non-viable PSU.

  • I have got full faith on BSNL and its employees and I hope that BSNL can be turn around and regain its original pristine glory through the sincere efforts of the BSNL employees. The revival plan should be implemented in its true spirit. VRS to employees is also an important issue as BSNL cannot run with the present work force of 1.50 lakh employees. 

  • I wish for the growth of the BSNL and Govt. is with you and support fully if sincere efforts are seen for turnaround of the BSNL.

  • BSNL may start its Assets/ Land Monetization and I will make it clear that the amount so received will be used in the growth of BSNL only.

  • To revive the BSNL, the VRS to employees is also a good tool and it is very liberal VRS package from the Govt. side which is never offered to any PSU in India.

  • The revival is depends upon the successful implementation of the VRS. Accountability will be fixed from the top side, if the revival plan is not implemented in true spirit.

On behalf of AIBSNLEA, we handed over the Memorandum to the Hon'ble MOC & IT. GS AIBSNLEA urged upon for the merger of IDA of 119.5% (100% Neutralization) with the Basic Pay as on 01.01.2017 since there is precedence in the year 2004. In addition to that, AUAB and other Leaders of the Unions and Associations presented following suggestions:

  1. VRS option has to be given by the employees voluntarily but not forcefully.

  2. Roll out of retirement age from 60 to 58 years is in the agenda of the Govt. or not is to be spelled out.

  3. Whole amount of the Ex-Gratia has to be exempted from Income Tax.

  4. Excess amount of Pension Contribution paid to DOT has to be refunded immediately.

  5. Deputation Policy of BSNL has to be reviewed immediately.

  6. 4G services has to be launched immediately by the BSNL since more than 50,000 3G/4G compatible equipment are available in the field units as there is heavy demand among the customers.

  7. Permission may be granted to retain the BSNL quarters by the VRS optees.

The Press Briefing of the Hon'ble MOC &IT has been reiterated by him with a loud and clear message that BSNL will not be sold out to any Third Party, Disinvested or Closed since BSNL is having Strategic importance. 

Hon'ble MOC directed DoT/BSNL Management to clear all the doubts of the employees about the VRS in a transparent manner and address the issues at an appropriate level. Finally Hon'ble MOC appealed all the Unions and Association Leaders to motivate the employees for the successful implementation of Revival and VRS Package.

Hon'ble Minister also appealed to improve the quality of the Services to the satisfaction of the Customers and make the BSNL a top Professional Company. It is specifically mentioned by Hon'ble MOC & IT that if BSNL improve its services with the Professionalism then Govt. will also cooperate to prefer BSNL's connections in other Govt. Sectors since BSNL has already been had a very good rapport/ goodwill with the Public and the Govt. Sectors. Hence, it can be achieved by doing hard work and collective efforts starts with new energy, fresh initiatives with full devotion by the BSNL Management as well as the BSNL Employees. I will be very happy to see the BSNL in the Market with its effective presence.

All the Unions and Associations Leaders reciprocated positively and assured their fullest support and cooperation for the successful implementation of the Revival and VRS Package.   

 >>> Click here for glimpses 1, Click here for glimpses 2, Click here for glimpses 3 

25.10.2019: < CHQ News > Update on DE to DGM (T) promotions:

Today, PGM (Pers) called AIBSNLEA and SNEA General Secretaries to discuss the modalities of postings consequent to completion of ongoing DE to DGM (T) CPC proceedings. To start with the discussions, PGM (Pers) informed that the VC of the eligible candidates is still to be received from some of the Circles as such the CPC proceeding could not be completed before Deepawali. However, he assured to issue promotions orders by the end of this month. Regarding posting consequent to the promotions, AIBSNLEA categorically requested to post all the candidates on "as is where is" basis considering their age profile and expected future turmoil in BSNL due to VRS proposals. PGM (Pers) assured to look into. 

23.10.2019: Union Cabinet approves revival plan of BSNL and MTNL and in-principle merger of the two:

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for revival of BSNL and MTNL by administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services, debt restructuring by raising of bonds with sovereign guarantee, reducing employee costs, monetisation of assets and in-principle approval of merger of BSNL & MTNL.

The following was approved by the cabinet:-

  1. Administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services to BSNL and MTNL so as to enable these PSUs to provide broadband and other data services. The said Spectrum will be funded by the Government of India by capital infusion in these PSUs at a value of Rs. 20,140 Cr in addition; the GST amount of Rs. 3,674 Cr to this spectrum value will also be borne by the Government of India through Budgetary resources. By using this spectrum allotment, BSNL and MTNL will be able to deliver 4G services, compete in the market and provide high speed data using their vast network including in rural areas.

  2. BSNL and MTNL will also raise long-term bonds of Rs. 15,000 Cr for which sovereign guarantee will be provided by the Government of India (GoI). With the said resources, BSNL and MTNL will restructure their existing debt and also partly meet CAPEX, OPEX and other requirements.

  3. BSNL and MTNL will also offer Voluntary Retirement to their employees, aged 50 years and above through attractive Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), the cost of which will be borne by the Government of India through budgetary support. The ex-gratia component of VRS will require Rs. 17,169 Cr in addition, GoI will be meeting the cost towards Pension, Gratuity and Commutation. Details of the scheme will be finalised by BSNL/MTNL.

  4. BSNL and MTNL will monetise their assets so as to raise resources for retiring debt, servicing of bonds, network upgradation, expansion and meeting the operational fund requirements.

  5. In-principle merger of BSNL and MTNL

It is expected that with the implementation of said revival plan, BSNL and MTNL will be able to provide reliable and quality services through its robust telecommunication network throughout the country including rural and remote areas.

 >>> Click here for the PIB Release

23.10.2019: Congratulations!!! : After PMO's late evening intervention, DoT send the cabinet Memo to the cabinet without waiting for the response from Finance Ministry. It's reliably learnt that it's is approved by today's cabinet meeting. Details awaited...

17.10.2019: Meeting between the AUAB and the BSNL Management at Corporate Office, New Delhi:-

A meeting was held between the AUAB and the BSNL Management at 10:00 hrs. today. In the meeting, from the Management Side, Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR), Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM) and Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR) were present. From the AUAB side, the General Secretary Com. S. Sivakumar and President Com. Subhasis Mitra on behalf of AIBSNLEA and the General Secretary/ Representative of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, FNTO, BSNLMS, SNATTA, ATM BSNL, BSNL OA and TOA BSNL, participated in the meeting. The issues contained in the 'Charter of Demands' of the AUAB, for the Hunger Strike to be held on 18-10-2019, were discussed in the meeting. The Management Side informed that the Cabinet is likely to take a decision on the Revival Package of BSNL around 23rd of this month. They expressed the hope that, once BSNL's revival package is cleared by the Cabinet, the Banks will come forward to extend credit to BSNL and that will create a favourable situation for BSNL's Revival. Representatives of the AUAB expressed their extreme unhappiness over the non-payment of September, 2019, Salary. Further, they raised the issues related to the improving the quality of Service, Curtailing expenditure and increasing the Revenue Collection of the Company. They emphatically told that the letters issued by the Corporate Office for the retrenchment of contract workers, as well as non-payment of their wages are adversely affecting the operation and maintenance works. The Management Side assured that September Salary would be disbursed on 23.10.2019 and requested to withdraw the Hunger Strike. The AUAB representatives told that the Salary should be disbursed at least by 21.10.2019. The AUAB has pointed out that Stake Holders should be consulted and not taken as granted. There should be Road Map for the functioning of the Company after the reduction of the Staff through VRS. The meeting lasted for more than two hours and held in very cordial atmosphere. The Director (HR) assured that hereafter there will not be a communication gap between the Management and the Associations/ Unions. Meanwhile, it was informed that the CMD would be meeting the AUAB at 03:00 pm today and hence the meeting came to an end with this discussion.

17.10.2019: AUAB decides to defer tomorrow's Hunger Strike, after meeting with the CMD BSNL today:-

A meeting between the AUAB and the CMD BSNL was held at 03:00 pm today. The Director (HR), Director (CM) and GM (SR) were also present. From the AUAB side, the General Secretary Com. S. Sivakumar on behalf of AIBSNLEA and the General Secretary/ Representative of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, FNTO, BSNLMS, SNATTA, ATM BSNL, BSNL OA, TEPU and TOA BSNL were also participated in the meeting. After detailed discussion, the CMD BSNL assured that the Salary for the Month of Sept., 2019 would be disbursed by 23.10.2019. Further, informed that the Cabinet is likely to take a decision on BSNL's Revival Package on 23.10.2019. He appealed to the AUAB to defer the Hunger Strike scheduled to be held on 18.10.2019. After this meeting, the representatives of the AUAB present in the meeting, decided to defer the Hunger Strike for the time being. It is also decided to hold the next meeting of the AUAB on 30.10.2019, for reviewing the situation and for taking appropriate decision regarding future course of action.

14.10.2019: AUAB serves upon a Notice for holding the Hunger Strike on 18.10.2019:

AUAB has served upon a Notice for organising Hunger Strike on 18.10.2019 at Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels demanding settlement of the following issues:

  1. Immediate payment of the September salary. Timely payment of salary every month.

  2. Immediate payment of contract / casual labourers' wages and payment electricity bills and rentals.

  3. Revival of BSNL by immediate allocation of 4G spectrum, extension of financial assistance / soft loan and approval for BSNL's Land Monetization proposal.

  4. Settlement of 3rd Pay Revision, Pension Revision and 30% Superannuation benefits.

  5. Immediate remittance of dues towards GPF, Bank loan EMI, Society, LIC premium, union / association subscription, etc, to the concerned organizations.

 >>> Click here for the notification

01.10.2019: Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 - the BSNL Day:

Unions and Associations of BSNL have organised Protest Demonstrations throughout the country on 01.10.2019, in support of 7 points demand charter.

We thank all the members of AIBSNLEA of Rajasthan Circle on the successful implementation of the Strike.


27.09.2019: Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 - the BSNL Day:

The Unions and Associations of BSNL have served upon a notice to the Secretary (Telecom), DoT and the CMD, BSNL for lunch hour demonstration on 01.10.2019 in protest against the non-payment of salary in time, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc. and total ban on capital expenditure along with other issues related with Revival of BSNL.

Unions and Associations further demanded that if BSNL is not able to pay the salary, Govt. should pay the salary to all BSNL employees being the Principal Employer and owner of the company.

Charter of Demands

  1. Immediate allotment of 4G Spectrum and Land Monetization.

  2. Payment of Salary to BSNL employees on due date by BSNL or DoT.

  3. Payment of wages to contract workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

  4. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision.

  5. Honour the Commitments given by Union Cabinet in 2000 to ensure financial viability of BSNL:

    i) Financial support for loss making Rural Exchanges.

    ii) Extend soft loan to BSNL/ Sovereign Guarantee for it's capital expenditures.

    iii) Remove the total ban on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units capital expenditure, where revenue is assured.

  6. No Retrenchment & No Roll Back of Retirement age to 58.

  7. Payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL as per the Govt. Rule.

All the Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries and activists are requested ensure 100% participation in the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 and make it a grand success. All the constituent Unions and Associations may be contacted for making the Programme successful.

 >>> Click here for the notice

27.09.2019: Hearty Congratulations !

Due to consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA, the Promotion Orders in the grade of CAO to DGM (Finance) has been issued by BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. AIBSNLEA conveyed its sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Director (Finance), Director (CM/HR), PGM (Pers.), DGM (Pers.) and all the officers related to the work.

 >>> Click here for Order

11.09.2019: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Excessive delay in holding of the CPC for remaining E-5 to E-6 Upgradation cases.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

03.09.2019: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Nemi Chand Singaria, SDE, Pali-TD, HR No. 199703101; regarding Cancellation of his own cost and request transfer order to Sirohi SSA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

21.08.2019: Holding protest demonstration on 21.08.2019 against the reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 years:

Unions and Associations of BSNL have organised Protest Demonstrations throughout the country on 21.08.2019, in support of 4 points demand charter.

We thank all the members of AIBSNLEA of Rajasthan Circle on The Successful implementation of the Strike.


20.08.2019: AUAB calls Protest Lunch hour Demonstration on 21.08.2019 against the reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 years:-

AUAB has reliably learnt that the BSNL Board of Directors meeting is scheduled to be held on 21.08.2019, wherein the agenda of reduction of retirement age of BSNL employees from 60 to 58 is likely to be discussed. We are receiving the news from various sources that the Govt. is considering the proposal of roll out of retirement age of BSNL Employees from 60 to 58. It is totally unwarranted and it is against the assurance given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000 at the time of Corporatisation of BSNL. All the DoT recruited employees are enjoying the facilities of age of superannuation at 60 years w.e.f. 31.05.1998. In view of this, we have to strongly protest the move of the BSNL Board to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

Hence, AUAB calls upon the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to hold lunch hour demonstrations on 21.08.2019 (tomorrow) to protest against the proposed move of the BSNL Board to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

All the District Secretaries are requested to coordinate with the constituent Unions/ Associations of AUAB and make the Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 21.08.2019 a Grand Success. 

20.08.2019: BSNL's / DoT's News in Media

PMO may go ahead with BSNL, MTNL revival package ........

 >>> Click here for details news

07.08.2019: Holding protest demonstration on 07-08-2019, AUAB Call:

Unions and Associations of BSNL have organised Protest Demonstrations & Gate meeting throughout the country on 07-08-2019, in support of 4 points demand charter.

We thank all the members of AIBSNLEA of Rajasthan Circle on The Successful implementation of the Strike.


02.08.2019: AUAB calls on to organise Lunch Hour Demonstrations on 07-08-2019:

A meeting of the AUAB was held yesterday the 01.08.2019, at NFTE's office, New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by Com. S. Sivakumar, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA. General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM, TEPU and BSNLOA attended. The meeting expressed it's extreme unhappiness that the Unions and Associations of BSNL are being completely kept in the dark, with regards to the so called revival package of BSNL. The meeting also expressed it's deep concern about the deterioration of BSNL's services due to lack of working capital. The meeting took serious exception to the repressive measures being taken by the BSNL Management, to deny legitimate trade union activities in BSNL. After serious discussions, the meeting decided to organise countrywide lunch hour demonstrations and gate meetings on 07.08.2019, on the following demands:-


  • Honour the commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, to ensure BSNL's financial viability.

    (a) Extend immediate financial support to BSNL, for the maintenance of the services.

    (b) Extend soft loan to BSNL for it's capital expenditures.

  • Remove the total ban imposed on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units to carry out capital expenditure, where revenue is assured.

  • No retrenchment. Honour the commitment given on job security at the time of formation of BSNL.

  • Stop repressive actions for even legitimate trade union activities.

 >>> Click here for AUAB circular containing the decisions taken in it's meeting held on 01.08.2019

All the Circle Office Bearers / District Secretaries are requested to effectively organise the lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting, in coordination with the other constituents of the AUAB.

29.07.2019: AIC Vijayawada Resolutions: Resolutions Passed in the 6th AIC at Vijayawada from 14.7.2019 to 16.7.2019

 >>> Click here for Resolutions

25.07.2019: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: EPF related unresolved and long pending issues regarding.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

24.07.2019: CS Writes to:

  • The CGM (NTR), Regarding: Representation of Smt. Kanti Sharma, AO, Jaipur-NTR, HR No. 198409567; regarding Cancellation of her Transfer Order to Delhi NTR.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Praveen Kumar Tailor, AGM, under transfer from NTR, HR No. 198401768; regarding own cost & request posting at Banswara-TD.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

18.07.2019: 6th AIC at Vijayawada is concluded; Open Session Held on 15.07.2019:

An open session of the AIBSNLEA was held on 15.07.2019 on the occasion of its 6th AIC at Vijayawada from 14.7.2019 to 16.7.2019. The function was commenced with an inaugural song by the local members.

The dignitaries who attended the Open Session were Respectable Chief Guest Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM & HR), BSNL C.O., Shri A Purnachandra Rao, CGMT, AP Circle, Guest of Honour, Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL C.O, Guest of Honour, Com S. Sivakumar, President, AIBSNLEA CHQ, Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA CHQ, Shri P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, Shri Chandeshwar Singh, GS NFTE, Shri Suresh Kumar, GS BSNLMS, Shri K. Sebastian, GS SNEA, Shri Fazil Ahmed, AGS AIGETOA, Shri R.C. Pandey, GS BTEU, Shri K.R. Yadav, GS TEAM & Shri V Subburaman, GS TEPU.

The function commenced by lighting the lamp by Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM & HR), BSNL C.O. and other dignitaries.

Welcome address by Shri S. Sivakumar, President, AIBSNLEA CHQ: In his welcome address he mentioned that it is privileged to invite such dignitaries. He mentioned that the revenue of BSNL is decreased and the Annual salary expenses is equal to loss. He mentioned that due to the combined efforts of the Management and Unions & Associations Executives and Non Executives has started selling of SIMs in the Markets, Gardens, Railway Stations and Bus Stands etc., in the name of Service with Smile and Customer Delight Year and BSNL achieved operational profit during the F.Y. 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-2017. But due to the entry of the Reliance Jio with free service for 6 months and its predatory pricing BSNL has gone down with its revenue. He assured that the target given by the Director (CM) will be achieved and the works have already been started by the employees. He requested to allot some funds immediately to run the exchanges and even Kerala Circle has posted the loss due to non-availability of funds. Even more than lakhs of amount is spend for the day to day expenses by the executives due to the non-payment of Temporary Advance for the maintenance of the OFC and for attending Cable Faults etc. Due to non-availability of vehicles, our Executives are facing problems in field units, maintaining transmission Net work and for attending the faults and collection of outstanding which is drastically affecting our Revenue. He informed that more than Rs.3000 Crores are outstanding as on 31.3.2019 in EB Segment. Contract Labours who are maintaining the Operations are not paid with wages for more than 6 months, Electricity bills are not paid. Due to the non payment of Electricity bills more than 3000 BTS and Exchanges were shut down. Hence immediate funds has to be released on priority basis. He also requested the Director (CM) to restore the abeyance orders issued for CAPEX expenses, POs/APOs and Capex Tender so as to increase the revenue for achieving the targets set by the BSNL Management. He, on behalf of the 20,000 Executives of AIBSNLEA assured to achieve the targets given by the Director(CM), BSNL Board with available resources but at the same time minimum amount of funds to be released for the above and to rejuvenate the BSNL. He welcomed one and all for the open session.

Keynote address by Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA CHQ: Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA, CHQ thanked Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM & HR), BSNL C.O., for attending the function despite of his busy schedule. He also welcomed Shri A Purnachandra Rao, CGMT, AP Circle for facilitating to conduct the AIC and attending the open session and Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL Corporate office who is the channel between the Association / Unions and BSNL management. He thanked all the veteran leader of various other sister associations and unions. He thanked the comrades of A.P. and Telangana for making wonderful arrangements for the AIC and Open Session. He also thanked various Officers and media for attending the session. He welcomed and thanked all the participants for attending the function.

He discussed all the burning issues of BSNL In detailed

Shri Prahlad Rai said that the following pending grievances are unsettled:

  • Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations with full 15% benefits in BSNL.

  • Payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay.

  • Revision of Pension of BSNL pensioners from 01.01.2017.

  • Implementation of E-2, E-3 standard IDA Pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent executives and subsequent pay scale up-gradation up to E-7 grade.

  • Rs. 22820/- to be extended to all the JTOs/JAOs of 2007 & 2008 batch.

  • First Time bound upgradation in four years in all the cases.

  • 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees as per DPE guidelines.

  • CPCs for all the eligible executives in all the disciplines are to be conducted by upgradation of posts to reduce stagnation in the cadres before implementation of CPSU CH.

  • Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives (C/E/Arch./TF, PAs/PSSs) w.e.f. 01.10.2000 on notional basis.

  • Restructuring of Assistant Directors (OL) cadre.

  • BSNL Boards approval is needed on E1+5 increments to JTO (SRD), JAO (2013) batch and PA cadre.

  • Diversion of 336 MT quota posts of CAO to seniority quota posts.

  • Scrapping of MT RRs/DGM RRs.

  • Pay fixation of Offg. JTOs under FR-22(1) (a) (i).

  • Conduction of LICE from JE to JTO Cadre to fill up all vacant JTO posts.

A Colorful Souvenir was released by the Chief Guest Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM & HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi.

Address by Shri Sheetla Prasad, Director (CM & HR), BSNL C.O. Chief Guest: He mentioned that he want to attend the meeting and convey certain message to the members. He stated that you are the people who are working due to which even he is also getting his salary. All of you are very much aware of the BSNL condition and with the stiff competition, BSNL has survived till now, and will survive in future also. After formation of the New Govt. attitude of all the officers are in positive direction. BSNL was there, is there and will be there. Lot of things has to be done by all of us. He mentioned that our MOC want to do every possible to revive the BSNL. He mentioned that not only BSNL is in loss all other operators are in loss. He stated that BSNL has to stand its own. We have done a lot and will have to do a lot in future also. BSNL is having fully skilled people at all levels. We had been selected through competitive examination and operators are qualified. We have the capability to come out of the crisis. What is to be done is the question now. He mentioned we all are getting salary every month. We have to ensure to generate 8 hours duties to our subordinates. There is hierarchy at all level and everyone is assigned with one or the other. He mentioned that on every morning think for 10 minutes about what is going to do on the day for the organization. Taking decision in delay will destroy the position. Whether anyone see or ask, it would be the moral duty of ours to carry out 8 hours duty. He reminded the working of old years with old technology throughout the day and night. He mentioned that he has seen the hardworking of our employees. Changes had happed due to the change in technology and structure. What is to be done by you is not decided by anyone. Please discuss with subordinate and superiors and try to find out a solution and by whom. It has been noticed that even shifting of staff / officers from first floor to 2nd floor is not acceptable by our employees. We have sufficient time and all the officers at the level of GMs are given the target of sale of SIMs, without any hesitation and it has started given result. Please create an environment which will motivate self as well as subordinates and colleagues. The staff is more experience and the issue is there is no demand as compared to 10 years back. BSNL does not need any publicity, as the customer are known about BSNL. Requested to encourage all and try to generate market demand. We have more than 3000 crores outstanding in EB as rightly pointed by your President Shri.Sivakumar and in CFA & CM Verticals also we are having an outstanding of Rs.3000 Crores. By visiting the customer premises, even if you could collect one rupee, it will give you satisfaction. He mentioned that we have sufficient staff and by simply dialing from office cannot realize the outstanding. Visit to customer premises will give the result.

The way the competition expected in future will be very much tough even in EB segment. Only BSNL is having land line connections and no other operators have land line connection and therefore, BSNL is only going to affect. Whatever proposals are send, the same will be approved within two days. We can make any plans or vouchers at par with the competitors.

Address by Shri A Purnachandra Rao, CGMT, AP Circle, Guest of Honour wished all the best for the AIBSNLEA and congratulated for holding first All India conference after formation of A.P.

Address by Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL CO, New Delhi, Guest of Honour in his speech congratulated all the speakers for briefing the problems along with criticism. He mentioned that don’t give our control in the hands of others. Telecom. Operators have been reduced from 12 to 5 and 5 to 3 and still BSNL is in existing. He mentioned that Com. Prahlad Rai has firm belief and he will fight till he get it. He mentioned that Com. Rai was standing like a rock to settle the grievances and issues. He is always behind the issues and suggested to take life lessons from Com. Prahlad Rai. He expected the contribution of Com. Rai in future also with the next elected Body. One should have ownership mentality rather than staff mentality. He welcomed the positive criticism. He stated that challenges are the opportunity. We should be confident that we can over take every competitor. He stated that later or sooner we will get everything. It is due to the tariff are rock bottom and the same trend cannot run for long time and very shortly the tariff will come to normal. We will have to fight till the end so that we can win the fight. He stated that revenue realization is most important. As regards the pension contribution on actual basis, the file has gone with positive note to DoP&T.

Com.Narendra, Advisor, CHQ and Convenor, Reception Committee delivered Vote of Thanks. The Open Session concluded with National Anthem.

 >>> Glimpses of 6th AIC of AIBSNLEA held at Vijayawada on 14th July, 2019

 >>> Glimpses of 6th AIC of AIBSNLEA held at Vijayawada on 15th & 16th July, 2019

08.07.2019: Formation of adhoc Distt. Body at Alwar District Branch: Exercising the powers conferred upon in the constitution of AIBSNLEA, an adhoc Distt. Body of AIBSNLEA has been formed for smooth functioning of Alwar District Branch on consequent upon a decision taken by General Body of AIBSNLEA Alwar Distt Branch on 02-07-2019 at Alwar Branch.

 >>> Click here for letter

02.07.2019: Co-option on the post of CWC Member-III and Consultant-2 Shri S.D.Arya and Shri Karan Singh have been Co-opted on the post of CWC Member-III and Consultant-2 respectively in 2nd CEC Meet of AIBSNLEA at Jaipur on 01-07-2019 for Rajasthan Circle Executive Committee.

 >>> Click here for letter

01.07.2019: 2nd CEC meeting of Rajasthan Circle on 1st July 2019 at Jaipur:

2nd CEC meeting of Rajasthan Circle was organised on 1st July 2019 at Hotel Shree Residency, Gate No.-3, Dhuleshwar Garden, Ajmer Road, Jaipur. The Open Session of the CEC Meeting was attended by Shri Prahlad Rai GS, Shri Devesh Kumar Sharma OS(N), Shri Karan Singh Advisor(N), Shri S.S.Rawat Advisor(G-II) and Shri Alkendra Singh Advisor(G-V) from AIBSNLEA CHQ side. Shri O.P.Gupta, CGMT, Rajasthan was the Chief Guest & Shri R.D.Meena Sr.GM(F) Rajasthan Circle, Shri R.N.Mathur, PGMTD, JaipurTD and Shri Akhlesh Agarwal, GM(HR/A), Rajasthan Circle attended the Open Session as Guest of Honour.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri O.P.Gupta, CGMT Rajasthan Circle Inaugurated the function by lightning of lamp.

All the distinguished guests were welcomed by the garlanding and by presenting Rajasthani Turbans, mementos.

Shri K.K.Barsar, Branch Secretary, AIBSNLEA PGMTD Jaipur branch delivered the welcome address and welcomed all the guests in the Pink City Jaipur in the 2nd CEC meeting.

Shri M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his key note address welcomed all in the 2nd CEC meeting at Jaipur. He specially thanked to CGMT Rajasthan Shri O.P.Gupta for attending the CEC Meeting. Com.CS informed that Rajasthan Circle has achieved the growth in the dynamic leadership and co-operative attitude of CGMT Rajasthan Circle. He assured that if Management provides full support then the Executives' of Rajasthan Circle are committed for making BSNL, a vibrant Organization. At last he thanked to all for attending the open session and congratulated all for the grand success of the session.

Shri Anil Rawat, Circle President AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his address welcomed all in the 2nd CEC meeting at Jaipur. He appealed GS to arrange to take the approval of BSNL Management Committee for utilization of 336 MT Quota CAO Posts for Ad-hoc promotions.

Shri Karan Singh, Advisor (North) AIBSNLEA CHQ, in his address thanked the Jaipur Executives for the elaborate arrangements in the 2nd CEC. He thanked to GS AIBSNLEA for his untiring efforts for the welfare of BSNL Executives.

Shri Alkendra Singh, Advisor (G-V) in his address appreciated CGMT Rajasthan for his efforts to make Rajasthan as a vibrant circle. He expressed the need for developing the effective power management system by energy audits and the role of electric wing in it. He appealed to stop the drainage of efficient technical manpower from JE cadre to JAO cadre.

Shri Devesh Sharma, OS (North) CHQ in his address thanked organisers for the successful conduction of 2nd CEC. He highlighted the need of team work enthusiastically in this critical scenario. He appealed CGMT Rajasthan to use his good office to arrange to start the capex expenditure for BSNL's growth.

Shri R.N.Mathur PGMTD Jaipur in his address congrats AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the successful organization of the Circle Conference. He informed the success of Jaipur TD by enhancing 45% revenue in this critical scenario . At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Shri R.D.Meena Sr. GM (Finance) Rajasthan Circle informed that the time is hard due to financial crunch and the BSNL Corporate Office is finding difficulty to allot the fund to Circles. He suggested enhancing the revenue of the BSNL for the better future survival of the company. He congratulated Rajasthan Comrades for enhancing the cash collection by 45%. He stressed upon reduction the expenditure on the pattern of Private Operators and gear up the revenue growth on top most priority. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the success of the open session.

Shri Akhilesh Agarwal GM (HR & Admn.) Rajasthan Circle expressed that in present situation the earning should be enhance and the expenditure should be minimized by proper use of manpower. He appealed all to remain optimistic and focus on the quality of services. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Shri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA congratulated the comrades of Rajasthan Circle for the organizing successful Circle Conference and thanked the comrades for their great affection. Com GS also thanked the CGMT Shri O.P.Gupta for his dedicated efforts to bring Rajasthan as a performing circle. Com. GS mentioned the role of AIBSNLEA in the better policy formulation like Executive Promotion Policy, Executives Transfer Policy, BSNL MSRR etc. due to which a large number of BSNL Executives have got the JAG level posts.

Shri O.P.Gupta, CGMT Rajasthan Circle & Chief Guest of the Open Session informed that Rajasthan has only 9.8% negative growth in between Apr 19 and March 19. He informed the progress of Rajasthan Circle by enhancing 45% growth in revenue. He informed that the current outstanding in CFA segment is 20 Crores, in CM 1 Crores and in EB 20 Crores is there. He informed the efforts of cost cutting by stopping the printing of physical bills and enhancing the email capturing figures from 65% to 71%. He appealed to focus on recovery in this critical scenario and informed about the recovery app. He appreciated the efforts of Rajasthan Executives for their efforts for considerably reducing the pending audit paras.

Shri O.P.Gupta informed that in our circle the establishment cost is 2 Crores/Day. He informed that Rajasthan has got appreciation letters in all segments for outstanding performance, even some of the SSAs has got the top All India Rankings. Further that Rajasthan has achieved the growth in new Lease Circuit Commissioning by providing contribution of 10000 Lease Circuits in the total 90000 in the country. He informed that we are number one in CPAN roll out and our fault clearance rate has also improved. He informed about the new efforts being initiated by him like UIDAI project by installing 278 machines and expected 70 lakhs rupees/month revenue from it.

He also stressed for improving the quality of the services with efficient recovery of bills. He appealed to do efforts from today itself for making BSNL a vibrant organization. He suggested to take inspiration from the poem "MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP" of Robert Frost in this critical situation. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Shri Sanjay Sharma, DS Circle Office Jaipur, had decently operated the Dias.

Shri D.C.Gupta, DS NTR Jaipur, delivered the vote of thanks to the house

The entire meeting Hall was Jam Packed with mammoth gathering.

Meeting ended with National Anthem.